Yanrishatum @ 6/8/2017 06:30 commented on Achievements

@Taertage Yep. It is. You even find it behind the wall in the game, as in Cave Story.

Yanrishatum @ 4/14/2017 12:31 commented on Big Bird

Also guys, a few days ago we released small game that originally was planned for gamejam, but delayed by several reasons. Check it out, maybe you'll like it :D

Yanrishatum @ 4/12/2017 09:18 commented on Big Bird

@Theoden Does it says something specific? Error on google side, or on log-in side of server? 

Yanrishatum @ 4/11/2017 02:42 commented on Big Bird

Also this actually made me into thinking that making a service for semi-automated collab hosting is pretty realistic to implement, basing on those sources.

Yanrishatum @ 4/11/2017 01:16 commented on Big Bird

Meanwhile on another server:


Yanrishatum @ 4/10/2017 11:13 commented on Big Bird

Just before it crashed I was overseeing the canvas. It seems some russian chans (2ch or something) invaded the server and most probably crashed it. Well, my server is alive and it have 10s delays instead of 3m :P

Yanrishatum @ 4/10/2017 08:05 commented on Big Bird

Okay, server is up. You can find it here:

Canvas: 256x256. Delay: 10 seconds. Palette: DB16. If you guys need something tweaked, clean canvas, etc - poke me via, twitter @yanrishatum or telegram with same tag. I don't hang out here too often. :) And if people will ask, I can try to implement saving of PNG image or even kind of timelapse generation.

Yanrishatum @ 4/10/2017 03:35 commented on Big Bird

Isn't 128x128 a bit too small? :) I mean, I won't reset it every 24 hours or something.

Yanrishatum @ 4/10/2017 03:28 commented on Big Bird

Now to some problems:

1. It still uses captcha, as server just programmed so well you can't disable it.

2. Tested log in only via google, but reddit in theory works as well. 

3. Still have to find a way to access admin console, b/c SSH (invoking saves for service stop, etc)

4. How much delay you guys want? (Now: 10s)

5. Canvas size? (now: 1000x1000)

6. Palette? (Now: DB16)

P.S.: Right now server not in run-mode, so expect sudden offlines, while I figuring problems.

Yanrishatum @ 4/10/2017 03:21 commented on Big Bird

So, I said I can look into hosting PXLS server for PJ? Kinda progress here:


Yanrishatum @ 4/10/2017 01:53 commented on Big Bird

@Veksell Jokes on you! You were fooled into thinking there will be april fool's challenge! :D

Yanrishatum @ 4/9/2017 23:00 commented on Big Bird

I can look into hosting it. (Just as a reminder: I host the advanced Image Specs tool, which was never linked in Features. Especially considering original ( is down for quite some time already. PJ MODS FIX ALREADY)

Yanrishatum @ 1/29/2017 22:57 commented on Big Bird

It's year 2017, Image Specs URL in "Features" still points to Blueberry Pie's version, and right now I can't even open it. Like, really, when my version gonna be put here? :D Upgraded version is online as always, plus dev redesign/upgrade version, plus source code under public domain. 

Yanrishatum @ 12/18/2016 08:40 commented on Chucky Tutorial

@CritiqueMyWork Because release went really silent? :D Basically, that advice was first because right now games market is overcrowded and you have to build up audience in advance, to get somewhat good release, otherwise you'll just go unnoticed in a river of low-quality indie crap that "releases" every day.

Yanrishatum @ 10/7/2016 04:16 commented on Big Bird

You guys sound all like "You can't make up words and fill them with your meaning". Oh, you can, but you should spread that word wide enough for it to become understandable. Then you make up a word. And imo, "hi-bit" is one of such cases. It has pretty intuitive understanding for people, sounds good enough, so why not use it?

UPD: Let's take a spin. Give me a better name that will have same meaning, intuitive understanding and not awkardly sounds. Let's roguelikes again as example. There's a term "Procedural Death Labyrinth". But who use it? Nobody, because it's not sounds as good as "roguelike".

Yanrishatum @ 10/6/2016 18:11 commented on Big Bird

Well, I won't continue on topic of roguelikes, because this is a very huge topic and can go wrong in many ways. I do not consider roguelikes as a genre, especially after indie-crap boom that smack that label onto every singular shit that contains procedural generation and concept of dying with penalty.

Still, my point is only my point, you want to disagree? You're welcome.

Yanrishatum @ 10/6/2016 17:41 commented on Big Bird

I'll trow up my few coins on that topic. As a person who do not influenced by any nostalgia about old games with pixel-art-because-technical-limitations. I just did not played that games (NES, SNES, Sega. arcade machines, all that stuff) and in my opinion hi-bit is pretty fitting term for a person like me. I'm into PA because of modern PA, not old one. And by "hi-bit" I understand the fact that it's not limited to hardware restrictions (well, except RGB) and is more pointed towards high resolution screens, sprite sizes, qualities, etc. And I do not draw a strict equality between pixel art and hi-bit. Hi-bit does include PA as part of it's ecosystem, but PA does not include hi-bit. I develop hi-bit games because I like pixel art, and I don't really care how it's named. Same goes to roguelikes. The genre is a myth, people can't agree what defines it, and basically what considered "true" roguelike have very little of "like rogue" in terms of mechanics. It's all dungeoncrawlers at the very core, but not roguelikes.

Yanrishatum @ 9/26/2016 09:41 commented on Big Bird

And it looks more dead than alive :P

Yanrishatum @ 9/25/2016 23:19 commented on Big Bird

Hey guys, remember I was talking about PJ chatterbox live-updater? Well, here it is.

What it does:

1. Refreshes the chatterbox once in ~30 seconds.

1.1. Detects new messages and adds them to page with distinct border.

1.2. Detects edited messages also.

2. Can play a sound when something new comes in.

3. Can display notification about new messages.

4. Can update "Random Pixel Art" block to the right once in ~5 minutes.

Some screenshots:





Yanrishatum @ 9/25/2016 19:54 commented on Big Bird

@RAV: Well, main thing that is wrong with you is... imagination. :) When you see "pixel clunky stuff" your brain adds additional layer of recognition due to lack of details, constructing more detailed image. It looks more HD just because recognition operates on your terms what should look good and how and in general produces better feel of image. The more detailed original image, the less additional recognition involved, and the less your brain adds details that are not here, but you want them here.

Yanrishatum @ 9/21/2016 16:17 commented on Big Bird

Thanks :D

(So after seeing Peyton's post I had an urge to find white chick and photoshop dreadlocks to it, but I'm lazy, so I've just posted a message in skype chat. Finlal delivers)

Yanrishatum @ 9/19/2016 18:18 commented on Big Bird

@CritiqueMyWork: It's big not only because of several inspections support, but for usability, so user can easily focus the area.



@Surt: Wheel-zoom probably ain't gonna happen. :)



It was marked truecolor because bug.

The tools is updated, there's a bunch of changes, so check them at the changelog :D

Yanrishatum @ 9/18/2016 20:25 commented on Big Bird

All fixed. The tool is pretty much feature-complete and there's only interface polishing left to do.

UPD: Also added theming support just for fun. Dislike new design? One click and you have somewhat same design as old version :D


Yanrishatum @ 9/18/2016 03:24 commented on Big Bird

Looks at the repo I thrown in. There's file `pnghxjs.js`. It's already compiled lib and does all the stuff out of the box. There's `scanPNG` function in main.js that shows how I manage it.

(also yay, my script with autoupdating of chatterbox working!)

Yanrishatum @ 9/17/2016 19:36 commented on Big Bird

@eishiya: Welp, added support for transparency variations. Also moved the file browser button to the left. And added reverse-animation checkbox. Because why not? :D Changelog updated.

UPD: Also I released all of the code to public domain.

UPD2: Don't mind this UPD, it's just a test of userscript that autoupdates chatterbox. Still testing. Yep. Still testing. Uh-huh. Done. Now I wait. >:3