Mowzr @ 12/17/2006 13:22 commented on Bub and Bob Puzzle Illo...
 WOW! I think this is amazing! Grand job!

Mowzr @ 12/7/2006 13:33 commented on Evil cup
 Yeah I really lke the dithering too :D.
 I think this is really cool. Very unique.

Mowzr @ 12/5/2006 16:19 commented on Kung foo chao!
 Why is everyone so opposed to MSPaint?
 It looks pretty damn good to me. Everything I do is in MSPaint, infact I'm completely uncomfortable using any other application. But then again - As to whether or not my stuff is good or whatever is a matter of opinion.

Mowzr @ 12/1/2006 12:13 commented on New Project Screens
I'm pretty sure its eligable as long as you've done the graphical work.
 Thanks guys :).

Mowzr @ 11/7/2006 19:38 commented on Grunt Revisited
 Wow simply amazing. I dont think there's a fault in this. It just flows, perfectly. Flawlessly.

Mowzr @ 11/1/2006 09:39 commented on Mr Acorn
 I too love the texture, and I love how you worked your signature in. Very clever.

Mowzr @ 11/1/2006 05:08 commented on Cutie Pets Collection - Cat
 I actually really like these. I think they're very soft and very well colored. Wonderful.

Mowzr @ 10/26/2006 23:30 commented on Dance Pumpkin, Dance.
 This has such a satisfying bounce to it.. Damn..

 I wish I could animate this well..

Mowzr @ 10/26/2006 04:14 commented on Big Boss @ Okami
This is really really cool. I love it, I loved okami!

Mowzr @ 10/23/2006 16:09 commented on TV-head
 Really cool, smooth design. Reminds me of Videodrome. :).
 Fav'd, 5/5.

Mowzr @ 10/22/2006 23:35 commented on Crystalia
Oh wow.
 Gorgeous, I love that hair. Very nice. 5/5. Fav'd.

Mowzr @ 10/22/2006 05:55 commented on Black Hole Title Mock-up
.. I agree with zombie smash, to the max.

Mowzr @ 10/21/2006 04:58 commented on Black Hole Title Mock-up
 Yay, we are plunged even deeper into the canyon of suck.

Mowzr @ 10/20/2006 23:43 commented on Rpg Mockup 1
 This is really good. I love the colors.
 Its just, the placement of some stuff looks a bit blocky, mainly that straight line that the grass cuts off into the beach at. it'd look cooler if it was wavey or something.
 Wonderful, reminds me of fire emblem more though.

Mowzr @ 10/19/2006 01:38 commented on More pointless animation
 This is hypnotic.
 I love it. Fav'd.

Mowzr @ 10/18/2006 17:22 commented on powderfinger
 This is pretty flippin awesome. I really like the style. 5/5 and fav.

Mowzr @ 10/18/2006 17:20 commented on Zoe
 Wow I really like the coloring on this, its a nice relaxing piece. The only thing I can find to critique really, however is the anatomy is just a tiny but awkward. I'm no anatomy expert, though.

Mowzr @ 10/16/2006 22:17 commented on What's In The Can...Subtitle: Technological Breakthrough
 Yeah its kind of simplistic but its pretty mesmerising to watch. Really neat.

Mowzr @ 10/16/2006 18:25 commented on Voltorb
 I meant to comment this earlier, because I really like it. Something about it is just flashy and awesome. 5/5. Fav'd.

Mowzr @ 10/16/2006 18:20 commented on Big Bird
 Just do what you feel is right, Blick. I've learned sometimes the opinions of others can complicate things, so maybe I've just made things worse. Lmao. Make the best out of whatever situation you end up in.
 For some people its ok to quit and do something else, maybe even go back later, and for some you're fine with being firm with yourself and staying. Different strokes for different folks..

Mowzr @ 10/15/2006 19:22 commented on Mockup - CookieDrop
 Holy jesus.
 I totally love this omfg. Fav'd 5/5.
 Your stuff is so amazing.. and smooth.. I just love it.

Mowzr @ 10/15/2006 12:27 commented on Gameboy Goby2
 This is pretty cool, but in my honest opinion I DO think it's a tad over detailed to be for the gameboy. Then again it just depends on your style.
 Good job, none the less.

Mowzr @ 10/14/2006 19:16 commented on Snoopy & Lucy
 How I miss the peanuts...
 I think it looks fine. 5/5.

Mowzr @ 10/14/2006 19:15 commented on Mario's ANGST
 Totally hearin ya here.

Mowzr @ 10/14/2006 16:09 commented on Jason VS Dracula - Pixelween
 I can't say I ever knew Krut, but thanks. :).
 I know the jason sprite IS lacking somewhat.. I had a really hard time with him for some reason...