paler123 @ 3/7/2013 01:26 commented on Apple

very nicely realised


paler123 @ 3/3/2013 15:00 commented on Dragons lair

believe me my friend it is pixel work, when you familiarise yourself with the tools you become the only limitation.  If you saw my photoshop work you would easily see the difference between the two.

thank you for the kind words.


paler123 @ 2/27/2013 11:35 commented on Dragons lair

Hi Antiboton,

"Watching in detail at the BG made me doubtful. What tool did u used?"

the background was done seperately from the rest of the image.  I then added the background palette into the main palette and then imported the BG image into the main image.  All was done\pixelled in Deluxe Paint 2 on the PC about 18 years ago.  I never bothered aliasing the dragon and the BG together as I ran out of time to work on it.  If you look at it, it looks a little rough.

I used the translucency tool extensively, it lets you brighten and darken the areas really quickly depending on what colour you have selected, so you can get nice shading blending effectd.  So just keep moving between different ranges in the colour band and you can work very quickly and get more natural looking\shaded scenes.   try it if you havent used it before.  make a nice grayscale range and work with it.

Trying to pixel this kind of thing by just selecting the standard paint tool is not only really slow but very hard to get any nice results in the shading department.  The palette for this image is pretty simple(that was the style i was going with for this project) if you look at the scene, each element has its own palette except for the dragon where i introduced the blue to make it look a bit more interesting.  For the next project it got way more complicated as I started using loads more palette colours\blends to set a more interesting style.

Hope this answers your question.


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curious, you doubt what about the pixel-art?

paler123 @ 1/30/2013 11:38 commented on Seals of Fence - gbc rpg mockup

very solid work!

paler123 @ 1/29/2013 11:39 commented on Dragons lair

hi Ultimaodin,

yeah ur right, there are some straight lines in it that shouldnt be, should be more rounded :*)

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nice likeness


paler123 @ 1/28/2013 04:56 commented on Castle internal

very nice :), i would kinda make the floor tiles a little more subtle as they jump out a bit at me. 

the furniture is nice and clean and well pixelled.

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"Only thing that bothers me is the little pot like thing next to his shoulder."

curious, why?  :)

paler123 @ 1/26/2013 13:47 commented on Street scene

Hi Jamon,

this picture was done in 256 colurs in dpaint, not true colur, if it was true colur there would be loads more subtle shades. when image was finished some colours were removed one by one from the palette to make room for characters and effects, i then reworked some of the image with the smaller palette where the shading was severe.

there is a lot of diffusion\noise in the sky espcially cos i worked from a smaller colour band and I used the dpaint airbrush tool.  some of the colour bands are still in the palette as you can see when you look at it.  just the way i worked back then.

I used dpaints translucency tool extensively to pixel the image.  If that's against the rules mods are welcome to remove the picture.

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Hi showtime,

pm me and ill email ye the .lbm file, u have deluxe paint 2?.  its nothing special but i thought id submit it as it used colour cycling a lot on the floor,  very handy technique, thought it might be handy for some people who have never used it before to see how it works.

paler123 @ 1/23/2013 10:48 commented on Street scene

hi flyguy,

i dont have the origional unfortunately.  i lost a lot of pixelling work when gremlin closed its doors and we were sorta not let get our work, i shuda had everything copied before then, my fault.  Also my laptop died recently and lost some stuff as well.

always, always back up yer work somewhere :)

also, thanks for the comments PJ folk

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hey Elk,

whats riva-esque?  not familiar with this.

paler123 @ 1/23/2013 03:31 commented on Dragons lair

yeah, i hue shifted the belly to make it look a little more fleshy looking and to add a counter to the blue ambient colour

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very cool!

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really like these, very cute.

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All tools have their uses depending on what you wanna create.  For Litil Divil the backgrounds were created in 16 colours and some backgrounds were heavily crosshatched.  For those they were just raw pixelling, no need to use any extra tools.

Then at the end of the product Philips came to the offices and said they liked the game and wanted to use it to launch their CDi machine.  They didnt like the crosshatched limited palette of the backgrounds and asked us to "clean them up" .  So for the CDi and CD versions of the game i reworked the backgrounds or completely repixeled them.

paler123 @ 1/21/2013 09:37 commented on Cheetah men remake

very nice character designs and nice pixelling


paler123 @ 1/21/2013 06:25 commented on Street scene

thanks for the comment Squirrelsquid,

"it's the result that counts the most, and it definitly shows in the work here that there was indeed careful planing of pixelclusters involved"

yes, my goal was on the end result, pixelling something that stood out from the norm of traditional pixelled art and that would need to use a lot of colours but i did still have to be careful with planning palette wise, theres a lot of work thrying to get the palette right cos theres so many elements involved. 

Not like my dragon image which was fairly straightforward,  4 colour palettes for the 4 main elements in the picture.  that art was drof divil 1 and i wanted to move on from that with a new style and test myself.

if this was indeed a photoshop image there would be no colour banding in the palette.  you can check the palettes on both images.  I've nothing to gain by putting photoshop art up on a pixel site.  I'm merely looking to share some old pixel stuff i did (some of which never saw the light of day outside the sudio) with the pixel artists on here.

paler123 @ 1/21/2013 06:16 commented on Street scene


It was all pixelled from scratch in about 1994 for gremlin ireland. we only used D paint 2.

I had just completed working on Litil Divil 1 and was inbetween projects.  So this is what i worked on, it was 8 or so days of intense pixelling.

i was totally taken by the art of disneys pinoccio, esp background artwork of gustav tennegren and i wanted to see if i could pixel an image that was more reminicent of traditional acrylic background painting than the usual digital painting.

I was quite happy with the work so this set the style for the artwork of Divil 2, lots of colours\colour transitions, very smooth aliasing, trying to get a painty feel to everything.

paler123 @ 1/20/2013 16:14 commented on Street scene

heh, i was getting a bit discouraged alright :)

After finding gimp doesnt display .lbm files and dpaint doesnt work on 64bit pcs i managed to get Xnview which is cool for displaying lbm's and looking at palettes.

so...after looking at both images i submitted.

Dragons lair uses 147 colours.  some of the palette ranges are still intact and some of the colours have been moved around the palette.  In some places I would have had to delete colours to optimize the palette.   i would have done this one colour at a time.  needed to make room for the characters and effects and menus

Street scene has 128 colours and again similar to "dragons lair" some of the palettes are intact and some colours have been removed or moved.

hopefully they will pass submission as I'd like to share some more pixel art that never saw the light of day(failed projects)


paler123 @ 1/20/2013 15:15 commented on Street scene

Hi Gecimen,

I'll download Gimp or something and have a look at the palettes in the image.  For ingame use i had to remove some colours from the palettes to make room for the characters and effects.

thanks for the info.

paler123 @ 1/20/2013 15:06 commented on Dragons lair

thanks my friend :)

all updated and should be ok now. 

thanks for the welcome to PJ!

paler123 @ 1/20/2013 14:54 commented on Dragons lair

Hi Gecimen,

My small preview is a resize.  Didnt realise it had to be pixel art, just thought it served the purpose of a thumbnail.

Do i need to just crop an area 100x100 from the origional image and use that? 

 update... i cropped a piece of the image and used that, no resizing


paler123 @ 1/20/2013 14:47 commented on Street scene

Hi failureboy,

I'm new to the site.  Have i broke the rules with the image?

It was all pixelled in Deluxe Paint 2 on a PC in about 1994. No photoshopping\scanning. didnt have such fancy things at the time :)