kaleidos @ 3/10/2020 18:07 commented on On the road

Thanks a lot

kaleidos @ 2/8/2020 18:56 commented on DragonQuest

Thank you!

kaleidos @ 2/4/2020 19:07 commented on On the road

Thanks. Still need progress.

kaleidos @ 2/2/2020 05:54 commented on Cute dog

haha´╝î I don't know. The original picture is come from

kaleidos @ 11/25/2018 06:19 commented on Me

The small file cheats me a lot. I think that girl is girlish 

kaleidos @ 11/16/2017 18:05 commented on Tower 57 - Launch Illustration

Congratulation! Love your pixel. I have bought it~

kaleidos @ 9/22/2017 19:02 commented on Mystik Belle ending panels

Hello Andrew, nice to see you at Pixeljoint. I always like your works. Both Ultionus and Mystik Belle are amazing. Anyway, I still have patient waiting for your new game Legend of Lya :D. A lot of chinese player know you. And they are waiting, too. Use a chinese ariticle's topic to describe Legen of Lya. "A game which will let player always to wait for its delaying". Hope you enjoy your works.

kaleidos @ 8/24/2017 17:29 commented on King of Elf

That are good advices.Thank you so much

kaleidos @ 6/3/2017 18:31 commented on King of Elf

Thank you for your criticism. The hands, fingers and wings' problem are found by myself. But something I don't know how to fix it. I will try to fix the jagged line first.

kaleidos @ 4/5/2017 17:40 commented on Puppy

Thank you~ Maybe I will not.

kaleidos @ 11/4/2016 18:25 commented on Cat village

Ha~~Thank you. I really love your work~~

kaleidos @ 11/22/2015 16:56 commented on Bomb Cat~

Thank you for your advice.

kaleidos @ 11/21/2015 19:37 commented on Bomb Cat~

eishiya,I am not very sure about credit cause my english. Is that mean give money to artist? Or put the picture in my description?

kaleidos @ 8/18/2015 17:33 commented on car

I got it.

kaleidos @ 8/17/2015 17:39 commented on Cat village

Thank you. I added one color base on the GameBoy palette.

kaleidos @ 8/16/2015 18:03 commented on car

Thank you! But what is the arrows? 

kaleidos @ 4/15/2015 00:45 commented on 2013-15 Commission Dump

Nice work.

And I want to notice you, is a wrong address :P

kaleidos @ 3/31/2015 18:15 commented on Interstellar

Thank d9nis's advice.

I should read and study some tutorial to master the main pixel skill.

kaleidos @ 2/27/2015 00:27 commented on Teenager

 PJer neofotistou (aka castpixel) is now lead artist for Starr Mazer, taking over from Jérémie Périn. Sample Screen HERE. Kickstarter HERE
The last "here" is not a link

kaleidos @ 2/26/2015 19:32 commented on Big Bird

Happy birthday

kaleidos @ 2/16/2015 18:53 commented on Nightcruiser

I just want to say 

Thank you cure,Cyangmou and all of the pixeljoint artist for your free sharing.

kaleidos @ 11/29/2014 17:42 commented on Betty Loop for Mandelbrot challenge

 Thank you

kaleidos @ 10/1/2014 18:43 commented on Ayame G˘riki

Thank you for the advice

kaleidos @ 10/1/2014 18:42 commented on Mini Eva


kaleidos @ 7/20/2014 17:59 commented on The sunrise samurai

You point it out. May be I should remove the button black color.