NiceIdiot @ 3/31/2009 18:02 commented on LB-RPG Portraits

Amazing work as usual.

NiceIdiot @ 8/22/2007 18:53 commented on JAl & Mod
That does don't look like a butt to me. 8X

NiceIdiot @ 8/22/2007 18:52 commented on Big Bird
A blazer.  You need to have a certain number of ratings, comments, and uploaded pixel pieces to progress to the next level.  It is all here:

NiceIdiot @ 8/22/2007 13:03 commented on Big Bird
Better round up the posse.

NiceIdiot @ 8/21/2007 19:11 commented on Big Bird
I do all of my pixel art in a combination of ProCam and Mathmatica, precision beyond the pixel.  But seriously, does paint do transparency or animation?  It seems like paint is fine as a gateway drug, but once you try some you want something that will take you higher. 

NiceIdiot @ 8/20/2007 23:18 commented on GU
Nice work.  The shading on the lower stomach area seems to bend off the light source though. It seems like the highlight should be a pixel or so to the left. (ours not his) It artificially twists the body.

NiceIdiot @ 8/20/2007 18:07 commented on Big Bird
That must be why I am rated so highly on and not on  Because of my montage of pixel images called "Bath time for a young NiceIdiot" staring images from my youth.  Crazy.... sooooo  how 'bout them pixels?

NiceIdiot @ 8/20/2007 14:56 commented on Big Bird
As does mine... Pixels and numbers collide!

NiceIdiot @ 8/9/2007 22:54 commented on O Rly?
Now you just need to make some cats talking about hamburgers in broken net-english.

NiceIdiot @ 8/9/2007 22:52 commented on Kolorful Keyboard
Is all of the typography custom, or is that a nice bitmap font? Figuring that it is custom, WHEN will it be a nice font. :)

NiceIdiot @ 8/7/2007 12:39 commented on Demon
It seems almost tooooo similar to justify a complete repost.  Why not just post the changed elements, instead of a near identical mock-up? I think that will help people focus on the new elements to give a better critique.

NiceIdiot @ 8/7/2007 09:25 commented on GeneriShmup -Screenshot-
The score font looks a little lack luster when compared with the rest of this piece.  I agree that a wider palette would help define the action in this piece.

Nice work, I particularly like the diagonal "milky way" stuff happening in the sky.

NiceIdiot @ 8/6/2007 21:40 commented on Game scene
So, is this one of many variant mockups for multiple platforms?  I am a fan of the clouds!

NiceIdiot @ 7/30/2007 05:06 commented on Eye Munna Eat the Nearest Pedestrian!
Beautiful coloring job.  Nice work texturing that flesh.

NiceIdiot @ 7/30/2007 05:00 commented on Hey! There's merfolk in my water!
Love it.  I have a crit however.  The buildings look to be too close to the outside edge of the glass, as does the surface area of the water. It makes the glass appear to have no thickness. The biggest offender is the small blue building on the lower right edge.

The fingerprint is a genius touch.

NiceIdiot @ 7/30/2007 04:54 commented on rotoscoping01
The effect here is quite nice.  I like it quite a lot.

NiceIdiot @ 7/27/2007 07:26 commented on Pixel - Free to a good home
I think I just got a cavity. The broken heart is a nice touch.  The box with the face is superb!

NiceIdiot @ 7/27/2007 07:23 commented on Swamp Adventures
This makes my heart sing.  You are a master of the craft.

NiceIdiot @ 7/27/2007 07:20 commented on Practically Suicide Mockup
Cartoony clouds, generally speaking, tent to be a roughly triangular mass composed of circles, although it could be ovular or rectangular as well.  Try a large circle as a central point and add circles of diminishing size overlapping and radiating out.  Maybe for 3-4 steps.  Then fill in with circles to get the reverse-scalloped "cloud" look.

Hope that makes sense.

NiceIdiot @ 7/24/2007 21:44 commented on Mushroom WIP
I, myself, am very partial to 4.5

Nice progress!

NiceIdiot @ 7/18/2007 11:43 commented on Ruth...Baby...Ruth!
I made one of these.  Nowhere near as good though.  Used to be my av.

NiceIdiot @ 7/17/2007 18:08 commented on Rotating Rat [failed attempt]
Well, on thing that is glaring is that on the forward turn frames, at the 45 degree the head goes down, then it comes up quite a bit at the full-front frame. It makes it quite jarring.

NiceIdiot @ 7/13/2007 12:12 commented on Buratino
Lovely.  The secret door in the fireplace is a nice touch!

NiceIdiot @ 7/13/2007 12:09 commented on Big Bird
So, is there a definitive pixel art tutorial?  I would love one comprehensive tutorial covering pixel art techniques.  I see bits and pieces, but I never find the one that does it all, and there are still big holes in the ones that exist.

NiceIdiot @ 6/26/2007 17:29 commented on Fast Food Mayhem Splash
Wow, This piece is awesometastic. I bet the game looks sweet in action too.  I bet it got an 8.1 on GameSpot too, and that was with old bad graphics.

I wonder how other talented artists could get work at this Requiem Software Labs place.  They sound super-terrific.