CyberneticMonkey @ 2/22/2015 00:37 commented on Little Rebel Pilot

It's my ps1 controller ! I'm proud you're using it, but a small message would have been nicer.

CyberneticMonkey @ 10/28/2014 03:04 commented on cloud 36-B

The black outline is weird. The red "fly module" and the "blue glass building" don't match with the other beautiful buildings. 

CyberneticMonkey @ 9/16/2014 04:33 commented on <3 Banana <3

Thank you for your comments! I totally agree with you TheInternetsGirlfriend! I edited, is it better?

CyberneticMonkey @ 1/26/2013 04:08 commented on Moaieggs

I wanted to go too fast... I made it in only one time and I don't reflect enough before my inscription in this challenge.

It is too late for editing my participation? Can I delete this one to propose a better work?
I'm sorry, this world with its rules is new for me and the pixel art too.

I have an other question : What means "15 colors"?  For example : a dark and a light green is counted for one or two colors?

CyberneticMonkey @ 12/13/2012 09:50 commented on Pixelation portrait - Avatar

I ask me if i must speak english.... But Great Job! I i have good memoy, one or two pixels of this portrait come from me ^^

Good Job ;)