Crimso @ 3/20/2017 06:22 commented on Big Bird

Am I the only one who doesn't see the weekly challenge get updated until a day or two after the deadline?

Crimso @ 3/10/2017 19:20 commented on Contrasting Worlds

Nice colours! I would definitely play a game with an artstyle like this.

Crimso @ 9/7/2016 02:16 commented on Slaughterhouse.

Really nice shading and AAing with only three-colour sprites. I like that small font, too.

Crimso @ 5/23/2016 00:39 commented on large

Oooh, this sounds like a nice challenge. I'm most definitely making something for this one.

Crimso @ 3/23/2016 03:32 commented on Waiting for my ride

I don't know if this actually got submitted for the weekly; it doesn't have the tag, and it's not on the list of submissions for the current challenge. It's a good artwork, though; you've worked with the colour restriction very well.

Crimso @ 10/6/2015 23:29 commented on Recycling Bin

...why do you want him to delete it?

Crimso @ 5/27/2015 22:56 commented on Hiro Hamada

I like it, though I think the shading on the hair is too smooth and soft. It doesn't really fit with everything else.

Crimso @ 5/20/2015 23:01 commented on Cuong Dojo

Lovely style, and you've really brought the image together with the warm palette. I'd be interested in playing a game like this.

Crimso @ 5/12/2015 01:57 commented on Mmm... Chocolate Cake

But that's spaced, not scattered...

Crimso @ 5/11/2015 22:42 commented on Mmm... Chocolate Cake

I don't get it.

Crimso @ 3/28/2015 22:19 commented on CONGRATULATIONS! YOU ARE OUR 1,000,000th VISITOR!

You've done this quite well, though there are a few problems with the face. I feel as though the eyes are too high and just moving them down one pixel would help quite a lot, and the highlights on the cheeks are quite harsh and solid-looking, particularly on the right where it's placed right next to a shade that's three steps down the colour ramp. Other than that, though, it's good, and a clever take on the challenge.

Crimso @ 2/25/2015 21:29 commented on Item Sprites

Holy damn, monthly 10. Thank you to all the people who rated this!

Crimso @ 2/3/2015 21:30 commented on Item Sprites

I use Grafx2, it's really good for keeping track of your palette and has a nice, uncluttered menu. The way it uses palettes as a colourmap is also really good, since you can change one thing and it'll affect all of that colour in the image.

Crimso @ 1/6/2015 02:15 commented on Three-Legged Mushroom

The thick outline is AA, it's just very close to the main outline colour. I wasn't sure what backgrounds it'd be viewed on, so I didn't use any of the lighter colours in the palette.

Crimso @ 12/30/2014 04:23 commented on Happy Birthday, PixelJoint! [WC]

Really impressive, though the teeth aren't shadowed at the top where they should be; it looks like they're pasted on the face rather than being underneath the lip.

Crimso @ 12/19/2014 04:21 commented on Big Bird

I guess, but couldn't there just be a program that decides the outcome based on the letters or characters in your name?

Crimso @ 12/19/2014 04:18 commented on Azure Assault Armour

I kind of want to keep it how it is, but I do think it was too jaggy in some areas which may have been the problem. I don't know about having a solid square of colour, since the challenge requires transparency and I'm not sure having the sprite on a coloured canvas of sorts would be allowed.

Crimso @ 12/19/2014 02:47 commented on I cast! bullet

I like the sprite, though I don't think having mildly cyan hair counts as wearing something cyan.

Crimso @ 12/19/2014 02:46 commented on Big Bird

Yeah, but it's always possible to make a program that gets a result by running your name through an algorithm.

Crimso @ 12/19/2014 00:52 commented on Big Bird

Oh. It... gives you a random result every time you enter your name.

That's kind of disappointing.

Crimso @ 12/15/2014 04:19 commented on Kirby (angry)

I think it'd actually be pretty interesting to see which one has more submissions, since magic and futuristic weaponry are both equally rad things to sprite. 

Unless, of course, that's not what you're talking about...

Crimso @ 12/1/2014 00:32 commented on The Cheat

Ooh, perfect excuse to pixel a chess thing. I probably won't finish it in time, but whatever.

Crimso @ 11/28/2014 00:08 commented on Some Monk

I see what you mean; I think the problem was that the image was too hard to read in that area and I wasn't using the shading to make it clear that the robe actually went over and across the legs, as opposed to being something like pants. I've attempted to fix that up, though I'm still not sure what to do with the feet.

Crimso @ 11/27/2014 02:05 commented on Sexgame

...oh my...

As for actual feedback, your shading seems a bit inconsistent. The disembodied hand, face, hearts and PAUSE icon all have a somewhat cartoony, cel-shaded look, but the shirt and chest are incredibly dithery.

Crimso @ 11/22/2014 17:07 commented on Flora the Dragon of Nature

I like it, and the colours are pretty nice, but there isn't really any shading to indicate depth. The eyes also seem to be just empty and hollow, although that's more of a personal dislike.