Strawzzboy64 @ 8/31/2016 16:29 commented on super mario bros 3

I swear I can hear the music and sound effects when I look at this.

Strawzzboy64 @ 8/7/2016 21:43 commented on Steven, Your Clothes Already Dried Up!

Very nice. I like that the two shirts have different animations.

now do a whole episode.

Strawzzboy64 @ 6/25/2016 08:54 commented on Plant Aesthetic Garbage

There's nothing wrong with posting your art at 4x. However, on Pixeljoint, the zoom in/out feature allows viewers to see pixel art at practically any size they wish, so there's no reason to not post at 1x. That said, if you want viewers to look at it at 4x, you could easily recommend they do so in the description or something, though I think viewers can decide that on their own. As Pix.Ed. said, posting at a larger size limits viewers who may wish to see it at 1x or 2x, etc. They'd have to download the image and downsize it themselves (which I did, and I gotta say it actually looks nice at 1x too.)

Strawzzboy64 @ 11/8/2015 20:00 commented on Blue Turtle

love the design on this guy.

Strawzzboy64 @ 11/8/2015 10:13 commented on Zombie Bagpiper

whoa that kilt is trippy. I like it!

Strawzzboy64 @ 11/8/2015 10:04 commented on Moon Man

Aw what. that's lame that your computer "borked." But I'm glad you managed to salvage this.

Quick question, when you say you did the rest, does that mean you also did the full body or just the rest of the head?

Strawzzboy64 @ 11/8/2015 09:55 commented on Dead

Love the colors in this. The art is "simple" but it's incredibly stylistically and aesthetically appealing. I also love the look of those "jaggy" clouds. 

Strawzzboy64 @ 11/8/2015 09:49 commented on Look

Those mountains and clouds though. Very nice work!

Strawzzboy64 @ 11/8/2015 09:47 commented on Avatars

I've seen plenty of artists become embarassed of their old work. I think it is healthy notice how "bad" your previous work is because that means you're growing as an artist. But I don't think I've seen anyone who actively deleted their past work before. Now, I'm not going to say that you "should" reupload your previous work, it's your choice and I respect your reasoning (I'm personally still waiting on that imgur link as I never got to see the works you did here). But I do want to say that by not letting others see your past work, there is a missed opportunity to connect with your fans and fellow artists.

What I mean by this is that people love to see growth. It is incredibly inspiring to see an artist's humble beginnings compared to where they are currently at with their art. I feel that it sends the message of "hey, you know I once started exactly where you're at, and as long as you just keep working and striving to improve, you too can make your art great!" I actually feel it's unhealthy to "hate" our previous works (some embarassment is ok, but totally "hating" them I think is wrong) because really, if it wasn't for those works we wouldn't be where we are today. In fact, to me deleting past works is dangerously close to sending a message of "your art has to be good from the start and if you think it sucks you should just give up because it's not worthy of being shared with others."

...Sorry if I got a little heavy there. I don't think what you're doing right now is necessarily bad or wong in any way, I just think it could potentially lead down a path that I would be sad to see you go through. You said three years ago that you wanted a gallery that is full of great works you could be proud of. Do you think you'll always be proud of the current work you've made so far?

Strawzzboy64 @ 11/6/2015 17:37 commented on Moon Man

I have no words. 

are you gonna finish it?

Strawzzboy64 @ 11/6/2015 17:08 commented on Inari Torii

Either way is really good. I think it just depends whether you want the faster more realistic/smooth look or a slower kinda mystical look. (I will say the slower version also has an added effect where I can more closely follow the snowflakes individually). But yeah it's up to you. I think either way would look fantastic, I have a hard time choosing between them!

I think the "transparent" versions of those chunks makes more sense. From what I can tell, the closer a snowflake is to the camera, the blurrier/more see-through it gets. When I saw the versions here, I thought of either energy balls a la Dragonball Z or like little ghost spirits zipping by. Also, the bottom one may need to be faster since it's closer to the camera.

Once again, beautiful work! Your animations are always a treat to see.

Strawzzboy64 @ 11/6/2015 08:57 commented on Inari Torii

Very beautiful. I think I would personally like it more if the snow fell slower, as I think it would have a softer, more serene effect that I feel would be fitting for the "mystical" torii. But at the same time, it's just so smooth as it is, and what's more is it looks incredibly realistic. Actually I kind of looks like you tried to balance it between fast/slow, because it does appear sliiightly slower than the reference? Either way, it's very nice to look at.

Question, what are the faster moving larger chunks?

Strawzzboy64 @ 11/5/2015 09:02 commented on UFO

hahah, very cool animation. I love the shaking busted ship.

Strawzzboy64 @ 11/4/2015 14:04 commented on Kang

I guess you're right about how I had strong feelings about the issue. The reason for that is because I care about trying to help make things into a good experience for everyone. I mean obviously I failed here since the only thing I actually ended up doing was accidentally offending you. Again, I apologize for that.

I suppose another reason I kept trying to make the argument was due to the eighth point seen whenever someone uploads something. Perhaps it needs to be altered? I wouldn't know. But yeah, I'll stop now. 

Strawzzboy64 @ 11/4/2015 11:12 commented on Really Rushed Mario Mockup

I'm wondering what you mean by "rushed." Because sometimes, as artists I think we force ourselves to finish a piece quickly, even if we don't think it's "perfect,"  and I actually think that's a good thing. That is, I think it's important to be able to finish a work instead letting ourselves get paralyzed by our ideas of "perfection."

Anyway, this is really nice! I love the soft but still cartoony colors. If there's anything I would suggest, it's to work on some of the linework/shading lines on the mountains in the background to be less jaggy. Besides that, again everything is very aesthetically appealing to me. I would play the heck out of this!

Strawzzboy64 @ 11/3/2015 18:04 commented on Terrarium

I like this a lot. I feel like the actual pixel work is a tad rough, but despite that there's just something very appealing about it. The soil is especially nice looking with those colors. 

Strawzzboy64 @ 11/3/2015 17:26 commented on Kang

I never discouraged prolific spriting. I'm 100% for that discipline of being able to create on a regular basis. The issue I had is just for a potential one of "clogging up the gallery," and as such, my suggestion was to simply wait to post the sprites as a single image, thinking it would work since the images are part of an "art event" as you said before (I may personally prefer for them to have been posted as one, but I really don't mind either way, in the end it's up to you anyway and I respect that). But I really don't see how that discourages the actual spriting work. It just means waiting a bit to post the images as one, and as far as I can tell, has nothing to do with how an artist creates their art, only with how they release it.

But, I do have to say again, I'm honestly not sure how much of an issue this is or isn't. I am wondering what the website's limits are. For all I know it could be a huge one we don't even need to worry about.

All that said, I'm sorry for rambling on so long with this. I didn't mean to try to argue all this for so long, I just wanted to share a simple suggestion that I thought may make the experience a little smoother for everyone on this site. I understand that it's not my place to really make this argument though. If anything, if the website itself thought it was a problem, they would have likely stepped in by now and said something, so that leads me to believe that it isn't an issue at all.

Strawzzboy64 @ 11/2/2015 09:03 commented on Kang

I didn't call your work a clog, or at least, I didn't intend to. I'm sorry it came off that way. I was just saying that by posting daily, there's a *potential* issue of the work clogging up this site's gallery, although to be fair, I don't know if that's really a big issue for people here or not as you can easily just scroll down or click on the next page.

I don't think anyone has ever complained about anyone else having a productive week. If anything, I support that! As I said in the previous post, I actually like the idea you had of posting each piece once a day as a halloween art event. I wasn't trying to say that you shouldn't do it at all. Again, I just think it doesn't work as well on this particular site as it does on pretty much every other site.

Again, I apologize for coming off as rude, that was not my intention at all. I actually do like your work and will continue to follow it for a long time coming. 

Strawzzboy64 @ 11/1/2015 07:08 commented on Pumpcore
Yup, I drew it like that so it would fit within a 100x100 square and look like it's coming out from the right.

It was actually too cut off at first, so I moved it to the left, just not all the way. 

Strawzzboy64 @ 10/31/2015 12:49 commented on Kang

Ah, I see! That makes sense then, I like that idea of doing this as an art event.

However, I think the idea is difficult to do on pixeljoint for a couple of reasons. For one thing, there's the issue of potentially clogging up the gallery, as Fusionnist said in the Carmilla piece. Another issue is that it's difficult to do timing-based uploads here due to the approval system. I uploaded a halloween piece at midnight, but had to wait a couple hours for it to be approved, soiling the effect. Mind you, I'm not really complaining, I'm just saying that's how the site works. Lastly, I feel that as a gallery, we like to think of the pieces here as being single complete images that we can carefully look over and appreciate. By uploading the images seperately, it gives the impression that the pieces are not part of a series, when the reality is that they are part of that art event, as you said. 

The way I would have done it/compromised is to upload once a day on all the sites except for Pixeljoint, since as you said, the process is a little different here. Instead, I would have waited until halloween to upload them all, then explain in the description that they were part of that series/event. I think the only problem then would just be waiting for the piece to be approved before Halloween is over, but I think it's a smaller "price" to pay.

Strawzzboy64 @ 10/31/2015 09:08 commented on Kang

I love this cartoony/NES style you got going with these. The humans kinda remind me of the Mother series, especially Grandpa Munster and Fiona Goode. Kang so far may be my favorite, the style works really well on an actual cartoon, hah (Where's Kodos??).

I agree with Paddy. I would love to be able to see all of these in one image, though I think the Slimer and Carmilla sprites may not be as fitting since they have more shading detail, almost like SNES sprites. I think it would be easier on the guys who have to approve each piece one by one as well. 

I'm guessing you're making these seperately and uploading them as you finish though?

Strawzzboy64 @ 10/30/2015 09:01 commented on 365 Day 16x16 Challenge - Week 43

For a second there, I thought the 2nd one was a flask wearing a hat.

Strawzzboy64 @ 10/19/2015 18:44 commented on Milk.

is that ...the milkman?

Strawzzboy64 @ 10/17/2015 08:54 commented on The Dark Side of Charon

The smoke doesn't appear to be that far away to me. At least, not as far away as clouds. I think it should have a slow rising animation to it, I think that would convey a proper distance/size of it. Plus I feel like it could be a nice contrast to the speed of the other animations, you know? (so far I don't think I've seen much slow animation from your work. I think you have potential to make some really smooth stuff). By the way, how many frames does this have before the loop?

Anyway, great piece! I love the colors and all the little details here and there. I think the placement of the moving parts in the composition were selected very well too, it really makes the piece come alive where it needs to. I feel like it even makes the moon's foreboding, but peaceful stillness even more effective. The animation on the boat is probably my favorite. Once again, great work!

Strawzzboy64 @ 8/14/2015 08:58 commented on Gentle Spirit

I looked at a peacock for reference, but I ended up drawing the spirit more dodo-like.

I had a version before where the water was very blue, I felt it was too blaring tho, so I changed it to the stone colors. I could maybe make the water slightly bluish though.