rin @ 4/3/2015 23:35 commented on Ki-ller

color choices are pretty sexy

rin @ 1/5/2015 15:39 commented on Creya x3

Middle, imo. But it's personal preference, they're all excellent. Left leans towards anime, right is more victorian/classic, and middle I think has a style of its own which is why I think it's the strongest.

rin @ 12/2/2014 20:51 commented on PIXELGOT #10 Sandor 'The Hound' Clagen

Enjoying these :) 

I especially like your color choices.

rin @ 11/10/2014 09:24 commented on Motorbike Race

Wow, so much depth to this. love the color choices too

rin @ 11/9/2014 14:18 commented on Film Noir

really precise work, everything looks just right even how small it is

rin @ 10/28/2014 19:21 commented on nadia

I like the style and idea of this

rin @ 10/24/2014 22:47 commented on Jeering Zombie Quail

Haha love it, faved.

rin @ 10/18/2014 18:50 commented on Owl Guard

These character portraits of yours are amazing, hope the series continues!

rin @ 9/27/2014 13:38 commented on Dungeon Fight

great work!

rin @ 9/23/2014 21:45 commented on w0914-0


rin @ 9/15/2014 21:05 commented on w0914-0

Love the depth and scale, especially that far left tower with the red light, there's a great sense of distance between it and the lights on the other side of the river. Interesting that it's a cityscape where the primary focus is the mountain. Love the slight vignette effect.

The light source seems to be the moon above the city, but the glow behind the mountain makes it unclear. Also, it may not work with your color palette, but if there was less contrast in the mountain & sky it would give the scene more depth (ala atmosphere fogginess from distance).

Anyways, nice work, fav'd as well!

rin @ 9/11/2014 21:24 commented on Desert Lake

That water is really really nice, reflection shadow and depth.

rin @ 8/31/2014 17:57 commented on The Ensorcelled Prince

Amazing work, great handle on lighting, great color choices too

rin @ 8/25/2014 17:34 commented on Sinking

Very nice work

Just my 2 cents, but there's so much motion in the background I saw it as rapidly sinking.

rin @ 8/25/2014 05:00 commented on L'Amoureuse qui Attend

Awesome, love the sand dunes and her hair. The whole perspective and sweeping motion of the shot are great too.

I almost passed this by because the thumbnail didn't look interesting at all, was quite a surprise actually to get this epic piece of work thrust into my face when I expected a little outline tower or something.

rin @ 8/25/2014 04:55 commented on Mother Nature giving birth

wow horrifying, I like it. Good concept!

rin @ 8/24/2014 03:48 commented on Untitled

Thank you all :)

Siikikala: Thanks much! I didn't know what banding was. After reading it though, there shouldn't be any since it was done with the 1 pixel pencil tool in paint.exe. Which spot in particular looks like banding? If I accidentally mimicked banding by hand that would be a bad habit to get into :D

I'll probably play with using less colors in the future, I think that's about 70 colors, most of which are just slightly different tones of the same few colors for handling glow/reflections.