Boder @ 3/4/2015 23:29 commented on Tree Practice

Is this scaled up? Why?

Not sure if it needs the white outline all the way around. The lighter part could have a different color. I might just fave this for the colors and overall neatness. Did you have a reference?

Boder @ 3/1/2015 01:15 commented on Mewtwo

Nice lines (definitely not saying the colors and shading aren't just as nice).

Looked at the reference. The tail connecting to the torso looks different. The purple looks like part of his leg to me (at first). The references isn't that clear either.

Boder @ 2/28/2015 15:54 commented on Flick - idle

Cooool. I like the balance of the large head and the weapon.

Interesting how the eye doesn't move.

Boder @ 2/28/2015 15:29 commented on Treasure Goblin

Well done. Are these oversized pixels?

Boder @ 2/28/2015 15:14 commented on Random SMW Block

I think it's supposed to be skewed, like kind of amorphous or viewed through a lens. Really nice pixels, colors, concept.

I like the large size and color shading.


Boder @ 2/22/2015 12:37 commented on Hook'em up, baby

Nice concept. I might like to see part of her other eye. Also her eyelash sticks very noticeably over her hair.

Boder @ 2/21/2015 16:19 commented on Frail

Try cropping the white flash to the silhouette/outline of the figure.

Boder @ 2/21/2015 16:16 commented on Birb

I approve of the character, the animation, and the idea in general.

I think the pastel-y colors suit the piece in a way. But I don't think you've nailed the interior. To see the details, maybe more contrast?

Also, is that a front spotlight shading?

Boder @ 2/7/2015 20:56 commented on Aura Voir

Character and pose are sweet* The purple, magenta, and green(? sorry don't know what to call that one) go together.

What's bugging me is the how the purple got a nice dark shadow and the magenta didn't luck out as much.

The skin could have more definition, especially the cleavage 


Boder @ 2/7/2015 03:32 commented on Man Eating Flowers

I like how many layers you've incorporated. I like how the background layers don't interfere with the foreground. I also like the whole mock-up concept.

I think it might be possible to harmonize the color palettes and styles between the layers and also with the sprites. Especially the greens stand out as being different between the bushes, trees, grass, etc.

The flower almost matches the style of the tiles, but the red-haired character seems to have different outlines, proportions, etc. and stands out.

Boder @ 2/7/2015 03:24 commented on LOZ Inspired tileset

Looks very cool with the perspective and all the details. 

Just looks strange with the way the four wood(?) posts are arranged in the center with a strange perspective (like an X). Is it just me?

Boder @ 2/7/2015 03:15 commented on Pixel Dailies - 04.02.15 - Tachikoma

Recognized this right away. Good subject.

Boder @ 2/7/2015 02:29 commented on Colossal Katamari

Wow. Legendary.

Most favorites and comments of any piece here. In fact over 500 favorites more than second place.

Congrats if you're still around. You won the Internet.

Boder @ 2/7/2015 02:13 commented on Splosm Boy

Nice use of contrasting cool and warm color palettes. Good composition and perspective. Pretty nice pixel work.

That splosm trapped inside is my favorite part. It's full of energy and color.

The only thing I might suggest is lowering the value of the background (drop every color down a shade) which would simultaneously increase the overall contrast and bring out the foreground.

Boder @ 2/16/2007 16:48 commented on Portrait
I was going to mentioned the thick line. Good idea, but maybe it turns out not like imagined

Boder @ 2/15/2007 22:10 commented on Magician
She's a real cutie. I would maybe prefer it with less dithering.

Boder @ 2/15/2007 22:05 commented on Xplode V02
Nice. Maybe you could make the fire hotter before it burns out and turns into smoke.

Boder @ 2/15/2007 22:03 commented on Pixel - Kami Kisu

Boder @ 2/15/2007 21:51 commented on Hey... Tommy.
What does it mean? haha... like it

Boder @ 2/15/2007 21:50 commented on Dead tree
Yeah I'm wondering about the border. You could add a pattern to it and shrink it a bit.

Boder @ 2/15/2007 21:03 commented on Red Fuse - Gold Edition
I love seeing this guy as your avatar so I had to come rate it.

That's a badass bomb.

Boder @ 2/15/2007 20:44 commented on Dist The Runny Reaping Rose
It would make a nice avatar. I'll have to check out who this is.

Boder @ 2/15/2007 20:42 commented on New Avatar - Oct Warrior
You double-sized him, you should change it back to original size.

Boder @ 2/15/2007 20:40 commented on Watch your back

Scary, freaky, great

Boder @ 2/15/2007 20:39 commented on Trickster
Nice folds and stuff and shading. The light source might be inconsistent on the hat?