etqws3 @ 2/18/2015 21:09 commented on Block Man

Thanks :)

I tried making my own palette but eventually caved in and used DawnBringer's. And it is delightful.

etqws3 @ 2/13/2015 08:34 commented on MiniRPG mockup

This is wonderful. Feels so pleasant.

And Pixly? I'll have to check that out :)

etqws3 @ 2/9/2015 12:45 commented on Zenoxeus

@king_bobston: The lines serve various purposes. It contrasts the slow vertical motion of the islands with fast horizontal, as well as bringing in irregular motion to contrast the very regular animation of the water. It adds a layer of depth between the near background and far background, and cuts into the flat sky color. The water highlight echos the green sky.

All of this to give the image a stormy "unsafe" sort of feel.