Fairy @ 8/25/2019 15:19 commented on Fairy

the colors work so well in this and the costuming is fantastic! :)

Fairy @ 8/25/2019 15:17 commented on Liana - fairy

her pose is so fierce! :o

Fairy @ 8/25/2019 15:17 commented on Fairy of another Color

i love the minimalism here - it's so etheral looking!

Fairy @ 8/25/2019 15:16 commented on Tooth Fairy Prison Camp

I adore how atmospheric and moody this is. the color pallete choice is stellar!

Fairy @ 8/25/2019 15:14 commented on Fairy

awww she's so cute ;;

Fairy @ 8/25/2019 15:12 commented on Fairy Queen

I would pay good money to have this as a tattoo

Fairy @ 8/25/2019 15:10 commented on Tooth Fairy Pixel Dailies 18+

an absolute queen

Fairy @ 8/25/2019 15:08 commented on Sylveon Avatar

absolutely stunning! i'd love to see a full body version of her! <33

Fairy @ 8/22/2019 18:18 commented on Simon

man these expressions are positively haunting I love how you captured the emotinon

Fairy @ 8/9/2014 23:22 commented on Crafty's Dragon

Honestly, I wouldn't take to heart those comments saying this piece looks "unfinished". While I can understand from an artistic perspective why people would say that; what I think is being missed is the inherent value of your individual pixel style.

I respect the hell out of you for this work you've done, and this is clear-cut awesomeness. Well done, Crafty. :)

Fairy @ 8/7/2014 21:32 commented on (mainly) Pokemon pixel dump

Oh gosh some of these are just! That little Clefable costume is adorable eeeee

I also like your style. It's simple, but with all the visual appeal of the most complex of pixel pieces. Awesome work. :]

Fairy @ 7/25/2014 21:31 commented on Morning High

This is a real treat for the eyes and seems endless when you look into it. I love it.

Fairy @ 7/21/2014 08:10 commented on Charizard X

hahaha that is so cool damn dude

love it!

Fairy @ 7/6/2014 11:15 commented on Bros

hahaha I like these! Luigi's legs look fine, in my opinion. But to be honest, I think I like the preview even more. :x

still awesome though!

Fairy @ 7/2/2014 20:56 commented on Forest monsters

you capture some of the coolest expressions and personalities in your pixel art, it blows my mind.

Fairy @ 7/1/2014 18:45 commented on Midna

I love Midna haha.

Artistically speaking, you've got a good piece here. I'm seeing a fair amount of banding, and I think it would benefit from some dithering in the right places, but it's a strong piece overall. Keep up the good work!

Fairy @ 6/30/2014 20:13 commented on Perfect Chaos

All of this texture is just so remarkable. The shapes and formes present here are extremely well done and almost illustrates a transparency in the creature. Simply incredible.

Fairy @ 6/30/2014 19:57 commented on Menace of the Deep

hahahaha squids are awesome

but in all seriousness, your color choice, textures, and the overall theme reads so nicely on that black backdrop. a fine pixel work indeed!

Fairy @ 6/30/2014 19:55 commented on RPG portraits

this work is just delightful! great quality, super easy on the eyes, and very unique :)

Fairy @ 6/30/2014 19:47 commented on Royalty: The Princess

wow, this is really stellar pixel work. definitely a favorite.

also your avatar makes me smile

Fairy @ 6/2/2014 10:12 commented on 9-bit Nebula

Hey there! I hope it's okay, I'm using this piece as a header for a graphic design contest I run. :)

Fairy @ 5/18/2014 19:22 commented on Dragon's Den

Thanks guys! As above, I did take your advice to heart. Hoping this result is a little more emblematic of what I want to express here.

Fairy @ 5/15/2014 21:54 commented on cemetary

Your very selective use of the white is amazing. Really pulls everything together and adds to the playful-creepiness of the piece.

Also the positions/stances/expressions of some of the zombies are so hilariously adorable I just want to hug them.

Fairy @ 5/15/2014 21:21 commented on Cookie Tin

All I can see is my kitten's pitiful face after he's finished his bowl of food; looking up at me, pleading, as if I'll never feed him again.

Concept is very fun and clever, execution not bad at all. Neat work.

Fairy @ 5/15/2014 12:19 commented on BLOOD OCEAN

,,blood ... an ocean of blood..

blood ocean