Reix @ 6/24/2018 16:11 commented on [OC] Attack Animation

Yes, but not nearly to the extent that it was.  I shrunk them down by quite a bit when he extends.

Reix @ 4/24/2018 16:52 commented on [OC] Attack Animation

Thanks!  Most of my work labelled as [OC] is from a story idea I'm developing.  It's heavily rooted in fantasy and RPG games, so the characters are based on RPG classes.  This one here is a Bard/Support, so she's all about music and dance.  I tried to make her design reflect that; her proportions would emphasize her motions, she's tall and attractive because she has high charisma, and her hair is meant to flow when she dances, and for stuff like in this animation.  

Along with her, there's the Hero/Protagonist, Cleric/White Mage, Warrior/Red Mage, Thief/Black Mage, Golemancer/Hunter, and Summoner/Demon, which should be relatively easy to figure out.  

Reix @ 4/8/2018 18:31 commented on [RWBY] Yang Xiao Long

I should mention that this piece in particular is traced from BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, so the proportions are fully accurate, as you can see here:

I've updated the image with the more accurate shading and better skin.   I also find the game uses a far lighter shade for the character, but here's the sprite with it matched:

Reix @ 4/1/2018 23:11 commented on [OC] Attack Animation

Yes, it's made of stone.  I'll keep that in mind in the future.

Reix @ 2/4/2018 19:33 commented on [OC] Attack Animation

Sort of? I have plans to write a story for her and the other original characters I've animated, but I don't have the knowledge to fully make a game.  For now, it's just practice/visualization.

Reix @ 11/4/2017 11:35 commented on [RWBY] I Burn

No, it's based off a GIF of a cosplayer doing pretty much the same.  I Burn was just the best name for it by far.

Reix @ 11/2/2017 11:59 commented on [RWBY] Character Select


Reix @ 9/8/2017 16:14 commented on [OC] Attack Animation

Intentional clothing choice.  It's a tighter version of what Iori has in King of Fighters,

Reix @ 7/26/2017 11:35 commented on [RWBY] Ruby Rose

Yes.  It's based on her animation in RWBY: Grimm Eclipse.

Reix @ 3/16/2017 11:58 commented on [OC] Attack Animation

I'm not sure if it's perfect, but her legs might look short because she's wearing a longer shirt than expected.  Looking at it again, I did connect the pants too low because of that, though.  

As for why they're flat, it's because A. faces are hard to get across in such low detail, especially animated, and B. because I'd rather spend the time animating than going over shading.  I consider my animations complete because I set out to make them this sort of flat look.  I've been working on slightly larger sprites lately that have a bit of shading, so I practice there.  

I'll clean this one up and edit the post, plus start thinking about adding full shading to future animations/going back on these ones.  

Noted for the future.

Reix @ 3/9/2017 11:47 commented on [OC] Attack Animation

I'm not overly concerned with color count, but this originally didn't have any form of the dynamic shading.  Someone on a different site showed me an example and I thought it vastly improved how it looked, so I kept it. I could probably reuse a shade of red or two, but that'd only save a little bit.

Thanks, though!

Reix @ 3/7/2017 09:25 commented on [OC] Posing

I do want to point out the irony of calling out spam when you post the same message four times when once would have been sufficient.  

I use the tags for organizational purposes; it's more apparent on my deviantArt, but I try to post the origin of the work followed by what it is because I find it cleaner.

Reix @ 1/24/2017 18:49 commented on [RWBY] Neo Commission

I suppose I could, but this is what the commissioner wanted, and that's what they paid for.  I did intend to go back and make it so it has alternate version in the character's other outfits, so I guess I might as well try that.

Reix @ 1/23/2017 10:29 commented on [RWBY] Neo Commission

This was a commission for somebody that wanted the character blinking and smirking.  Leaving the face at the same resolution would mean that the blink is just a one frame thing with poor motion, and the smirk would be just three pixels shifting.  I feel this was the better solution, and the commissioner agreed, and is using the face as their avatar on a different site.  

Reix @ 1/19/2017 09:18 commented on [RWBY OC] Gael

Should be fixed, thanks!

Reix @ 12/4/2016 12:20 commented on [OC] Battle Animation

The idea of the attack was that the final punch was supposed to be super heavy, and I based it a bit on one of Alex's attacks from Third Strike.  

That definitely looks a lot better, though.

Reix @ 6/11/2016 14:25 commented on [RWBY] Team RWBY Alt Outfits

Had the large version saved for use on other sites and I didn't think it was worth changing.  I can swap it if you think it's necessary.

Reix @ 5/14/2016 16:37 commented on [RWBY] Blake Belladonna

This one was mostly just looking at trailer shots, but thanks!  It was definitely the most ambitious of the four, though.

Reix @ 5/13/2016 16:10 commented on [OC] Boxing Jabs

Mind giving an explanation as to why?  I'd love to improve it if I could, but I see something different than you.

Reix @ 5/13/2016 16:03 commented on [OC] Boxing Jabs

I mean aside from punching?  There's really two different animations in there; one is just a punch, and the other has what should be evocative of a series of multiple jabs, but I just decided not to post two different ones.

Reix @ 6/24/2014 15:48 commented on [Nazo no Murasame-jo] Takamaru

I use the spriting tools in Game Maker 8.1, then use Beneton to upload it.

Reix @ 6/15/2014 15:53 commented on [OC] Jaunt's Attack

I can up the speed if I feel like it, but cutting out a bunch of frames is a bit much in my opinion.  While I see your point, there's just too many frames cut out for it to feel as smooth as I wanted.

Reix @ 5/19/2014 18:36 commented on [OC] Maki's Entrance

Blur can definitely be improved a bit, but do you have any suggestions for the stars?  I tried to make them act a bit like expanding buzzsaws.

And no, I just like the style.  It's simple, but really nice looking.