GravityGames @ 2/15/2016 17:28 commented on Luigi and the Lemmings

Dang, that's some really nice use of five colors, man!

GravityGames @ 11/29/2014 16:23 commented on Bore & Alis

Are we allowed to do versions of what we normally set our avatars to? I'm not a big fan of drawing humans, even as a base...

GravityGames @ 3/20/2013 07:40 commented on Sumo Salamander

 Nice graphical style, I really like the shiny, metalic look it gives. Nice color choices too BTW.

GravityGames @ 3/19/2013 17:45 commented on Blaze the Dragon

 @ADrawingMan Thanks, but I must admit, I'm not the first one to fill the rest of their blob with a background. Moondrone's entry ( ) is what actually inspired me to do so.

GravityGames @ 3/19/2013 13:24 commented on SPIKEYYYY

 Nice shading! I also agree with ADrawingMan, the face looks hilarious, and you might want to make the background transparent.

GravityGames @ 3/17/2013 14:33 commented on Pie Present

@Antiboton Yeah, I was going to do a transparent bg, but transparent counts as a color, and I was already at 14...