FrankieSmileShow @ 10/29/2016 18:20 commented on NYEH HEH HEH (Papyrus, shaded and animated)

Hep. You might want to google "antialiasing".

just a lil friendly tip from me to you ;)  ;)

FrankieSmileShow @ 6/11/2016 14:36 commented on Interrogation Room Redux!

Hep mandril, thanks for the edit! But just a correction, the event isn't about me remaking the screenshots, its more about everyone doing it! I just think working on a screenshot is a great way to practice pixel art and want to incite others, especially beginners, to try it as well.

FrankieSmileShow @ 6/10/2016 22:31 commented on Interrogation Room Redux!

Jalonso said he couldnt modify it himself,  but since the event was starting in just a few minutes, he published it as-is. I vote we keep it like this tho, its great

FrankieSmileShow @ 6/10/2016 17:09 commented on Interrogation Room Redux!

What a great news post, I am very proud

FrankieSmileShow @ 10/30/2014 22:27 commented on Centipede Monster

At first, I gave it eye-stalks, going for an even more inhuman thing, but I thought that was a bit too goofy. Then I tried just removing the eyeballs, and it looked pretty creepy. Then I put single-pixel points for eyes in the eye sockets (I think from the suggestion of someone on the live stream?), and it looked really spooky!

Also at one point I thought of making centipedes' mouth-parts poke out of the eye sockets instead, pushing that body horror thing further, but I couldnt make it work...

At the end I decided to make it bit more goofy with complete eyeballs floating in there, making it look more confused and bewildered than threatning. You can see the transition through those phases in the time lapse!

I dont actually know where that thing is going to appear in the game yet, I only have a vague idea about the area its gonna be in. Depending on what the context of the encounter becomes I might modify the sprite a bit more. Is it a character you meet who turns into that monster, or is it just a sudden encounter without any further explanation? No idea yet...

FrankieSmileShow @ 10/19/2014 23:51 commented on Nuckelavee

Youre right, that high contrast cluster clashes with the textured stuff. I gave it a bit of the same texture as the fibres, so the gray there looks like its thinner fibres instead of raw skull outside of the highlight. (might have to refresh the page to see the updated detail image?)

Im glad you like it!

FrankieSmileShow @ 10/19/2014 23:51 commented on Nuckelavee

Thanks! Glad you like the videos.

FrankieSmileShow @ 8/21/2014 16:30 commented on Vampire monster

When its further away, the sprite isnt just darkened, it has a different shape. This sprite is for when its ready to attack, its not meant to be ambiguous anymore at that point, haha

The video shows what the monster looks like when its further away. It still looks fairly monster-like, mind, but overall more humanoid-ish at least.

FrankieSmileShow @ 10/4/2012 13:33 commented on Super Crate Box Special cover

Thanks, didnt notice that! Fixed that and another little error someone on youtube noticed (the ammo belt coming out of the crate cut off abruptly) 

FrankieSmileShow @ 9/6/2012 17:00 commented on Squishy-Squiddy Alien

 I feel the alien is doing like, Awww you!  Waving off a compliment that made it embarassed. Thee hee.

FrankieSmileShow @ 2/19/2012 11:34 commented on Monsterboy in Wonder World

Oh goddam. You got to make a game with this. Someones got to turn this into a game. Seriously. Its a damn shame if this is never turned into a game. I want to play this game RIGHT NOW. Aaarrrggghhh!!

FrankieSmileShow @ 1/7/2012 08:26 commented on January 2012 Blitzkast picture

Uncanny! Nope, ive never seen that, but it looks really cool! That evil dead poster though, daaamn, its pretty much the same concept. Its not that big of a stretch that an idea has been done before of course, but its a pretty big coincidence that its been done by your brother!

I love that pale, saturated, graffiti-like cartoon style. Does he have a portfolio somewhere?

FrankieSmileShow @ 12/1/2011 15:17 commented on Danimal Cannon Roots Album Cover

 Yes, the song is the album's title track, "roots." Glad you enjoyed the video!

FrankieSmileShow @ 12/1/2011 15:16 commented on Danimal Cannon Roots Album Cover

Thanks! But haha, check the page again! I believe the 100$ cost was sort of a joke, until the actual release date of the album, december first (which is today!)

FrankieSmileShow @ 12/1/2011 15:13 commented on Danimal Cannon Roots Album Cover

Thank you! For the background, what I was thinking at the time was to make a stark contrast between it and the bottom half. The problem may be that the contrast isnt stark enough to make it look deliberate. A flat color for the back sounded like it would have been too much at the time, but maybe It would have been better.  Or maybe putting just as much detail in the sky and horizon and scrapping the contrast idea altogether, and make it just nuts with detail all over, which would be a lot more fun hehe.

FrankieSmileShow @ 12/1/2011 15:07 commented on Danimal Cannon Roots Album Cover

Thanks! The lines are bits of the circuits from the roots extending through the tree. Maybe I should have went with blue, but they might have been a bit too subtle.

FrankieSmileShow @ 11/25/2011 13:41 commented on targville

 I always loved the graphics of 78641, about time you submit em here! How about some of the buildings' insides next...

FrankieSmileShow @ 11/22/2011 13:41 commented on Incomplete RPG party

 Love em, really cool!

FrankieSmileShow @ 5/27/2011 17:53 commented on Death Shaman

Working on this was pretty cool! The end result is badass.

FrankieSmileShow @ 5/8/2010 08:47 commented on Grassy platform

Actually this is pretty similar to most things ive worked on recently, but im not showing any of it because its all part of a bigger project and I dont really want to hype it up before its almost done. I've been making art for it for a year now and this is more or less the style of it.(I do talk about it a bit on my blog though, its called Recession)

The guys name is Michael Dellow, his company is apparently called "kazoku studios". I got his contact information from a topic here at the job offering PJ forums where he was looking for artists for "many projects". I made the three platforms, he saw them and said they were good, and even gave me some edits to do on them for their overall shape. When they were done and I asked for a payment, he suddenly changes his tune and says this is unusable, low quality work he isnt going to pay for... Im pretty sure he just got cold feet when he saw my price range and decided to get someone else.

I know, I should be more careful and do things like contracts and other stupid formalities to make sure I get paid, but I never really had to before except with big companies like EA. I guess I just thought indies would never do stupid shit like that if they want to be able to get other artists later, it doesnt really  make sense when your entire business pretty much depends on freelancers wanting to work with you. Unless this was really some elaborate scam, M.Dellow isnt his real name and that company is fake or something.

Its no big deal though, I just lost like, 4 hours of work.

FrankieSmileShow @ 4/18/2010 19:55 commented on the snuggler

Very good!!!

FrankieSmileShow @ 4/17/2010 19:54 commented on Anomaly album cover

Actually I kind of wanted to have the text subtle. I dont really like putting text in album covers, so I thought it should at least be sort of blended into it if it was to be there.

FrankieSmileShow @ 2/26/2010 16:24 commented on Nelson mandela

Its legit, guys... I told him to try and reproduce that image's shading by hand as a practice. He showed me a few steps in-between as he worked on it.

(hes my cousin! HELLO)

FrankieSmileShow @ 2/26/2010 14:04 commented on Unfinished Things and Other Miscellenia

hahaha, from the notebook cover or the Css zen garden web layout?


FrankieSmileShow @ 12/24/2009 09:35 commented on Pamplemousse back cover

Well, I think its fine for artists to have their own idea of how to visually represent their music. I think its not really my place to want creative freedom on something that ultimately isnt mine.