Goodlyay @ 6/15/2021 01:58 commented on Big Bird

Good to see you again Peyton

Goodlyay @ 6/7/2021 06:54 commented on C64ME (weekly challenge)

is this what they call the eyephone?

Goodlyay @ 4/23/2021 00:15 commented on Big Bird

Yoo, when did PJ get more rank themes? They look great. Can't figure out how to change mine anymore, though...
Got it.

Goodlyay @ 4/15/2021 21:01 commented on abandoned and overgrown

had to login to favorite this. just lovely work

Goodlyay @ 4/5/2021 00:41 commented on Shirakawa-go

Love the clustery/circley style of the foliage here.

Goodlyay @ 11/23/2020 07:27 commented on The Waterfall Frog

Great work here! If you're looking for something simple to improve in future pieces, make your anti-aliasing longer on angles with longer stair-steps. A lot of the aa you have is not as effective as it could be.
For example:

Goodlyay @ 11/5/2020 12:09 commented on Big Bird

I've noticed that pixeljoint has problems updating a file if you upload a new file but with the same filename as what you uploaded before. I suppose pixeljoint isn't getting any fixes though, is it?

Goodlyay @ 11/5/2020 12:07 commented on Big Bird

Thanks Hapiel

Goodlyay @ 11/5/2020 02:57 commented on Big Bird

What are the requirements for a piece to be useable as an avatar? I uploaded a piece I'd like to use, but the change avatar button hasn't appeared.

Goodlyay @ 11/1/2020 07:41 commented on Avatar

I like this one

Goodlyay @ 10/29/2020 06:44 commented on Big Pig

This is really nice. I absolutely love the way you've rendered the dirt. I feel the roof shingles are a little bit too detailed compared to the rest though

Goodlyay @ 9/10/2020 14:17 commented on Sassy Gals

These are just great :) especially the top right

Goodlyay @ 7/24/2020 18:53 commented on RIP

Ahh, I see. Always curious about that.
I don't do art too often, but I might have something to upload soon.

Goodlyay @ 7/23/2020 04:30 commented on RIP

Thanks! Out of curiosity, how did you find this old piece?

Goodlyay @ 5/23/2020 03:07 commented on Bandana Cat

Gorgeous, and cool pose

Goodlyay @ 5/21/2020 02:38 commented on Tree

The choice of where to use and not use detail here is pretty great.

Goodlyay @ 5/11/2020 23:54 commented on Genie of the Lamp

Not sure if the report feature even works but I've done so on this piece. Definitely ripped; definitely not the original artist for the game.

Goodlyay @ 5/11/2020 23:45 commented on The Fires are on, but no one is home?


Goodlyay @ 5/4/2020 05:19 commented on Thinking of Totoro ..

Gorgeous. Love the cloud clusters

Goodlyay @ 5/4/2020 04:34 commented on Kanohi Avohkii, the mask of light

This really brings me back!

Great work

Goodlyay @ 5/4/2020 04:33 commented on Gregory

Hi Gregory

Goodlyay @ 3/28/2020 16:59 commented on Big Bird

Why is the "buddy" system here not opt-in/request based? Anyone can just add anyone to their buddies with no acknowledgement and then they show up in the buddy list. Kind of ridiculous

Goodlyay @ 3/21/2020 05:29 commented on CallMeKevin pixelated

Looks better!

Goodlyay @ 3/20/2020 04:52 commented on CallMeKevin pixelated

My advice would be to increase the contrast of your shading by a good amount. It's so similar that the whole thing still looks flat even with the shading you've added

Goodlyay @ 2/9/2020 12:39 commented on Betty Bootstrap - Old Sprites

Really great stuff! I'm reminded of a game called Broforce