Dnilo @ 6/6/2015 05:24 commented on Steel Assault - Docks

Thanks for your thoughts CELS!

I don't think I get what you say about the roof perspective though, all the buildings are supposed to look flat, of course we  layers to parallax and a horizon, but each layer is made with zero point perspective :)

Pretty much like this, but with tin roofs (and of course much smaller buildings hehe):

However, we're not using this level in the game anyway..

Dnilo @ 6/6/2015 04:59 commented on Thaumaturge

Thanks Evidence :)

Dnilo @ 6/5/2015 18:39 commented on Thaumaturge

Thanks scorched and Mathieu!

As Mathieu says, this is a warrior and should be fit to her job, which is killing monsters :) , besides that, I did try to make her look smaller but it didn't work well for this kind of chibi body.

Dnilo @ 6/5/2015 08:54 commented on Artisan Special Attack

Thanks for your thoughts, I'll update it in a moment with faster speed :) . You have an amazing gallery btw, great animations and stills.

Dnilo @ 6/5/2015 06:24 commented on Enemy 1 Shooting

Thanks Justin!

Wings of Aetos looks cool, I'll keep an eye on it :)

Dnilo @ 5/12/2015 10:51 commented on Artisan

Thank you, I will start uploading more animations from this same character soon :)

Dnilo @ 5/5/2015 06:36 commented on A new Wario Land

This is great, excellent work.

Dnilo @ 5/2/2015 13:40 commented on Artisan

Thanks for your compliment, I do try to focus in the details, and also to make my pixels better every time :)

I really appreciate it.

Dnilo @ 1/30/2015 10:50 commented on Mech mini-boss

Thank you! :D

Dnilo @ 12/23/2014 00:37 commented on Nutcracker

Thank you, I take it as a big compliment Justin :)

Dnilo @ 11/24/2014 12:14 commented on Enemy 1 Shooting

Thank you!

Dnilo @ 11/4/2014 17:15 commented on Nutcracker

Thank you very much!

What a compliment :D I'm glad you like it that much.

Dnilo @ 10/30/2014 13:45 commented on Steel Assault - Club level (Update)

That is a neat idea, switching from dark to a bit brighter, I suppose the NES could handle palette swap like that. I mean we don't have any limitations, but we want to be as close as possible :D

(Maybe if there is success with this game we could make a NES rom? lol)

Dnilo @ 10/24/2014 20:02 commented on Steel Assault - Club level

Thanks :D

Dnilo @ 10/24/2014 20:00 commented on Steel Assault - Club level (Update)

Hey thanks dude!

We'll start with windows, then mac and linux I think. And since the engine is also made by us it can be ported to almost anything (Our friendly Coder words) :)

What do you think about the background color on the last image I submitted?

Thanks for taking your time to comment!

Dnilo @ 10/21/2014 12:02 commented on Steel Assault - Club level

Hell yeah XD

Dnilo @ 9/4/2014 15:05 commented on Steel Assault

Thank you all!

Ottbot. It has a lot of influence by Sunsoft, specially Batman and Journey to Silius :)

Yrizoud. The palette cannot be tuned since it's the NES palette hehe..

PixelSnader. Thanks, I might have to work on the dithering more :) 

Dnilo @ 8/13/2014 10:55 commented on Steel Assault

Thank you, but it's not a mockup it's the real thing :)

Dnilo @ 7/10/2014 06:24 commented on Foosball Boss

I updated it, using the darkest color for more shading.

Dnilo @ 7/9/2014 14:29 commented on Foosball Boss

Thanks! and you are right kendi64, I should use that dark shade on some areas.

Dnilo @ 6/6/2014 10:28 commented on Game of Thrones


This is the most amazing pixel art I've seen in a long time, they are PERFECT PICTURES of the cast of GOT!!!!

My most sincere respect for you.

Dnilo @ 5/28/2014 16:08 commented on Simon

Hey thanks! I'm also a big fan of Castlevania :D

I'll think about the redesign below the knee, thanks for the suggestion. About the torso, I think you mean the waist, but let's wait until this guy is fully animated. I was going to upload the animation progress but I think is better to upload it when it's 100% done.

Trust me, you won't be dissapointed.

Dnilo @ 5/20/2014 20:08 commented on Villager

Hey thanks! Yeah, maybe I'll do it at some point :)

Dnilo @ 5/18/2014 05:18 commented on protecteur

Perfect animation

Dnilo @ 5/14/2014 12:14 commented on Frog run test