El Sato @ 6/19/2014 13:55 commented on mockup

you mean the scrolling bg behind or the walls?

El Sato @ 6/19/2014 13:54 commented on mockup

nah i redid it completely, is not just a resizing

i too preffer the bigger one but ingame it just looks better to have a small character

El Sato @ 6/14/2014 09:49 commented on mockup

youre right, im going to do that, thanks!

El Sato @ 3/22/2014 18:24 commented on Run, jump, bounce

yeah i know, its intentionally overanimated, sometimes a man must say "fuck physics lets make this stuff bounce"

El Sato @ 5/29/2011 19:41 commented on tyranitar

 well yeah i used the same pallete, actually i mixed colors from his gen5 and gen 3 palletes, and yeah is a similar pose, but still dont know why that would be a "but" i just wanted him like that :I

El Sato @ 5/27/2011 21:09 commented on tyranitar

 its flash, it was the easiest way i found to get this kind of animation

El Sato @ 11/24/2010 21:19 commented on rambokiri

 oh ok, i was just asking cos i just started to use that... technique if you can call it like that xD just wanted to know if it wasnt right

El Sato @ 11/23/2010 13:40 commented on rambokiri

 if you mean what i think i did it cos the last two frames where the same i just changed a bit the borders and some shading to do some kind of subtle sensation of movement, that line is not really taken awway i just used a lighter color, does it look weird?

El Sato @ 10/9/2010 10:26 commented on Suicide bomb

 yes i know xD in the game there are a few flying parts and lots of blood i just was too lazy to add them in the gif

El Sato @ 10/8/2010 22:20 commented on Chinese

 yes thats why i asked, i know portuguese speakers understand spanish quite well, at least the ones i know xD

the adress is

El Sato @ 10/8/2010 12:10 commented on Squirtle - Wartortle - Blastoise

 oh, didnt noticed that xDDD

El Sato @ 10/8/2010 09:10 commented on Chinese

 in a forum called imaginarium, if you dont mind the fact that is a spanish forum i can give you a link, they always have some rpgmaker related contest rolling

El Sato @ 5/3/2010 06:27 commented on shotgun

 he was born

El Sato @ 3/31/2010 14:49 commented on Big Bird

 oh boy, didnt saw that coming

i tought it was weird how interested he was on msn asking how to get popular and how it worked to get in the weekly showcase and stuff, but i tought he was legit :(

El Sato @ 3/11/2010 18:07 commented on Suzi - Jump

 i made it that way cos i didnt wanted to repeat frames i used only the two idle frames i made for the jump, its obvious that is not as high as she can jump, i made her jump higer when i submited it in d.a. and kind of didnt tought anyone would complain about such thing, silly me

updated it :B

El Sato @ 3/8/2010 16:37 commented on Charmander - Charmeleon - Charizard

mmm no special reason i guess, first i just wanted to try and emulate the style, then i wanted to do them all.... is like asking why i like boobies (of course, thats easier to understand xD) no real reason

but blah i know what you mean and i just cant explain it is just something i want to do becouse i like the game and the character's style just that xD

ah i know im not the first one doing this, of course xD (actually check in my d.a. when i submitted the bulbasaur i wrote just that) so no prob :) and ok i know, others do them in their particular style and give them their personal touch, but blah i guess is just that im good at copying other's style (right now i work as an animator so thats a good skill for me xD) when i do fanart or stuff like that i practically cant make it in my style i inconsiously copy the style too

El Sato @ 3/8/2010 13:33 commented on Bulbasaur-Ivysaur-Venusaur

 i started thinking on that after having the three of them together :/ im not sure

El Sato @ 2/19/2010 01:48 commented on King of the chickens

 they dont serve this in KFC :(

very cool

El Sato @ 2/19/2010 01:37 commented on 006 : Charizard

 oh i didnt knew the exact size, thanks!

im closing his wings and cutting away the flame later to make him fit the restrictions :)

El Sato @ 2/15/2010 22:46 commented on new iphone mockup

 with "the other game" you mean kill the pikakiris? becouse this is not some kind of replacement of it is a diferent project, when i said i didnt liked the old one i was talking about another mockup i made of this same game!

if thats not what you meant then i didnt understood well your comment xD sorry

El Sato @ 2/12/2010 15:24 commented on new iphone mockup

 right now what we have is lots of non animated sprites tilesets and backgrounds, now im in the step of animating the girl, ill show something soon :3

El Sato @ 2/12/2010 15:21 commented on new iphone mockup

 yep yep we are working on it already!

El Sato @ 2/12/2010 11:31 commented on soldier pikakiris

 they're like pokemons, but instead of catching them all you kill them all :3

El Sato @ 2/7/2010 21:32 commented on iphone mockup

 yep, well im just making the graphics, someone else is programming, we want to release in about 5 or 6 months or so

El Sato @ 2/7/2010 21:31 commented on iphone mockup

 im on that, i want to finish it for the gamemaker contest (last day is march 31) but im not sure if i have the time with so many jobs i have at the same time