Sonnenstein @ 8/20/2021 13:36 commented on Grus japonensis

Thank you!

Sonnenstein @ 3/24/2021 11:26 commented on Eraser-Girl #21

Thank you! I'm looking for variants to show both translations together here (in PJ) without posting pairs of things. You are right, i have two ideas what to do:

- post both translations on different sides of one frame;

- post only english version because it is enough, isn't it?


Sonnenstein @ 12/3/2020 12:32 commented on Badger

Nice and clean

Sonnenstein @ 11/23/2020 15:54 commented on Eraser-Girl #1

Thank you) Of course you are right and i should add translations for these strips. Maybe one day? But for these strip i make translation right now, bubble by bubble.

Sonnenstein @ 11/18/2020 03:45 commented on Explorer

Oh, so beautiful

Sonnenstein @ 6/11/2020 01:52 commented on Sailor Moon

В каком смысле сплющил?

Sonnenstein @ 5/11/2020 03:06 commented on "Night witches"

Валентин, спасибо, стараемся! До следующей весны пока не планирую подобного, ноо у меня в профиле остались ещё открытки с прошлых лет - если интересно)

Sonnenstein @ 5/9/2020 00:58 commented on Soyuz the First

Raphael, thank you a lot!

I have to do this. Now i'll try to translate it shortly frame by frame:

1. Vladimir Komarov is one choosen for test new soviet spacecraft "Soyuz"; previously he has assurance that this flight will be crush (spacecraft was too unprepared for manned flight) - but Komarov take this duty to himself. He doesn't betray other cosmonauts. So, flight starts, he reaches orbit and starts his mission.

2.But left solar panel doesn't open,so predicted fuel of energy is too low to finish mission successfully. Komarov calls Earth and waits to know his fate.

3. Komarov recieved command from Earth Flight Control Center - to finish flight manually (automatic navigation shutted down). Spacecraft decelerates, undocks and precisely falls into atmosphere. But both of parachutes (main and emergency) doesn't open. Height rapidly falls...

4. My sentence: "On Earth i has two burials: in Kremlin Wall - in Moscow, where i born - and in steppes of Orenburg, where i died. But only "Soyuz" spacecraft will stay a true monument for me."

p.s. Today "Soyuz" is most safe and secure spacecraft for manned flight.

Sonnenstein @ 12/4/2019 03:42 commented on ChristMas Spruce

Thank you, man) Check our calendar too for more cool stuff!

Sonnenstein @ 11/21/2019 02:03 commented on A Goshdarn Forklift

Probably this tire looks too shiny)

But i realy like your choice of colors and smoooth rendering

Sonnenstein @ 9/22/2017 00:33 commented on Sunflowers

Just breathtaking. Tanya, this one is incredible! 

Sonnenstein @ 5/15/2017 02:26 commented on Sh-422

Max, probably this caused by my bad transliteration, sorry) Here's an article about him:

Sonnenstein @ 4/12/2017 07:56 commented on The Main. Fantasy of metal

PoMaH, cnacu6o. А кириллица вроде работает

Sonnenstein @ 3/16/2016 10:01 commented on A Raven

Your personal render machine that your hiding in your head is amazing. 8 colors. One raven. Fantastic!

Sonnenstein @ 3/6/2016 02:11 commented on Are you still there?

I like this idea with 3 colors, going to try this... Your drawing looks very clear and unusual

Sonnenstein @ 3/1/2016 05:11 commented on water

And what about steam?

Sonnenstein @ 2/17/2016 04:31 commented on Gun 008

Excellent work! I don't know is it handy to use (for human - probably not) but drawing style is awesome and smart

Sonnenstein @ 2/6/2016 04:44 commented on Angel

Excellent! Exactly what we need for this challenge with only 4 colors

Sonnenstein @ 2/4/2016 07:49 commented on No One Told Me It Breathes Fire!

Title makes this pic alive and interesting

Sonnenstein @ 1/25/2016 08:50 commented on Stars

May their sizes be a metaphor? Mumin is a childhood or our past, and Snufkin is a future of adult people... And these stars as flowing time? Beautiful and sad

Sonnenstein @ 1/25/2016 00:21 commented on Red ridin (animated)

Thank you)

Sonnenstein @ 1/21/2016 00:46 commented on Lost stamp "Stegosaurus"

Обязательно) Ваш велоцераптор у меня давно в референсах лежит. Зато теперь знаю, чей он

Sonnenstein @ 1/20/2016 03:41 commented on Pine Tree

Deep blue suits realy good to this tree

Sonnenstein @ 1/19/2016 05:49 commented on Lost stamp "Stegosaurus"

Блин, да это ж шедевр

Sonnenstein @ 12/29/2015 07:27 commented on Rose

I have one suggestion - probably her right left eye is too flat. But whole picture is awesome, i like it! Very cute