Drazile @ 6/19/2017 16:52 commented on Por do Sol

I'm digging your new signature :P

Drazile @ 5/22/2017 17:59 commented on beast

Any musician, or Chris Cornell?

Drazile @ 5/13/2017 21:08 commented on Big Bird

i propose 'mixel', and pretend the lego mixel things don't exist



Drazile @ 4/10/2017 21:35 commented on Big Bird

PJ nerd is slowly being attacked right now btw

EDIT: they must be orthodontists, because they reduced his overbite

Drazile @ 4/10/2017 16:14 commented on Big Bird

I love how our ugly nerd is in the midle of a circle of cutesy anime girls <3

Drazile @ 4/9/2017 18:32 commented on Big Bird

I asked what it was in the official discord :P



Drazile @ 4/9/2017 18:17 commented on Big Bird

we're  going to have to move, we'll be taken over by this



i suggest moving down a bit and to the left (1380, 680) plenty of space there




Drazile @ 4/9/2017 05:56 commented on Big Bird

8 hours left!



Drazile @ 4/8/2017 20:58 commented on Big Bird

DB16 would be wonderful...



Well, if it's going to be reset by tomorrow, I suppose it doesn't really matter that the top of the head coordinate i said earlier should actually have been 859,150...


Drazile @ 4/6/2017 18:31 commented on Big Bird

alright, let's do PJ nerd in that spot (787, 209 is the top-left corner of his head)

EDIT: that spot has now been taken. moving top-left head corner to 863,154, starting with glasses at 871,163. This can't be a solo effort!





Drazile @ 4/4/2017 16:45 commented on Aku...

I am a fan of the dithering. It's a very polarising thing :P

My only crit is that the preview doesn't do the actual piece justice

Drazile @ 4/2/2017 02:44 commented on Red Grey Blue

i expected this challenge to be way more popular :S

Drazile @ 3/27/2017 17:55 commented on Red Grey Blue

Can we include multiple band members?



Drazile @ 2/4/2017 16:29 commented on dog

this is ripped straight from undertale

(link to original sprites)

Drazile @ 1/28/2017 18:32 commented on Scarface

ah, much more comfortable than 11 colours

Drazile @ 1/25/2017 23:45 commented on Tiny Instruments

Yeah, they were definitely an inspiration :)

Drazile @ 1/24/2017 16:17 commented on WAAA

aw ty <3

Drazile @ 1/23/2017 16:29 commented on Pixel Joint Mascot

Can we have multiple instruments?

Drazile @ 1/23/2017 00:57 commented on WAAA

woah, good catch! It looks like I had ~4 indistinguishable shades of white and 2 near identical browns...



Drazile @ 1/22/2017 17:37 commented on Grizzle avatar

for some reason, avatars can only be a maximum of 64x64 pixels here :/

Drazile @ 12/7/2016 03:10 commented on Bork

You should probably use a darker, more saturated blue for the Anti Aliasing on the text, but other than that this is great! <3

Drazile @ 10/22/2016 22:48 commented on Villager Portrait Art [Towards The Pantheon]

is that DB16?

Drazile @ 10/11/2016 02:38 commented on Big Bird

ew, not a fan of the default palette of the new Windows 10 paint app

Drazile @ 9/25/2016 17:41 commented on Big Bird

Man, I really dig that game's atmosphere. I love its restricted yet detailed graphics

Drazile @ 8/1/2016 04:18 commented on Deviant chemistry

Do eSports count? :P