Orteil @ 12/7/2016 14:03 commented on Koi

the water stuff was kind of an afterthought, looking back it's a bit too noisy for my taste !

Orteil @ 12/7/2016 13:58 commented on Koi

nope, just a bunch of quick repetitive improvisation, it's actually pretty relaxing to do ! (and fairly easy to get something that looks "right" since the fish are at a 45° angle)

Orteil @ 12/16/2014 08:30 commented on click bawk caw

these are cool as heck goddammit

Orteil @ 12/5/2014 12:10 commented on Small Collection of Items

oyyy it's not bad tbh

don't worry about blending with the background, just use an airtight outline with some shading like the pokemon sprites do. you're already pretty much doing that in several of those

palette could def get juicier, but it's already far from awful

clever dithering is some voodoo shit that takes years of practice and virgin sacrifices, but just make sure you're using a consistent technique (i get the burlap-y texture on the bag, but the garlic probably shouldn't be dithered if the loaf of bread doesn't have it)

either way best of luck yoooo

Orteil @ 11/30/2014 17:19 commented on radioactive atp

that'd be a nice mutation but that sounds super-messy tbh

neat as heck palette !

Orteil @ 11/30/2014 13:17 commented on Fresh Breath

gosh, thanks a whole bunch :> i probably should have gone with a green backlight tho, would make it much more "radioactive".

(edit : actually ended up making it green, along with a few other color fixes)

Orteil @ 11/30/2014 10:16 commented on hey guys it's some kind of dragon or whatevz

Hot damn, thanks ! Goshgoshgosh I'm glad I had that kind of influence on you, that's super-nice to hear ! (ps. your pixels are pretty nifty !)