CharlieMcShane @ 2/19/2017 10:13 commented on Cactus Chase

juanillovale Thanks for the kind words! :)

CharlieMcShane @ 2/14/2017 16:07 commented on widowmaker it's amelia

Wow, brilliant stuff! :)

CharlieMcShane @ 1/8/2014 06:59 commented on Explosion [IMPROVED]


Thanks man! Most appreciated! The animation is growing on me. I realised I would have needed to slow down the animation to get the smoke effects working the way I wanted, and I didn't want to do that!


Thanks bro! The last few frames could always do with some work. But I'm super pleased with the improved version of this. Very happy!

CharlieMcShane @ 12/28/2013 08:19 commented on Literally just grass

The colours on this are gorgeous. Lovely pastle colours!

CharlieMcShane @ 12/26/2013 08:49 commented on Explosion [IMPROVED]

Done and done! I want to re-do this but with no heavy referencing this time around. I assure no frames were copied/pasted/manipulated! All was created from ground up! :)

CharlieMcShane @ 12/22/2013 03:36 commented on Cactus Spinning

Hey, thanks! The speed is well conveyed in this piece. I'm happy with how it turned out! :)

CharlieMcShane @ 12/22/2013 03:35 commented on Explosion

 @A2J2TIWARI @atpalicis

That's one of the references I mentioned in my description of this piece! Because this was my first time, I stayed fairly close to the reference. I'm currently re-working the animation that drives away from the reference a bit more. You're both right though, it feels too much like the original piece!

CharlieMcShane @ 12/22/2013 03:33 commented on Explosion

 @Pukahuna @Temessis @MikauKahn
Yeah, I sped up the animation to hide errors that I made. I was happy with how it looked, but I think I got real lazy right at the end of the animation. I'm currently working at fixing those issues!

CharlieMcShane @ 12/12/2013 10:25 commented on Monster Heads

Yeah, I guess I should have kept to the same colour schemes with the horns on the head, good call! As for the larger ones being entryways, you're not half wrong. They were also inspired by the eagle heads in Mario Bros 2!

CharlieMcShane @ 12/9/2013 12:37 commented on She's one of a kind

Hey! No problem! Always good to help another fellow artist out!
I look forward to the updated version! All the best and keep going! :)

CharlieMcShane @ 12/8/2013 20:11 commented on Fireball / Lava Blob [IMPROVED]

Hey! Thanks for that! There is a few things that nag me about this piece! (The movements on the left side flicker and the right side still looks too static).

I may re-do this piece once more to get those flames dancin' real good!

CharlieMcShane @ 12/8/2013 20:05 commented on She's one of a kind

Hey Hey! Good going!

Colours look darn good! Really liking those, really strong, especially around the body and the skirt!

As for anatomy. The hands are pretty well done actually, you'll be surprised how many people blame their anatomy skillsets when in fact, it's just the pose that doesn't make sense! (Looks like she's clenching her left hand on her shoulder. If you want her fingers to be on top of the shoulder instead, then the first set of joints in the fingers should slightly higher and be visible!)

The legs don't look like they have foreshortening, thus they look weird and don't have any depth to them despite the colour choices being correct. To fix this, you need to decrease the width of the thighs as it goes down; maybe a pixel or two I would say! There is no part of her leg that looks like the joint is going inward into the foot, instead, it's going downward on a 2D plane (Foreshortening requires some 3D aspects)! You could make this more easier for yourself by allowing the legs to bend backward a bit more, to make it more noticeable.

Your other work shows you have a real nice understanding of anatomy anyway, so I'm sure you know what to do with or without advice! Either way, super work!

CharlieMcShane @ 12/4/2013 14:33 commented on Vines

@Phexion Hey, thanks! These had to be real quick, so I wasn't allowed too much time on them, but I think they turned out pretty darn cool! :)

CharlieMcShane @ 12/4/2013 14:32 commented on Seagull

 Hey! Thanks for the advice! Next time I come to this piece, I'll do just that! Shouldn't take more than 5 minutes!

CharlieMcShane @ 11/3/2013 06:34 commented on Jontron Backgrounds 1/2

 Ah, love this so much. Good going!

CharlieMcShane @ 10/23/2013 10:46 commented on Wind Waker

 Just checked out your artwork buddy. This is some of the best pixel art you have created to date! Looking forward to what you are doing!


How are you animation skills may I ask?


CharlieMcShane @ 10/21/2013 13:21 commented on Ice Texture

 Hey! Thanks for the kind message!

Yet again, I've uploaded an old version, so there is some errors with the outlines of the block, but nothing too noticable. Still very pleased with what was achieved with only 8 colours!

Thanks again!


CharlieMcShane @ 10/18/2013 11:04 commented on Cactus Spinning

 Yeah! You got it right! This is a really old version that I accidently uploaded. The problems with this older animation for me are:

Spinning arms on the inside are not shaded, spinning arms on the outside do not animate very well, the eyes seem to animate oldly, lighting around the red eyes do not mix well!

I've fixed all these problems in the newer version. My mistake for not uploading that version! :(

CharlieMcShane @ 10/18/2013 11:02 commented on Cactus Spinning

 To be honest, I think they are pretty darn rad! These guys are giving us a awesome chance to show what we're capable of! Love their videos too! :)

CharlieMcShane @ 10/18/2013 11:01 commented on Cactus Spinning

 Hey! Thanks for the compliment! I should probably post a link to the project where all the pixelness glory is!

CharlieMcShane @ 10/7/2013 05:04 commented on Spinning Brick

 Oh definately! It was just a prop piece though, which means I couldn't spend too much time on it! :(

CharlieMcShane @ 10/6/2013 18:45 commented on Spinning Brick

 The light source seems to hold fine, as I flipped the images to remain with the lighter areas to stay on the top and right side!

However, yeah, the notion of direction is lost a little by keeping the images to a minimum, however in-game, it isn't too noticable. This is the exact same method Sonic 3 done with the bricks that are pushed out of the wall in Hydrocity Act 1! It looks fairly well when all together with it's other animations!

CharlieMcShane @ 10/6/2013 12:36 commented on Bubbeline commish

 Ah! Bloody love it! :)