Arbor @ 2/11/2010 16:30 commented on Aku

You're right, that is quite sharp and jarring. Thank you for pointing it out!

Arbor @ 12/15/2009 06:58 commented on Nine Scout

The base colours, or the shadows? I did have to go off of someone else's palette for the base colours, but if you meant contrast in the shadows, then I'll absolutely keep that in mind next time, thank you. (:

Arbor @ 3/31/2008 20:03 commented on Blink City
Oh snap.

What have I been doing, wasting my time learning how to manual AA? Wasting my time as an artist?!

Pixeljoint, you have shown me the light. I think I shall quit as an artist and become an opera singer. ...tomorrow.

Arbor @ 3/24/2008 15:36 commented on Fallen Knight
Ugh. Man, it's the really clever and punny images that I like the best. I'm all full of jealousy that I wasn't so quick witted. XD

I love this concept, and the almost ...dirty? feel you gave it. (And the perspective. Perspective is always nice.)

Arbor @ 3/24/2008 15:34 commented on 7even BeastRider Papercraft
May have been the toughest, but it looks like it paid off. I love this design. I'm not entirely sure, but it maaaay be my favourite. It's hard to make a choice which one I like best, though. XD'

Arbor @ 3/24/2008 01:30 commented on "Me an my DAWGS!!!"
Mush! *_*

The preset palette did look very tricky to work with, for the beast riders especially, but I think you did a great job of creating depth and definition. I was actually looking at this earlier, before the voting began, admiring how clear everything feels, how it doesn't really FEEL like it's just seven colours blending all together.

Arbor @ 3/24/2008 01:27 commented on Super Beast Rider !!!
Your super beast rider is super. 8D

Arbor @ 3/24/2008 01:25 commented on Beast Rider
i like the muscle definition in the beast, although it strikes me as a little odd around the head area. The rider and it's body are both in a 3/4th view, until you get to the front of the shoulder, then it turns into a profile view right there alone.

Otherwise - I like the depth created between the close legs, far legs, and then to the mountains. The clouds also create an interesting frame effect.

Arbor @ 3/24/2008 01:23 commented on The Ultimate Beast Rider!
Haha. I actually said almost exactly that line before realizing you'd put it in.

Very amusing. I'm also terrified. I bet I could take the knight, but the pony doesn't look like a pushover. :x

Arbor @ 3/24/2008 01:21 commented on Beast n' Babe
Wrassle that beast! *_*

I really like her hair, actually, and the expression on both of their faces. Very animated.

Arbor @ 3/24/2008 01:20 commented on i`ve got smth on my back?
I believe I commented on the contest details thread, when you posted a WIP, but I'm still in love with the luminescence of the beast. He looks very neon.

...and his rider looks a little unnerved by that. XD

Arbor @ 3/24/2008 01:18 commented on Challenge: 7even Knights "#5: beast rider"
I see the rider, I see the rider! 8D

I love how the toad is.. well, first of all, your beast is a toad. That's just fantastic right there. But I love how he's like, "yeah. right." Very droll expression on his face.

Arbor @ 3/24/2008 01:17 commented on Weekly Challenge - Beast Rider.
I love the dynamic pose of the beast, and the sense of motion and fluidity that comes from it and travels all the way to the tip of the flag. Very nice.

Arbor @ 3/24/2008 01:15 commented on Never Mind the Bullocks
I thought it was a bull. XD But then.. I'm from cow-country Texas. -tips hat-

I thought the beast rider palette was one of the more limited ones. I'm just /floored/ by some of these entries, especially. The lighting is FANTASTIC, and I'm sitting here staring, trying to absorb knowledge. The lighter beast against the dark background with opposing direction gradients (does that make sense?).. uuurgh. The details and implied texture also make me gleefit. And the bow. Everyone needs a bow.

Arbor @ 3/24/2008 01:10 commented on Kyoru's Cloud
-weep- How can I possibly pick only three? -agony-

So many talented entries. D:
Oddly.. I like almost all of the beast rider entries. I wasn't expecting that, as purple tends to make me want to ralph. XD'

Arbor @ 3/22/2008 22:09 commented on beastrider takes the win. palette in memory of the fallen gnomeknight
This surprised a laugh of out me.

I love the idea, and the addition of extra little details, like the hoofprints.

Arbor @ 3/22/2008 22:07 commented on Challenge: 7even Knights "#3: paladin"
i very much love the dynamic angle. the shading on the beard is also fantastic, since that dark bronze was just /painful/ for me, personally.

Very nicely done.

Arbor @ 3/11/2008 20:47 commented on -+Healing+-
The colours and style of this are fantastic. *_*

Arbor @ 3/11/2008 20:42 commented on Schnecke
Oh, the texture on the snail's body is lovely.  The leaf, ground, the snail's shell.. beautiful.(:

The only thing that I can see to critique on is one of the stems in the background. I get that you didn't detail it as much to let it fade into the background, which works on the green stems in the rest of the background, but the brown sticks out especially as it's the only block of that colour.

Arbor @ 3/11/2008 20:29 commented on Amy Winehouse
Lots of helpful comments there.
I thought a microphone as well.

As much as I dislike ...well... Amy Winehouse, your pixel is quite nice. Your rendition of her makes her look elegant and lovely. I didn't know that was possible. I particularly like her hair and eyes, here.

Arbor @ 2/24/2008 07:46 commented on Snowlandia
I was having a lot of difficulty seeing 138 colours in this, so I went in and took out each colour to see.

About 40 of those colours were 1 pixel on the image only. Even more had 10 or less pixels using them. You might try limiting you palette a bit more. You can do a lot with a little less.

This is a very nice scene, and I look forward to seeing some more pixel art from you as you go along.

Arbor @ 2/23/2008 10:54 commented on In a middle of nowhere
...holy cow. .../holy COW./

i am beyond amazed at every single tiny detail you added in. The water looks phenominal, all the little people running aorund their job fill me with complete glee.The rocks underwater and around the eye ridge are breathtaking. the lovely little hits of cobblestone, the stairways, the tightrope walker.. I can continue to stare at this for an hour or more, and find something new to delight in every moment.