jangheejoon @ 3/23/2007 20:04 commented on U.F.O. & Lifebringer Team
This is excellent work.  I think the white/blue/red colors just blend well together with the scenery.

jangheejoon @ 3/23/2007 20:02 commented on Lost's Jack
I've not idea who he is since I've never seen the show at all, but I think it's a pretty nice pixel piece.  Great work with the proportions on the face.

jangheejoon @ 3/21/2007 16:57 commented on Forgotten
I said it on DA and I'll say it here:  This is great.  The use of contrasts between the alien and the background/ship really show through.  Keep it up, man!

jangheejoon @ 3/21/2007 01:08 commented on Roman Helm+Sword
It's small, it's simple, but the use of dithering techniques and such a limited palette makes this really cool.

jangheejoon @ 3/21/2007 01:07 commented on card
Small, simple, but pretty nice to look at.  The card itself is extremely clean and it's presented nicely with contrasts and depth.  I think you did a real excellent job with using the anti-aliasing technique on the text on the card itself.

jangheejoon @ 3/21/2007 01:05 commented on Antonia Minor
Absolutely wonderful dithering techniques.  The palette you've chosen really brings out the depth to the statue as a whole.  Awesome stuff.

jangheejoon @ 3/21/2007 01:04 commented on Even more pussies...
You've used a very interesting and unique blending of different techniques in this with the shading.  The thick lines along with the palettes you've chosen for each respective palette go well together.  Great stuff, man.

jangheejoon @ 3/21/2007 01:02 commented on Illegal Alien (challenge entry)
For something that's extremely simply, I think it's excellent.  I really enjoy the contrast between the characters and the background, except for the sky that isn't as contrasting.  Other than that little bit, this is pretty cool.

jangheejoon @ 3/21/2007 00:59 commented on The Balance
Wow, this is incredible.  I'm unable to pick out anything to critique on here.  Excellent work!

jangheejoon @ 3/21/2007 00:57 commented on Emperor
This is an excellent piece of work.  I think the dithering job's absolutely outstanding.  Great job, man.

jangheejoon @ 10/16/2006 23:07 commented on Big Bird
CTRL + ALT + DELETE two times would do wonders for your computer.

jangheejoon @ 10/16/2006 21:52 commented on Big Bird
Just play video games.  You'll be happier that way.  :(

jangheejoon @ 9/28/2006 09:25 commented on eight of wands
This is pretty sweet.  I'm really enjoying the different blends of shadings all meshing together, especially with the light of the fire have an effect on the figure itself.  The only nitpick that I have is the text on the bottom being a little hard to read due to it being light, but other than that, this is great!

jangheejoon @ 9/28/2006 09:23 commented on überbabe
Wow, I haven't seen this unique of a style in a long time.  The dithering technique that you used is great.

jangheejoon @ 9/28/2006 09:20 commented on Black Hole JUMPS! (one)
Rofl, what the hell?  Sounds pretty stupid of 'em if you as me.

jangheejoon @ 9/26/2006 17:10 commented on Big Bird
The pixel art section on DA's pitiful.  =\  Like, none of the mods. or the admins. care about what gets posted in there, apparently.  All of these blatant sprite rips, edits, and MSPaint doodles somehow manage to get on there and these kids think that its art.  It's pretty sad.

jangheejoon @ 9/26/2006 12:22 commented on Big Bird
I already have Makai Kingdom.  I can't afford Digsaea 2 right now, though, since I just splurged money that I shouldn't of on Disgaea when Atlus had that temp. resale on their website.

jangheejoon @ 9/26/2006 12:07 commented on Cecille 09252006
That's a bit of a rude comment.  =\

jangheejoon @ 9/25/2006 22:26 commented on Big Bird
Disgaea is addciting, as is Phantom Brave.  Lovely isometric sprites, oh yeaaahhhh.

jangheejoon @ 1/23/2006 12:40 commented on :: talyn rehaul
Actually, she wasn't originally a cat girl.  The concept that I came up with on her back then was half dragon, half elf (you can see the elf ears and the horns).  And yes, those are the same pixel art pieces that I made a couple years back.  I'm surprised that you even bothered to keep it, let alone mess around with it.

jangheejoon @ 1/18/2006 00:01 commented on Gaia Fighter portrait
Oh wow, this is excellent.  Simplistic, but it works.  It really reminds me of the Capcom style seen from the Street Fighter Alpha series.  Great job, man.