SpeedyCube @ 8/14/2017 12:40 commented on Frog

Someone make Luigi, scared and shaking

SpeedyCube @ 6/5/2017 08:25 commented on Frog sprites

Poor Aussies

SpeedyCube @ 7/25/2016 13:52 commented on An Apple Anomaly

What signifies that this is going up? Just looks like an apple to me

SpeedyCube @ 6/27/2016 09:13 commented on Angiolina is a good cook

1024x1024 and 1/2 color

SpeedyCube @ 6/12/2016 13:01 commented on Mario kart candy level

Cool, now animate it 

SpeedyCube @ 5/23/2016 14:54 commented on Pixel hat

My fingers are crossed for space. ISOnauts. The winning palette is basically perfect for space too; it has a wide variety of dark 'spacey' colors.

SpeedyCube @ 5/9/2016 07:58 commented on Observatory

the whole thing is amazing but you just nailed it with the background

SpeedyCube @ 5/6/2016 17:32 commented on Pixel hat

yay thanks guys :D never expected it to get this far o:

and congrats the other 2 thirds of the top 3 and honorable mentions :)

SpeedyCube @ 2/29/2016 16:45 commented on Wine

immediately recognized this was your art in new pixel art, looks gr8 m8

SpeedyCube @ 2/6/2016 15:02 commented on Ship

thanks. I'll try that.

SpeedyCube @ 1/24/2016 16:32 commented on 1

o congrats m9

SpeedyCube @ 11/17/2015 12:55 commented on Sherry Avatar

There's this thing at the top of the site called the "Register" button. Fancy, right?

SpeedyCube @ 10/11/2015 08:02 commented on RIBBIT RIBBIT WOOSHH BURNNN


SpeedyCube @ 8/26/2015 15:05 commented on Dreamcast - Sans Controllers

so many amazing pixels this month, holy crap o:

SpeedyCube @ 8/9/2015 15:05 commented on Hall of Anubis

stop hogging the weekly showcase q:

SpeedyCube @ 8/4/2015 09:15 commented on Autumn saga continue

I feel like the grass would be great for a really grassy and weedy area, but otherwise like others have said, it's too much.

SpeedyCube @ 8/3/2015 15:16 commented on Smart Car

what if my friends are being injured and not my enemies? will that count?

SpeedyCube @ 8/2/2015 18:51 commented on Avatars

oh my god your new one <333

SpeedyCube @ 7/27/2015 10:29 commented on An old signature

no challenge this week?

SpeedyCube @ 7/22/2015 16:07 commented on Dancing snader

I liked this version better :/


SpeedyCube @ 7/19/2015 12:24 commented on Thank YouMr Iwata

The ABXY buttons are maybe a little high, other than that looks great!

SpeedyCube @ 7/6/2015 14:26 commented on Bartman

Curious as to how this wasn't intentional, I mean it has all the same rules except for the color, and the sun/icy planet. The hex code is also a reverse of the one from the other challenge.

SpeedyCube @ 7/5/2015 07:31 commented on Rainbow Ride

I love this, great use of the palette :D

SpeedyCube @ 6/3/2015 18:49 commented on Fontish

why did you wipe your gallery again? .-.

SpeedyCube @ 5/30/2015 11:20 commented on Fontish

fontstruct.com will work great since it's a pixel art font