jtfjtfjtf @ 5/8/2015 16:57 commented on You want I should leave this light on?

Very cool take on the challenge. The one thing that's bothering me is the chair knob. It keeps bringing me out of the picture.

jtfjtfjtf @ 4/7/2015 16:59 commented on Creep

Congrats to all!

jtfjtfjtf @ 2/24/2015 09:58 commented on Queasy Zonked Joined Xenarthra

Thanks Mandrill!

jtfjtfjtf @ 11/1/2014 06:58 commented on Bright and Calm Day

Great job on this!

jtfjtfjtf @ 10/30/2014 07:11 commented on Portable Potable Potions and Lotions

Very nice piece. I agree with king_bobston about the perspective. It would make more sense for the window cross bar to align with the right vanishing point. If it's supposed to just be a crooked window it's a bit of a jarring decision. Also, the wood panels on the floor are converging a little too quickly.

jtfjtfjtf @ 10/27/2014 15:07 commented on Queasy Zonked Joined Xenarthra

Thanks Zizka!

jtfjtfjtf @ 10/20/2014 13:57 commented on Pumpkin Spider Bear

Thanks Mrmo Tarius and Zizka!

jtfjtfjtf @ 10/19/2014 23:43 commented on Pumpkin Spider Bear

Thanks vrine!

jtfjtfjtf @ 10/19/2014 22:42 commented on Pumpkin Spider Bear

Thanks felchqueen!

jtfjtfjtf @ 10/19/2014 16:47 commented on Big Bird

I guess this is the software tools version of planned obsolescence.

jtfjtfjtf @ 10/18/2014 17:15 commented on Haleth Almighty

Your stuff improves every time. One thing about smooth curves is your should watch out for jagged pixels. I also don't think the white line is adding much to the piece.

jtfjtfjtf @ 10/18/2014 12:36 commented on Tetris: Game Of Kings

Thanks Lordz!

jtfjtfjtf @ 10/17/2014 12:41 commented on Mr. Bumpkins Jr.

Reminds me of a Japanese square watermelon. Very cool.

jtfjtfjtf @ 10/16/2014 19:05 commented on ~Ilusosion~

I was kind of expecting a 3d image to pop out

jtfjtfjtf @ 10/16/2014 15:02 commented on Big Bird


They tend to have a lot of inane content due to the flow and visibility. If there's a chat box and a forum on one site, the forum will get the more serious discussion.

jtfjtfjtf @ 10/16/2014 13:31 commented on Big Bird

Chatter boxes are similar everywhere.

jtfjtfjtf @ 10/16/2014 11:25 commented on Big Bird

Japanese Spider Man was a completey different guy

jtfjtfjtf @ 10/16/2014 00:08 commented on Big Bird

If you want to plagiarize something as your own you have to trace it or sing it first. Then you can apply all the fancy tricks on top of that. If you want to create a differently rendered version of something you've done then rendering on top of the original or playing a different instrument or having an autotuned vocal version on top an original would be similar. But that's more like a lateral move into a different version.

jtfjtfjtf @ 10/15/2014 23:55 commented on Big Bird

Tracing lines isn't the entirety of drawing or painting just like humming the melody or saying the lyrics isn't the entirety of music making.

jtfjtfjtf @ 10/15/2014 23:44 commented on Big Bird

Tracing and humming is just copying someone's stuff by going over it. See a line, trace it. Hear a sound, hum it. Saying the lyrics is also like tracing. For autotune and photshop stuff there has to be something there for those things to modify. That can be something you traced or sung by copying. Or it can be something you did on your own.

jtfjtfjtf @ 10/15/2014 23:14 commented on Big Bird

I'm now tempted to make a humming cover album and sell it. But I won't call it humming covers, I'll call it humming originals. I'm pretty sure at that point one of the real artists can then accuse me of plagiarism. I think autotune is more like any number of photoshop functions that alter work from the color sliders to filters to the transform tool.

jtfjtfjtf @ 10/15/2014 22:09 commented on Big Bird

If I hummed someone's coyrighted works and tried to sell it as my own work i'm pretty sure i'd get sued. You're not going to get sued for personal use work, for example song covers on youtube or a traced fan art.

jtfjtfjtf @ 10/15/2014 18:07 commented on Big Bird

I think basic tracing is like humming a song. I can't even tell notes apart but I can hum songs. I do find it interesting that musical sounds are abstract.

jtfjtfjtf @ 10/15/2014 11:23 commented on Big Bird

I think the composer and instrumentalist comparison in music is like the concept artist and illustrator/production artist comparison in art.

jtfjtfjtf @ 10/15/2014 10:10 commented on Big Bird

I think each has their own criteria for judging.