Lunch @ 2/21/2019 15:40 commented on Some Boy Dude

A little rough but I REALLY like the secondary motion on the hair, great first attempt!

Lunch @ 9/25/2018 11:28 commented on DragonBreeZee Cell

Not bad, but I'd recommend using colours with greater contrast. Right now they blend together and can't be seen. Would make a world of difference.

Lunch @ 3/19/2018 18:12 commented on Walking around, doing nothing

Subtle and absolutely fantastic!

Lunch @ 8/26/2017 06:57 commented on [OC] Commission Work

I'd recommend offsetting the position of the arms/legs slightly on either side to avoid the illusion of only one limb moving in either direction. It might be a little too fast as well? With some minor tweaks this would be a solid cycle.

Lunch @ 6/10/2017 14:13 commented on Ninja Turtle Action


Lunch @ 4/9/2017 06:43 commented on Flareon

Gorgeous, I cant think of any critique. Love the slight smearing.

Lunch @ 4/9/2017 06:40 commented on Small girl

Could perhaps use some more secondary animation in the head given that the body is so squishy, but this is a neat walk cycle and I dig it. Nice job.

Lunch @ 3/28/2017 14:51 commented on A Blur in Time

I respect the attempt, but you've completely broken her back. Did you use any construction? If not you might find it useful. Think about how her spine looks underneath. Anyway, keep at it, nothing helps you improve like challenging yourself.

Lunch @ 2/22/2017 19:04 commented on Hydra Animation

Nice lookin sprite, I have a couple critiques with the animation however.

-Volumes are inconsistent between frames in a couple places (See neck/tail thickness for example)

-Legs on each side of an animal move opposite to each other-as the front leg moves forwards, the back leg should move backwards. It'd look more natural if your hydra did the same.

Pretty good effort, but I think a little extra polish could go a long way.

Lunch @ 11/2/2016 00:44 commented on 6 Arcade Game Mockups

Love the lil cars

Lunch @ 10/28/2016 11:17 commented on Frisk

You've got a lot of superfluous colours, suggesting use of NPA (non pixel art) tools, as well as a bit of pillow shading. Reviewing the basics through a tutorial like this one could help you really step up your game. Best of luck!

Lunch @ 9/26/2016 10:43 commented on Hesperide

What is happening with the legs? They appear to cross over twice turning one way and not at all the other way..

Lunch @ 8/20/2016 14:51 commented on SRW style Haruhi Robo

You should focus on having a consistent light source, your highlights appear to be coming from totally arbitrary directions. It would help with readability, which is very low on this piece.

Lunch @ 5/29/2016 19:39 commented on Zombird

Personally I would have the back leg drag forward more gradually-it kinda pops into place. The volume on the forward leg is a little off too, I think the black might be encroaching too far down.

Pretty cool sprite.

Lunch @ 5/3/2016 16:40 commented on Wizard Running

The motion is solid, but a little floaty-some ease in/out on the frame timings would really help. It's also jittering around a lot, are the frames lined up correctly?

Lunch @ 5/3/2016 16:37 commented on Miner walk

BAhaha also thought this was a woman til I watched the trailer. Great stuff either way, but maybe make the beard a little more beardy?

Lunch @ 4/26/2016 16:13 commented on 'Look Busy' run cycle


Lunch @ 4/25/2016 12:27 commented on Space Mockup

I'd love to go back to it, but won't be anytime too soon. Glad you like it!

Lunch @ 4/23/2016 07:02 commented on Male base swing animation

Well.. it's not much of a swing, he's just rotating his wrist. I'd suggest having him raise his arm first.

What kind of game is this for? In something action based you'd want a bit more reach too, as the blade barely extends past his body.

Lunch @ 4/19/2016 01:32 commented on Agatha walking

Pretty good motion, although a bit wobbly in places (especially around the skirt). I like the hair ripple too. However, the way she's carrying the bow looks VERY awkward.

Lunch @ 4/7/2016 23:38 commented on Velociraptor

It's nice and smooth  but.. it looks like only half the motion. The same leg always goes back.

Lunch @ 3/22/2016 21:33 commented on PixelGirl side

Simply remove either the first or last frame and it's quite lovely:

Based on that, very smooth little cycle with minimal frames. Great job.


Lunch @ 3/16/2016 18:57 commented on Snowy The Fox

Your frames do flow together so that's a good start, but some critique:

-The tail appears to be attached too high up the back, and also appears to be moving up and down at the point where it connects which is quite odd looking.

-Unless the character is ice skating, the legs need to be lifted off the ground as they swing forwards.

-A few of your colours are very similar so they're hard to notice. You could either lose them to lower your colour count, or consider using a stronger contrast between them.

I've certainly seen worse first attempts, keep practising!

Lunch @ 3/12/2016 14:56 commented on Lifter

Not really sure what's going on with the hands? Might not have been appropriate to copy-paste them.

Lunch @ 3/2/2016 12:43 commented on Crab Dude

On the front facing frames, the front legs are partially purple. Mighta overlooked it?