Shadow64 @ 5/1/2014 02:49 commented on Megabitslapman

YAAAY! More Bitslap! :D This is the sort of version I wanted to try but it's SO your style that I'd just be doing a pale imitation at best. Awesome work!

Shadow64 @ 4/27/2014 19:31 commented on Temple of Lunarius Outside

I really love this, the tiny knight guy looks a lot like a mini version of 7even's knight from Rogue Legacy.

Shadow64 @ 4/11/2014 01:44 commented on Magical Mouse

If you have a smart phone, take a photo of your drawing and then mail it to yourself or just download it onto your computer. You could also post it to your instagram and then download that image and use it as a reference. I've done this a few times. Saves me the trouble of scanning it.

Shadow64 @ 4/7/2014 04:47 commented on Austin Powers Kicks Ass

Thanks, Jalonso. :) I don't know if you guys saw it, but they did a whole feature about me on RetroGameGeeks and during the interview I mention Pixel Joint again. I seriously will never get done thanking you all. I wouldn't be half the pixel artist I am without the help I received and lessons I learned here.

Thanks. :)

Shadow64 @ 3/28/2014 13:51 commented on Flatterers

Thanks a ton. I'll be posting a few more works as I create them to hopefully get some more momentum behind the project. It's been a lot of work but also a lot of fun. Here's hoping that most people like the game as much as you and feel like backing it a bit so it can be released/completed.

Shadow64 @ 3/28/2014 03:48 commented on PixelBot

What I was going to say has already been said. Otherwise it's very nicely done. :) I look forward to the revision.

Shadow64 @ 3/28/2014 00:06 commented on Bravely Default

Very cute! Love it.

Shadow64 @ 3/16/2014 18:15 commented on Baby Killer Robot icon

Thanks! I've send you a direct message about this one. You're right on the money, but I'll keep trying to improve it!

Shadow64 @ 3/14/2014 17:36 commented on Baby Killer Robot icon

Fantastic feedback, Innomin - I appreciate the critical look and all of this is helpful! To address your concerns:

  1. Let me say thank you for enjoying the demo. That means a lot every time I hear it. It's huge. Thank you!
  2. The text speed is something that is being improved. In the next version - set to release before the KS campaign on the 24th - the talking speed will be faster and there will also be a skip button to let you just move right along! I will also look into the tallying starting RIGHT when the stat screen comes in - solid note!
  3. I had wanted to toss in a restart key, but it was just taking me too long and I wanted the demo out - the next version of the game will allow for restart by pressing "R" during the stats - and if I can get it right (read: bug free) then I'll add that functionality WITHIN the levels themselves. I wholeheartedly agree with you - this game is going to encourage replays, so players need to get there faster! It'll happen! :D And yes, I'm glad that not being able to play again fast enough is the biggest issue! XD
  4. The scoring is something I expected more people to discuss, but this is the first time someone has addressed it directly - thank you! I will be weighing the time more heavily because I agree that it's just WAY too easy to get an 8 or above. The levels are also being reworked. It should feel more balanced in the next version, but I put it out this way because sometimes games just sit in limbo - I wanted it out! ;)
  5. I'll try to improve the controls, but when you're flying, it looks very strange for the player to suddenly stop - trust me, I tried it. The other problem is that flash doesn't respond to key presses/releases immediately, so it was just reacting very poorly to how quickly I wanted to change direction. I will do my best to improve this, though - note taken!
  6. The music loops all need to be fixed. At some point they all disappear/stop, so I just need to go tweak that bit of code and make a solid loop.

As you can see, some of that I knew and am working on and other parts were just extremely helpful. I can't guarantee that I'll always be tweaking the game to player specifications, but as long as it makes sense to me and the style that I'm going for, I try to stay open to input. :)

Thank you very much for including the link. I'll definitely save that for if/when I try to port it over. And thank you again to everyone on here for the support - that's why there's the special thanks! This community is the best!!!

The kickstarter will begin on March 24th, so if you like the game, anything you can do to help spread the word would be awesome. A few people from here have posted it on forums they frequent and that sort of thing is going to make a HUGE difference down the line.


Shadow64 @ 3/8/2014 14:23 commented on Baby Killer Robot icon

Woo hoo!!! Such a great response! I will definitely consider porting it to mobile down the road, but the landscape is also REALLY tough to break into successfully.

I'd also love to be able to offer it as a stretch goal with a free download from the Google Play store if people back the Kickstarter Campaign, but right now it seems like GP doesn't allow for free downloads of paid apps. 

I'll continue to look into it though and thank you again for the awesome feedback! 

Shadow64 @ 3/7/2014 19:02 commented on Irkalla Campfire

Very nicely done. Fire is tough.

Shadow64 @ 3/7/2014 18:35 commented on Baby Killer Robot icon

Oh wow! I didn't know this went up yesterday! Thanks, everyone!

@CELS - I'm going to be working on the graphics - the blurring is something I hope to cut down as I up the framerate. I'm glad you still like the demo though! Thank you!!!  

Also, if you get to the end, there's a special thanks to PixelJoint, specifically! So grateful to this community.

Finally, if either of the current downloads aren't working, you can now play the demo on Kongregate:

Thanks again!!!

Shadow64 @ 3/2/2014 22:33 commented on Arrgh, I guess

I want to weep over this. Jesus. SO beautiful!  *tears*

Shadow64 @ 2/6/2014 05:28 commented on headphones

I like-a dis very much! 

Shadow64 @ 2/3/2014 17:19 commented on Little Warrior

|||| took the words right out of my hands. Well done!

Shadow64 @ 1/30/2014 06:19 commented on Electrobuzz enemy

No sweat. It's what I live for. 

*Flies off in a hot air balloon...*


Shadow64 @ 1/30/2014 06:18 commented on Sam, Excited

That totally makes sense. When I did my Roku running animation I did like 30 or 40 variations before I got to my final. It would be obnoxious if I had uploaded all of those. I just figured I'm animating him two different ways. To be honest, I could probably delete the original since it's the most redundant now. These two I feel are pretty different though. I just finished a third, but I'm not going to add him. I think I'm good with playing around with him as a character for a bit. ;)

But yeah, people who just palette swap and act like it's a new image are weird... 

The main reason I uploaded this is because it's what I've been working on and I'm spending so much time on these animations that my gallery is looking kinda flimsy. Even though I'm working! Haha. I appreciate the feedback though. I'd hate to be seen as "one of those." ;)

Shadow64 @ 1/30/2014 04:08 commented on Fox

~~ Floaty floaty fox face~~...

Shadow64 @ 1/30/2014 04:07 commented on Viking warship

Yeah, the detail at the top is nice, but it falls away as you get lower on the piece. It's a cool idea though. Looking forward to the re-up. :)

Shadow64 @ 1/30/2014 04:05 commented on Death is at my door.

Was the challenge to fit an image in a keyhole silhouette? Because this is a really good idea regardless!

Shadow64 @ 1/30/2014 04:05 commented on MOTHER's Inside Story

Always going to give Earthbound a high rating. :D Now, call your father.

Shadow64 @ 1/30/2014 03:54 commented on astralis

Neat sparkle effect. I'll have to remember this piece if I ever need a reference for how it's done.

Shadow64 @ 1/30/2014 03:51 commented on Tentaclebot

I think this came out really well. Seems like the sort of thing that would be in Mega Man X though and not an RPG. Is there a website for your game yet? I'd love to see more!

Shadow64 @ 1/30/2014 03:49 commented on Tyrannosaurus Rex walking

I just keep thinking he's going "HEEEEEEEEEEEY!" And it makes me laugh.

Shadow64 @ 1/30/2014 03:48 commented on boiler for game

The style reminds me a lot of Miyazaki. Neat. :)