Kaishido @ 4/7/2021 11:36 commented on fc11

Been waiting for this for so long. Thanks to all the artists who contributed!

Kaishido @ 4/4/2021 18:25 commented on fc6

Congratulations! You've worked hard on this, it shows! 

Kaishido @ 4/4/2021 16:17 commented on fc7

Congrats, guys 

Kaishido @ 3/26/2021 06:48 commented on Golden Blade

So clean! I like it!

Kaishido @ 3/22/2021 17:14 commented on Hostile waters

I've spent hours at practicing my pixel art skills for so long. And sometimes, my mind would lose purpose. But then I'd take some time to study pieces from artists I looked up to. And right away, my purpose would come back. The constant improvement. The thirst to learn.

Looking at that piece gives me exactly that feeling.

Thank you for this. Thank you for existing. Really. 

Kaishido @ 3/8/2021 11:37 commented on Swamp dragon

Everytime Fool produces a new piece, it's like getting one-shotted by Akuma in Street Fighter... You always get caught off-guard and before you know it, you're done haha.

That piece is marvelous. It inspires me to make big pieces too. Well done! 

Kaishido @ 3/3/2021 07:42 commented on Cup of Wonder

Thank you! :D

Kaishido @ 2/12/2021 09:56 commented on Night guard

Very clever concept! I like the storytelling there! I want him in my party haha 

You have a very cool way to handle colors and use them in your animation, very creative!

Kaishido @ 2/12/2021 09:52 commented on Cup of Wonder

Haha, yeah, that's a cool way to look at it! 

Kaishido @ 12/13/2020 11:27 commented on Retro nightmare before Christmas :)

Definitely my wallpaper for the rest of the year. A great gift to the community, truly amazingly creative. Thank you! 

Kaishido @ 12/5/2020 06:57 commented on Worst of Summer by Justin Lawder

Clean and simple. Very nice work. :D

Kaishido @ 9/2/2020 07:59 commented on Graveyard

This piece brings all kinds of feels. Very dark and soothing at the same time. Great work! 

Kaishido @ 8/24/2020 13:38 commented on Hidden in Geography III (Cambodia)

That foreshortening is amazing. Great sense of perspective. 

Kaishido @ 8/23/2020 06:25 commented on The Skwyddh and the Whale

Wow, it's a great take on that challenge, my favorite so far! Very clever and subtle use of dithering! 

Kaishido @ 8/22/2020 06:38 commented on Draculambodia

Beautiful and very catching piece! Glad you got a bit of time to do this challenge! Very inspiring! 

Kaishido @ 8/15/2020 07:26 commented on Messatsu No Luigi

Thanks for the feedback! 

Kaishido @ 8/14/2020 04:52 commented on Game Zone 02 - Final Fantasy

May he rest in peace. Thank you for existing, Mr. Kirsch. 

Kaishido @ 8/10/2020 06:47 commented on Game Zone 01 - Castlevania

It's been a while since I've done a PJ challenge, I'm excited for this one :)

Kaishido @ 6/14/2018 09:51 commented on Wolf

Wow. I love the concept. Reminds me of Okami. Great work! 

Kaishido @ 3/16/2015 20:31 commented on CrossCode - Shizuka Charge

I have played the game, and I must say... The animations are amazing it's crazy! And the game plays so well, it's very intuitive! I love the work that you guys have put into this. Keep it up! I shall keep playing for sure

Kaishido @ 10/4/2014 03:16 commented on Dungeon Fight

Well in a real fight, that's what you do :D You don't watch elsewhere :D

Sick animation ! Fav'ed :p

Kaishido @ 9/3/2014 04:29 commented on ALONNE

Wow. Such detail with so few pixels. Marvelous. 

Kaishido @ 8/30/2014 17:44 commented on Squishy the Suicidal Pig

I wanna play! 

Kaishido @ 8/25/2014 05:29 commented on Music icon

Oh my, never pixelled fog before, now is the time! 

Kaishido @ 8/17/2014 21:01 commented on Morning Fishing

@Daruda: Thanks :)

@felchqueen: Yeah it makes perfect sense :D Just corrected it :)