J-Em @ 11/7/2020 15:22 commented on Cave tiles

Only 4 variations per rock tile - clean, a bit wrinkled, gems 1, and gems 2.

J-Em @ 1/24/2020 17:09 commented on Tree

Those colors are incredible.

J-Em @ 11/25/2019 17:31 commented on Kim

This looks right up my alley.

J-Em @ 9/10/2019 15:04 commented on Legend of Cirno

Very slick! Really like the water.

J-Em @ 8/26/2019 18:07 commented on Gun design

This is sick!

J-Em @ 8/14/2019 15:02 commented on Kirby animations

The sprite sheets for Kirby and Mario are available for free on my tumblr pixel page.

J-Em @ 2/4/2019 17:50 commented on Unnamed protagonist

She looks cool

J-Em @ 1/30/2019 16:26 commented on Krood

Wow, this is awesome.

J-Em @ 1/26/2019 15:53 commented on School Isekai

I agree. The characters are far more detailed than some ofthe scenery.

J-Em @ 1/23/2019 09:28 commented on The Style Switcher

I really like the palette.

J-Em @ 1/20/2019 17:08 commented on DB16 Platformer Mock-up

Very smooth animation.

J-Em @ 1/19/2019 18:24 commented on Big Bird

Oof, I remember buying Graphicsgale for $20 back in the day. And now it's free. Always thought it was iffy that I had to pay just to export gif anims.

J-Em @ 1/19/2019 18:22 commented on Today Land - Summer City V1

Seeing as I draw by hand, I'm very lazy when it comes to texture, hence I dither the roads. I've removed the light grass variant, as it is too wowzers. But I'm keepin' those high contrast picnic blankets.

J-Em @ 1/4/2019 15:35 commented on Big Bird

I took a break from pixelling last year, and started drawing again on Dec 11. I still got it!

J-Em @ 1/1/2019 11:43 commented on Big Bird

Happy new years. Longtime no see.

J-Em @ 12/3/2017 07:59 commented on Envisage Mockups 1 and 2

Looks familiar~ 

J-Em @ 8/29/2017 20:11 commented on Anakim Player -From Defender of Ekron Mini Game

Well done.

J-Em @ 8/11/2017 18:22 commented on Raar

I love these guys. I'd love to see more in this style!

J-Em @ 6/9/2017 06:11 commented on gui creatures

Just look at these little fellas!

J-Em @ 5/17/2017 21:38 commented on Elf girl run

Very well done.

J-Em @ 12/6/2016 14:45 commented on 5734L3R mecha

So epic and stylish!

J-Em @ 11/14/2016 07:58 commented on Jack B. Nimble Anniversary

Cute animation!

J-Em @ 9/16/2016 18:21 commented on Underwater

Lovely colors

J-Em @ 8/2/2016 10:35 commented on Warcraft 2 Sprites

So smooth and polished!

J-Em @ 7/22/2016 12:37 commented on happy eid

Your pixel art is improving so fast!