TryingPixelArt @ 8/2/2021 18:27 commented on Feathers, I Am Made of Ash.

This is very cool, a shame it didnt make it to the week's challenge. :(
 i second vrine, if we could have a looped version... omg.

TryingPixelArt @ 7/31/2021 13:38 commented on Storefront

I like the cozyness of it. Façades of buildings are somethng really cool to look at and drift away.
 The color choice is good, thoses greens, really nice :)
 Keep going!

TryingPixelArt @ 5/18/2021 11:55 commented on "Draw in your Style" Bibilandia

Should come as no surprise, Christo. lol
Your works are solid great* and you are a very amicable member of the community.

Thank you for the comment. :)

*Rockingthe Pokemon colab, that Kanto underground tunnel.(Just to cite a somewhat recent one that i like).  Beautiful. 

TryingPixelArt @ 3/21/2021 12:46 commented on Kanto Route 13: Redrawn

Im infatuated by all the pieces reimagining kanto and johto regions that people have been doing on twitter and here. So many flavor, really displaying how each one imagine the pokemon world.
Nice work guys, Nice work cjlm123! Palette is great, texture and the elements (boardgame table, ice cream car, little shrine/garden lanterns/lightpost) too.

Look that Venonat! :3

TryingPixelArt @ 3/11/2021 18:31 commented on Soviet Link

Sure thing Hapiel. Done in a sec.
Edit: 1x uploaded. Sorry for the inconvenience.

TryingPixelArt @ 2/24/2021 07:06 commented on PKMNTLL GB

I think I like this piece better than the original, maybe due to the new colors scheme/palette (In black/white/gray I can distinguish her facial features and clothes lines/wrinkles more clearly).

TryingPixelArt @ 2/7/2021 13:38 commented on Re-Night Fairy +18

Well Steve, to participate on this week's challenge the background needed to be transparent, felt that was important that the preview followed the rules too and also that it did not stray away from the piece too much. But i love the background the original had. I'll reupload somewhere else (maybe in my long dead tumblr). About her bikini i did this before: wrote a NSFW tag and showed the nsfw part on the preview (lol), so i put a very clear bikini-like-4kids-censor-thing to not make the same mistake. I know you just said that you felt bad, and im assuming that these are probably the reasons. Got it right?

Hapiel, thanks man! Felt like i should almost overhaul it completly because of the pain it was to re-think the colors, but it was impossible to start over time-wise (life schedule thingy), so went if more details on the wings, which were pretty bland and rushed to be sincere. Im not claming perfection, but it was nice to "re-do" it.

TryingPixelArt @ 2/6/2021 14:42 commented on Night Fairy +18

Hey guys, thanks for the comments. Really appreciate.

Uhm... the new version is here:

Steven M - I've tried to change the color scheme and... i think now is better! So, thanks for calling me out on that topic. But you gave me to much credit, man. Im trully just experimenting and going with the flow, at least on this project. The ideia was really just trying to use dark colors, and see what i could do with it. The answer, a mess hehe. I think that zoomed in, it kinda worked, but 100x100 (100% zoom) it got really murky... so hope the newer version is a better one.

Christoballs: Man, thanks. hehe I'm glad you liked the 16x16px version.

TryingPixelArt @ 2/6/2021 14:06 commented on Male Mischievous Pixie

I deleted by mistake (thinking it would work as an Edit)! Im correcting the transparency and trying to change the colors around as Steven M pointed out the weakness of them. There is no way that i can edit the post ive deleted right? :( Anyway ill post again.

Edit: Here it is Hapiel.

TryingPixelArt @ 2/6/2021 09:17 commented on Male Mischievous Pixie

Hey Hapiel, true! Ill change it ASAP. Sorry D:

TryingPixelArt @ 2/5/2021 11:31 commented on [Weekly] Oberon Sprite

Thats a really nice torso! Wow! hehehe.
Really dig all his version, the smaller one is very clearly presented and readable. The middle (32x32) is really balanced too, the perfect mid way between the other two.

TryingPixelArt @ 2/5/2021 10:46 commented on Male Mischievous Pixie

- Cheers, mate! We've both went the male pixie road. lol

(But yours is way hotter, i must observe)

TryingPixelArt @ 2/4/2021 20:03 commented on JamJamma

I like the organic feel this piece has, it kinda remind me of those frame-by-frame animation using watercolors, chalk/charcoal, clay, etc., because its noticeble the small discrepancies from one frame to the next. Its charmful!

Gosto de como a animação é orgânica, me lembra daquelas animações frame-a-frame usando carvão, giz pastel, aquarela, stopmotion/claymation pois são perceptiveis as pequenas discrepancias na passagem dos quadros. O conceito da personagem também é divertido.

TryingPixelArt @ 10/14/2020 18:15 commented on A color in Darkness

Hi guys,

I wont lie and say that the sort of obtuseness and darkness wasnt deliberate (It was). I did this piece in a moment of overconfidence, hahaha (SORRY!). I was thinking about deleting and posting another piece to substitute it. Can I?

My madness had a foundation, i swear. I was kinda pursuing something kin to Ad Reinhardt's paintings, but it was was just very poorly executed - maybe in a clearer composition it would work -, but this is just a mess.

Thanks for the replies and i... i will post another piece to the Challenge, ok?
Edit.: I've decided to edit the post with the new work.

TryingPixelArt @ 10/2/2020 12:42 commented on Gentle Breeze

Thanks Chalya 

TryingPixelArt @ 10/2/2020 12:39 commented on 5 Tile High Club

Fave Material. Wow.

TryingPixelArt @ 10/1/2020 16:40 commented on Cake House

I'll try (Im in, i think...)! :)

TryingPixelArt @ 9/1/2020 19:18 commented on Ness

All cuteness. Palette worked really well with the design and animation...wait a minute, is he humping the air? A Sarrada? hehehe Just kidding. Really digging the vibe of the collors, feels like a fading memory or a more sober approach to infancy.

TryingPixelArt @ 8/5/2020 10:12 commented on Dwarf Shaman!

Love the light and shadows in the upper body, head and arms.
The contrast is really neat.

TryingPixelArt @ 8/5/2020 06:51 commented on Holy Shield Found!

I agree with jph, the use of the yellow color is really great.

I like the paladin's design too, really clear form (edit: i meant readable).

TryingPixelArt @ 8/4/2020 19:54 commented on Noah the Squire from Cul-de-Sac

True, Quiara. I do agree... looking now.
I think i overused it because i couldnt find a true solution for the jaggedness, but i felt it helped a tiny bit when i was making it, but now that you've pointed out...
uhm, .. the other way would be changing his pose slightly, but then he would lose a bit of personality - i thought.
I dont think its detrimental, but as you say, acomplishes nothing.

Thanks :)

TryingPixelArt @ 8/4/2020 12:10 commented on Noah the Squire from Cul-de-Sac

Thanks jph :)

TryingPixelArt @ 8/4/2020 08:08 commented on Quick Avatar thing

Thanks lemony :)

TryingPixelArt @ 4/10/2020 20:30 commented on A Visitor

Years pass and everytime i stumble into this work i end up mesmerized. Love it.

TryingPixelArt @ 4/10/2020 20:06 commented on Imaginary timeless outskirts

Hi Guys, sorry for the delay in replaying your comments. 
The Mule, nicknamed "Zé" (short for Joseph - José), is my favorite too, @PC PIXEL. Was the third ive drawn in this picture. after the two guards, which are also my faves, everybody on the bottom is a fave, although, honestly, grandma could be improved. hehehe.
@Tpoe and @Jão, banding is something ive strugled since the beggining, need more studies and tests. About dithering, i kinda got engrossed by it, its so fun, i ended up dominated by it. But i kinda conciously dit it because it helped hide some trick pixel placement caused by perspective and its angles. Thank you guys for the comments! :)