iDew @ 1/9/2016 05:56 commented on Orange

The dithering is done well, But I don't think this is helping to the texture. Oranges are meant to be porous and I can't see it yet.

iDew @ 1/7/2016 09:14 commented on Demons

Wow! It makes me wanna see the project! keep up the good work :)

iDew @ 1/7/2016 09:12 commented on Orange

The segment is very nice, but the fruit itself require more work. The texture doesn't feel right.

iDew @ 1/7/2016 09:08 commented on Dragon in love

Very nice! I liked the "smoke" that shaped the heart.

iDew @ 1/7/2016 06:21 commented on the return of the mushroom enthusiasts

Very nice, tho it seems like it lacks some greens

iDew @ 1/5/2016 05:52 commented on artemis & the catoblepas

Nice pixeling!!! I really liked the contrast of the coulors!

iDew @ 1/5/2016 05:51 commented on Tiger

The colors!! and the texture! brilliant!!

iDew @ 1/3/2016 13:12 commented on Anomaly

Great! The waves are so beautiful!

iDew @ 1/3/2016 12:44 commented on Pixel Art Dump

You are a great pixel artist! keep up the good work! I very enjoyed these works!

iDew @ 9/7/2015 14:42 commented on Badonga

I am a simple man. I see boobs, I vote :)

iDew @ 8/16/2015 04:02 commented on PSR B1620-26 b "Metuselah"

Amazing! nice texture and colors! it's so smooth!

What I think can be improved is the light source and the background, and I think that 28 colors is just too much for this piece.

But again, great piece.

iDew @ 5/28/2015 08:35 commented on Oh no! Purple ninja is in troubles!

Despite its big canvas, the art itself is very small, since the only thing you had to pixel is the ninja and a single cube.

I suggest to rework on this art, and start with pixeling a cube with one color, and then get some other pallete to them.

Only then go to work on the ninja, which lack of details.

Good luck

iDew @ 4/16/2015 09:27 commented on Night

I really liked the atmosphere

I think you should look at some other pieces to see how you can pixel a little star better, because they look odd.

iDew @ 4/12/2015 15:00 commented on Big eye

Illuminati approved

I really liked the pallete and the work, I find the lack of AA a bit disturbing tho.

iDew @ 3/24/2015 08:34 commented on Sky Archipelago

Nicely done! it reminds me of Angel Island from Sonic 3:

I also like floating island and I find this quite good ;D

(The sky should be worked more)

iDew @ 1/1/2015 17:16 commented on [secret santa 2014] 4am at the river

I think I found both. Rudolph is clear enough, Not sure about santa though. How can I know if I am right?

iDew @ 10/6/2014 12:37 commented on Adjusted Steamfantry

iDew @ 8/7/2014 14:20 commented on Inuyasha + Sword

I'v done a piece of Ali-Baba with RPG remake but I had too much colors :\

Ineed to rework on the piece before I can publish it...

iDew @ 8/7/2014 07:13 commented on Elysian Shadows poster: Skies of Adventure


iDew @ 7/16/2014 09:24 commented on Bee in Germany

I really liked the composition, but I think u should add shadows to the bee.

The colors here aren't used properly for me.

iDew @ 7/9/2014 17:38 commented on Gathering Machine

I really liked this piece overall, But there are few things that were disturbing my eye:

1. The depth of the dunes is not clear enough. I suggest adding the lightest moon color to some of the "lightest" dunes.

2. The perspective is a bit strange, try to improve the lower part of the dunes.

3. It's like the bot is just standing there without any connection to the scene. What is it trying to gather when he looks to that way?

But again, overall, I think you did a very good piece, the dithering here is done nicely and the use of only these 4 colors from the challenge is amazing. I also liked the clouds very much.

Good luck in the challenge :)

iDew @ 10/5/2013 09:27 commented on Cetacyborg fleet

This is just amazing! 3 colors and the animation is so smooth!

keep up the good work. I would probably vote for you

iDew @ 9/6/2013 04:06 commented on Clockworld

iDew @ 9/2/2013 04:35 commented on Pixel China Mountains

I really liked the coulors. Amazing piece.

iDew @ 8/18/2013 03:11 commented on Background!

Perfect. The only thing I you can improve is the bricks and the legs of the table.