Bladex @ 12/13/2012 09:55 commented on Like My New Earring?

hands down this won the weekly challenge :D


May I just add, I looked at the work closely (Well I tried transforming it grayscale using paints eraser tool if you what I mean), when I figured that the shades are very complicated and very complex

I just wanted to know how you made this sir? did you pixel by pixel or used a program?

I may be also just too newby for this and may sound like i dont know what im talking about..

Bladex @ 12/12/2012 04:28 commented on Just mocking around

sorry i didnt know that pillow shading was taken so seriously around here (like a law almost)...

this was pixeled a few months back now ever since ive pacticed not to pillow shade ill post some more recent works