Nitram @ 6/2/2018 18:01 commented on MSX Pallette Girls Collection. NSFW!

You could've pixeled anything with that AA-less line work and it would be hot.

Nitram @ 6/16/2012 16:26 commented on Lord Frieza

0h well, no challenge.

Nitram @ 6/16/2012 16:08 commented on Panda_guy


Nitram @ 5/28/2012 09:38 commented on Edificess

it puts the lotion on the skin or else it gets the hose again

Nitram @ 2/12/2012 09:20 commented on Scooby Doo

i like scooby doodoo

Nitram @ 9/11/2011 19:41 commented on Never forget...

So wait, was it an eagle that terrorized us? Kinda ironic

Nitram @ 1/29/2011 15:45 commented on Ryu Hayabusa

fixed that, whoop whoop

Nitram @ 5/20/2010 17:03 commented on The Q

 I really love this :--------------)

Nitram @ 12/31/2009 13:46 commented on Icone set

 onek your edit is worse. As for the aesthetic part, I'm sure he meant that there's no single way to create an aesthetic piece in any category of art, as you were making it out to have one unique aesthetic choice which being a minimum palette. Not that every category of art is the same which I'm not sure how you got.

Nitram @ 11/17/2009 09:29 commented on Beetley

Love it.                                               

Nitram @ 10/29/2009 18:19 commented on Cubanita in Field

youa hve the best username i have ever seen.

Nitram @ 10/24/2009 16:38 commented on Dias Flac

literally the best game ever

Nitram @ 9/20/2009 16:22 commented on TanGROPE

Tangela hentai

Nitram @ 9/13/2009 13:33 commented on Fear and Madness fight for life

love this

Nitram @ 8/6/2009 21:04 commented on Butterfree and Mewtwo

he's holding a masterball

Nitram @ 5/15/2009 10:06 commented on Queen of Shrooms

i think everything below the waist kills it for me the way its shaded, but dont really have specific critique for it

Nitram @ 5/11/2009 15:59 commented on Tiepolo Conception

always admired this on your site. glad you up'd it here.

Nitram @ 4/9/2009 17:37 commented on Big Bird

im a pokemon, im two pokemon, im a conjoint twin pokemon.

Nitram @ 4/5/2009 12:56 commented on Nitty Style Moblin

im the only nitty i know.

Nitram @ 3/19/2009 19:34 commented on Big Bird

my willy is iso, always to the left. :\

Nitram @ 3/15/2009 18:20 commented on Eye

I think thats a big ol weiner.

Nitram @ 11/20/2008 16:54 commented on Big Bird
Stop It Right now!!!

Nitram @ 11/20/2008 16:53 commented on Big Bird
I didnt brag about nothing. nitram gave his a pass away and so did dex, who is flint. dont get mad at me

Nitram @ 11/20/2008 16:51 commented on Big Bird
OOOH! look at my new gallery. I'm quite good. >(")<

Nitram @ 11/20/2008 16:50 commented on Big Bird
Operation takeover Nitram complete!!! *yup its old man jal here o/ DOORS STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!