Uncle_B @ 4/22/2015 07:55 commented on Big Bird

Definitely, great find!

Uncle_B @ 4/21/2015 06:54 commented on Big Bird

I see..Did you use a tool or was it all made manually?

Uncle_B @ 4/21/2015 06:27 commented on Big Bird

@jeremy: Is that what skamocore and Manupix were talking about in their last posts?

Uncle_B @ 4/21/2015 02:33 commented on Pirate Woman Game Character Animation

It looks like there is no animation. Moreover, the color count is over 1000; maybe you uploaded the wrong file?

Uncle_B @ 4/10/2015 03:33 commented on Big Bird

Some time ago I thought I'd dust off an old project of a 16bit-styled RPG and guessed that I would need to learn some pixel art for the game graphics.
From there on, I googled tutorials, lurked sites and eventually PA became more a matter of learning and experimenting for its own sake.
Then I found PJ and, after a bit more lurking, I found it inspiring/motivating, so I joined.

Uncle_B @ 3/27/2015 05:00 commented on Big Bird

@Jalonso: It appears there are also biopunk, nanopunk, clockpunk, teslapunk, dreampunk, mythpunk...pinpointing's the limit :|

Uncle_B @ 3/27/2015 02:08 commented on Big Bird

@Hapiel: I played your game a bit more in experimental mode. I agree with king bobston as to the shoe powerup (it's damaging rather than helpful, imo).
As to purple platforms, I think that the most annoying/confusing part is that the controls stay reversed even when you are in mid-air after getting off them.
Also, I met a flipping green platform once. Maybe I'm saying this because I didn't see that coming (and of course died ) but I had the impression that the flipping occurs too quick for the player to react.
By the way, do you plan to add an instruction section in the main menu or will the game mostly be trial-and-error?

Uncle_B @ 3/20/2015 11:46 commented on Big Bird

@Hapiel: 164 on normal and 59 on experimental ;D Anyway...On a first impression, the game is fun: the controls respond well and the mechanics are fine (regenerating health is really handy, btw).
I think that a "Pause" button could be a nice addition, though. Also, will the game have no music at all?
And finally, why is there a stage reset button (ctrl)?

Uncle_B @ 3/20/2015 11:45 commented on Big Bird

Happy birthday people ^^

@Zizka: I'd say many tunes from the Megaman and Castlevania series. And from Earthbound Zero, too.

Uncle_B @ 3/10/2015 07:06 commented on Big Bird

@greenraven: I'll second Zizka and Friend on their last posts.
Btw, if pixel art frustrates you so much at the moment, have you considered trying different creative outputs (like writing, etc.) for a while?

Uncle_B @ 3/5/2015 09:02 commented on Koala Bear

I'm not a big fan of koalas, but this one is almost making me change my mind
A couple things: the preview file animation appears to be very slow if compared to the detail file (which looks better and smoother, imo). Also, I think that maybe the detail file picture could do without the white background.

Uncle_B @ 3/3/2015 02:14 commented on Big Bird

@Omrii: GraphicsGale has that function under the "Image->Count Colors Used" tab.
Otherwise, you can use this (accessible from the "Features->Image Specs Tool" tab in PJ's top menu).

Uncle_B @ 3/2/2015 06:15 commented on Big Bird

@DatMuffinMan: according to Nitrome's Wikia, the art is by Mat Annal and Giuseppe Longo/Mis-Bug.

Uncle_B @ 2/23/2015 11:23 commented on Goats Bloody Goats

Thanks everybody :)

Uncle_B @ 2/18/2015 12:46 commented on be my valentine?

@retroen: you're welcome ^^

@kiokurashi: yes, what I meant is that versions of the piece that are scaled-down and non-pixel art (e.g. with hundreds of colors generated by a possible automatic smoothing feature of the resize tool used) are generally not accepted as a preview.
(Also, in the meanwhile I checked the forum and found this, which explains the whole preview-related part).

Anyway,  I'll update my first post on this piece, since all issues are fixed by now ^^

Uncle_B @ 2/16/2015 06:15 commented on be my valentine?

It looks like you uploaded a scaled-down version of both this and choo choo (I saw the originals on your deviantart page, though, and they look cool).

Btw, fyi: I'm not 100% sure about this, but I think that the preview  files (aka Small files) shouldn't be a scaled-down version of the piece you submit.

(Edit: I also replaced "resize" with "scale down" for sake of clarity)

Uncle_B @ 2/13/2015 12:12 commented on 100 years old pixels

Hell yeah!

Uncle_B @ 2/10/2015 12:22 commented on Big Bird

Bordering gore-porn down there XD

@zizka: in no particular order, the first things that come to my mind would be a main background made mainly of ceramic tiles with kind of a stylized motif recurring at intervals on them (kinda like this or, even better, this...).
Also adding shelves with bathroom-related stuff, as well as mirrors, might help.
As to objects like loo, bathtub, shower box, etc. (those parts that usually appear only once in a bathroom) an option could be applying the same as in real life - i.e. using them only once as bg objects (or even platforms) to break up the flow of the level.

Uncle_B @ 2/8/2015 04:46 commented on Your Starlight-Munching Undead Cyber Friend

Yes, you are right...My error XD
Thank you for pointing it out, I'll fix the description ASAP.

Uncle_B @ 2/2/2015 06:54 commented on Blue Knight Attacking

You're welcome ;)
Imo a good option would be planning the canvas size before proceeding to the actual piece so that you don't end up having such space or sprite size issues later, when part of the work has already been done (at least, that's what I understand has happened here; correct me if I'm wrong).
As to the recoil, I agree it needs some edit to look more natural.

Uncle_B @ 1/29/2015 05:23 commented on Blue Knight Attacking

Imo the animation is simple but effective.

I think that there are a few issues in the sword stab phase:
- There's a white background (absent in the following part of the attack).
- The sprite is smaller when the aforementioned background is present.
- Some parts of the body (thigh, lower back and left arm) move in a weird way in the frames following what looks like the moment of impact of the attack (maybe those movements were intended to look like a slight recoil?)

As to the sword slash phase, the only thing I'd point out could be the cape being moved aside by the sword swing (I think that atm it looks a bit like it's being stretched/pulled).

Uncle_B @ 1/29/2015 04:04 commented on Dignity

Thank you, I have been thinking about implementing something like that lately, but I should learn how to animate sprites properly first '^^

Uncle_B @ 1/29/2015 04:03 commented on Monster

No prob, you're welcome ;)

Uncle_B @ 1/29/2015 04:02 commented on Deal With It

Merci, félicitations à toi aussi :)

Bon, j'admets que, peut-être, je l'ai écrit d'une façon un peu trop tragique; maintenant je ne sens aucune envie psycho/physique de fumer, il est arrivé à me dégoûter.
De plus, perdre cette habitude-là a été trop long pour que j'aie rationellement envie de recommencer au début (j'ai arrêté de façon graduale à partir de fin 2012, après de plus de dix ans que je fumais un paquet/jour environ).

De toute façon, j'avoue que parfois je finis par penser que une cigarette pourrait être une jolie addition à des certains moments mais bon, ça reste seulement une pensée transitoire^^

Et pour ce qui concerne les clopes dans les dessins, bon...je sais que c'est plutôt cliché, mais ça a trop d'attitude "dur à cuire"/"je m'en fous" pour être abandonné XDXDXD

Uncle_B @ 1/28/2015 15:02 commented on Deal With It

J'ai arrêté de fumer l'année passée, peut-être j'en sublime l'envie en dessinant des gens qui fument :|