Asmodeusss @ 10/15/2017 09:36 commented on Nootka Sound is not for sale

Really great. For some reason reminds me of the main replicant from blade runner.

Asmodeusss @ 10/15/2017 09:32 commented on Big Bird

Is ASCII art related to pixelart in some way?

Asmodeusss @ 9/10/2017 10:17 commented on H. P. Lovecraft

holy moly this is great.

Asmodeusss @ 9/4/2017 14:41 commented on Big Bird

But I want to cuddle someone... 

Asmodeusss @ 9/4/2017 09:40 commented on Cabin

For some reason this reminds me of cortex command. Beautiful work and wonderful wood textures.

Asmodeusss @ 9/4/2017 09:40 commented on Dog hammer

This makes me want to play a game with this weapon art in it. How many colors does this have?

Asmodeusss @ 9/4/2017 09:38 commented on Observer

I could earn a lot from how you did clothing with just 4 colors. Real nice. Faving.

Asmodeusss @ 9/4/2017 09:35 commented on Big Bird

What if nobody wants my love? 

Asmodeusss @ 9/2/2017 08:20 commented on Monolith

ooooh shiiiit This is gorgeous.

Asmodeusss @ 9/1/2017 13:58 commented on Big Bird

 omg thanks Jinn.

Asmodeusss @ 9/1/2017 13:52 commented on Big Bird

Can I just say... what the fuck is going on here??? 

TLDR of the chatterbox: Basically, green is shittalking people he doesnt like and others are trying to justify him by saying he has a hard time, and some people are trying to point out that maybe thats not an excuse for being a bad person.

Green, learn to fucking sympathise with other people, not just the ones you happen to like at the moment, or the ones who perfectly conform to your idea of how someone should act, but everyone. And actually do some pixeling instead of complaining and throwing crap at people in the chatterbox. 

Asmodeusss @ 8/31/2017 04:43 commented on The Thumbnail one is the only good one.

No I meant like are any of these modeled after video game swords, or did you come up with them, not that they werent original. Nice to know though.

Asmodeusss @ 8/29/2017 13:51 commented on The Thumbnail one is the only good one.

This is really nice. Where is the second from the left sword from? Or are these all originals?

Asmodeusss @ 8/29/2017 13:50 commented on Big Bird

I think people are too shy to call a prick a prick.

On a side note, am I the only person who associates the word with cacti?

Asmodeusss @ 8/28/2017 14:38 commented on Tetra Dungeon Entrance

Oh this looks tasty.

The different way you shaded the same stones is quite amazing. I like it a lot.

Asmodeusss @ 8/28/2017 14:36 commented on Big Bird

I was thinking more of the overworld kind of maps. Like the one I linked. And it's just about roads.

Asmodeusss @ 8/28/2017 14:17 commented on Big Bird

So Im the current dungeon master in a small team of people playing Pathfinder. I've fleshed out a setting and even created a map. I tried to make the map as good looking as possible, but ended up just making it plain in I was just wondering, given this map, how you guys would have handled roads?

EDIT: I know the fonts are dispicable. 

Asmodeusss @ 8/28/2017 13:13 commented on Big Bird

 "Now would be the part where I say something sassy and sarcastic but you sensitive little butterflies would take it at face value and get all huffed up."

You do realize you ARE saying something sassy right there, right? And to compound the irony, you are the metaphorical butterfly in this situation. The fact that you disregard what people have to say when they write their opinion devoid of "sassy" and tomfoolish remarks should be enough proof of that.

"I'm not having this argument and certainly not with someone who came in halfway to the movie."

"Congratualtions you're part of the problem. We're done talking here. "

I don't think I am. I think you're literally the only person who thinks so. You have two options, green. Either the entire world is wrong and you're the only sane person, or maybe you just dont have it figured out quite right yet. Which do you choose to believe? 

Asmodeusss @ 8/28/2017 10:40 commented on Big Bird

"I knew this would sooner or later happen when I learned Jal was gone. I went into the argument knowing fully well this would happen. They were just waiting for the first opportunity to get rid of me, and I gladly gave them that."

This just sounds like some kind of paranoya induced victim syndrome. If someone derails topics, annoys people and does not make any pixel art on a site about making pixel art, it is not people "just waiting for the first oppurtunity to get rid of you", it's called saving others the trouble to deal with someone. There's no blaze of glory, they're not a mastermind, its just people not seeing what on earth they are doing. This is why bans exist. The point of the ban is for the person to realize what they did wrong and not do it again. It sounds very obvious that this has not worked.

And I am actually sort of against the whole community without making art thing. It looks like an out for troublemakers. If you want to look at the art, you dont need a profile. 

"People who don't have robust amounts of submissions are treated like nobody's and that's especially damaging when they're trying to have conversations with people on the forum or in the chatterbox. More pixels doesn't make you a better person. I've been speaking out against this for ages now. (It's partially why I deleted my gallery as a form of protest.)"

I'm not sure you understand where you are. I dont see people with just a few pixel submissions being mistreated. In fact, I often see newcommers like that being helped out by very awesome people like Jal and others, who help them with improving their art.

And to be honest, the point of the place is to make art. As a very ridiculous saying goes, If you cant walk the walk, dont talk the talk. It's a craft. Of course people naturally notice people with amazing art more than those who have nothing to show for it. It's like a diploma. If you have it, people naturally see that you know what you're about, especially in your field. Pixeljoint IS that field in this case. Yes, it's a bit elite(in some sense) but thats not a bad thing. It's a neat site about Pixel art, not a random messageboard or general forum. Besides, we HAVE a general forum, if that's what you're into.

Asmodeusss @ 8/27/2017 23:15 commented on Big Bird

I was out of the loop for quite a while, but what exactly happened to Jalonso?

Asmodeusss @ 8/27/2017 03:45 commented on Plague Rat

Oh that is very smooth. I like it.

Asmodeusss @ 8/27/2017 03:43 commented on Jellyfish Style Flying Broom

thats kinda fantastic. The mouth reminds me a lot of meatboy in the peek :D.

Asmodeusss @ 8/26/2017 17:13 commented on forest

Hey Imilot, this is a nice piece, but you have scaled it incorrectlly. I would suggest either reuploading with a propper scale or edditing the current piece to feature the corrected image. What I mean by incorrectly scaled is that during the process of increasing the images size(probably doubling the width and height) the image has gotten slightly blurred, causing it to have significantly more colors than it originally did(sort of like anti-aliasing or CG gradients). 

The thumbnail, for example, has the original resolution and is much "sharper" than the picture. I hope you can see the difference. 

That said it's still a very nice piece. I'm a big fan of layered backgrounds(especially if moving)

Asmodeusss @ 8/26/2017 17:09 commented on Big Bird

I wonder how that got past the queue... 

Asmodeusss @ 8/26/2017 08:39 commented on Big Bird

Honestly, any of those.