SILVER @ 8/7/2008 10:46 commented on Sunset Riders (remake)
Nice, I would love to see more.

SILVER @ 4/17/2008 05:33 commented on Arab Cupid
nice charecter design. I really like your shading and colors as well.
keep it up.

SILVER @ 9/3/2007 07:16 commented on Greatest nightmare I ever imagine
Be careful next time man! :O

SILVER @ 8/20/2007 05:53 commented on The Simpsons Sprites
Thanks :)

SILVER @ 8/18/2007 00:30 commented on Earthworm Jim
Looks awesome! I only cant define the head as fast as the rest of jim body. Otherwise great work.

SILVER @ 8/18/2007 00:27 commented on The Simpsons Sprites
Thanks everyone :)

SILVER @ 8/17/2007 08:40 commented on Mini mockup
Perfect. There is a great retro theme in this picture.

SILVER @ 8/17/2007 04:20 commented on The Crew Captin

Thanks Skull and Malor.


Tomic, Thanks for your critics. I can see what you are pointing out. I was not in the mood to work on a proper background.


SILVER @ 8/16/2007 02:11 commented on Car
Thanks. I will try updating later.

SILVER @ 8/15/2007 09:20 commented on Man In the Pixel World
using white background is prohibited? I mean It really fits here.

SILVER @ 7/18/2007 02:56 commented on Unlikely palette 1
looks really nice. The colours and shading is excellent.
I only think that the hair style isn't really fiting. just my opinion.
I hope to see more of your stuff though :)

SILVER @ 7/15/2007 11:22 commented on Live long and Prosper
nice work man. The flods could be better but again very good work.

SILVER @ 7/5/2007 05:42 commented on Homer simpson
one of the greatest cartoons. I Loved your gallery by the way, your work is really intresting and your ideas are amazing. keep it up

SILVER @ 7/2/2007 04:01 commented on Auto - rim
This is going to be fun

SILVER @ 7/2/2007 03:20 commented on Sphinx
awesome, you know their crying for background with the same style :)

SILVER @ 7/1/2007 06:58 commented on Graduation Project
Thanks guys :)
Ill work on it more later taking your cirtis in mind.

SILVER @ 6/30/2007 08:15 commented on Graduation Project
@ eckered : I didn't use any reference, Just by remembering how he looked and then working out until I got the likeness of his face. Thanks bro :)

SILVER @ 6/24/2007 02:42 commented on Agent Smith
I like the effect, The nose is kinda much of an asian guy nose.
just my opinion.

SILVER @ 6/22/2007 05:48 commented on Chix w/ Brix
damn funny. I gotta say nice idea!

SILVER @ 6/22/2007 05:34 commented on Underwater
Thanks guys, I'd like to edit this picture now after hearing you comments.
skull, thanks for the support man :D

SILVER @ 6/22/2007 05:26 commented on Nes colors.
Thanks. Ill try to fix what you guys pointed out.
Adamplays, Thanks, after searching aeon flux i've I realised what you mean :)

SILVER @ 4/20/2007 06:01 commented on What Meat Loaf wouldn't do for love
Fav! This is well done.

SILVER @ 2/27/2007 01:40 commented on Nightdriver
Dude this is sweet movie :D

SILVER @ 2/24/2007 23:19 commented on DuckTales
Damn this reminds me of the old gold days. I really liked that show.
Nice sprites you got here.

SILVER @ 2/24/2007 23:10 commented on Thunder
awesome pose and scene. I really liked the mood.