Baccaman21 @ 10/20/2007 11:19 commented on Popeye - Walk loop

perhaps you're right skull master but bearing in mind it was complete in about 40 minutes flat by way of example... i'll forgive myself for excessive snap on the old arms... ;P

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ACM 1914 - was a game yes... set in the first world war at the dawn of flight. It was supposed to be a aerial combat manouver (ACM) sim - with arcadey aspects but turned out to be a dog because of creative differences between the art and code team (two separate companies).

It was released by a  now defunct dutch publisher "Project Two" and was released in 1998/99.




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It's a 16 color limted piece, yes I guess he should have some orange glow around the cigar... in an early incarnation he did, but for some reason I needed the colors elsewhere so dropped it in favour of the bluey tinge... In retrospect it does look a bit strange but limitations are limitations and one has to make sacrifices I guess...

I think it was rejected because the filename was intially using the hash symbol... and they didn't like it... (fairly straigtforward error I guess)

Thanks for the kind comment peeps... it fills me with mucho joy...

I'll post some new stuff soon... (if I can get my arse into gear that is)


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Hi Everyone...  gosh I'm flattered... since I signed up here I've since secured a new job at a games company working on a Xbox360 title... bottom line is I'm not gonna be posting much... I'll try when I get a chance mind you.

Adarias... the lighting choice was purely an asthetic decision cos I thought it would look cool.
The B.O.B. - his mouth is covered with a kind of leathery cowl, the pilots in those days used to cover up most of their extremities as it gets damn cold in the clouds...

and finally Filax_666 - yup... I'm the all pervading pixel pusher... but to be honest I was sniping around lokoing for freelance work, but as I've secured a full time job now my presence will be less than it was... here and there...