Shackhal @ 3/26/2017 11:23 commented on Sexy_robot

Too much scale. Bring it down to 1x scale please.

Shackhal @ 3/26/2017 11:13 commented on Willow Tree

Alright, I decide to be as 1x on scale. I guess it doesn't hurt :D

Well, except the green man. It's too small.

Shackhal @ 3/23/2017 23:15 commented on Willow Tree

For what I know, these images don't violate any rules established by PixelJoint. So it shouldn't have any problem.

But in case the images get rejected, I'll add them again in scale x1.

Thanks for your concern.

Shackhal @ 3/23/2017 19:56 commented on Willow Tree

Thanks for the advices and compliments :D . The colors were already defined before I touch it, so I worked with them.

About the scale, I'm posting them as 2x with the objective to use them in the portfolio post. Unfortunately, PixelJoint's forum rejects Dropbox's images and I don't want to use Imgur for it. So I'm uploading those images in the gallery, as I saw some pixel artists have done the same.

I can rescale them as 1x, but I'll have to do it with all the images and, as I use them in multiple forums, I don't want to make a bulk of the same images in different sizes.

I will write a state about the scale. Thanks!

Shackhal @ 3/23/2017 13:26 commented on Secret Santa 2015

Thx, man :)

Shackhal @ 1/1/2017 14:24 commented on [secret santa 2016] 4pm at the river

WOW! It's so great!

Santa is easy to find, and Rudolph not so much. But if I follow the focus of the image, it can be found ;D

Shackhal @ 10/2/2016 11:24 commented on Creya

Now you prefer a shorter palette with more contrast and variety, apart of a more "cartoonish" style. Although to me it looks even better. A more vivid version of her. Great!

Also, it seems to be more busty  

Maybe it's her posture 

Shackhal @ 10/2/2016 11:14 commented on Alien Animations

Very fluid and well modeled. It gives a great 3D perspective.

An awesome piece worthy to be on the top for sure.

Shackhal @ 7/25/2016 14:19 commented on Bird on a branch

-That's a traditional illustration, right!? I'm not insane, right?!...

Jokes aside. It looks astonishing, man! Awesome work!

Shackhal @ 7/13/2016 00:03 commented on Duelyst Spells

Amazing animation! Awesome effects! As expected from you and Duelyst xD

Shackhal @ 7/12/2016 23:24 commented on Cosmia's Study

Really amazing, man! Great job!

Shackhal @ 4/24/2016 23:05 commented on Tonari no Totoro

As always, your pixel art is super great!

Shackhal @ 4/7/2016 22:56 commented on MHG The Big Four

Wow! Those monsters looks fantastic!

Shackhal @ 4/7/2016 22:55 commented on Getting Dressed

Damn, my nose. It's bleeding...

Shackhal @ 3/18/2016 15:40 commented on Hyacinth Macaws

Massively detailed. Awesome!

Shackhal @ 12/11/2015 15:00 commented on on patrol

Bitch, I'm fabulous! xD

Nice piece xD

Shackhal @ 11/20/2015 02:39 commented on Fall

Wow. Very amazing! Very tiny, but very detailed.

Shackhal @ 11/17/2015 23:40 commented on Unwanted Visitor
Even with pain and all, this piece is amazing!

Nice perspective and use of colors.

Shackhal @ 11/15/2015 20:10 commented on bad news: the bingo community

As always, the Duelyst's animations are superb.

Shackhal @ 11/13/2015 23:32 commented on Journey's End

Wow. Really amazing! The pink have never been so beautiful before...

Shackhal @ 11/10/2015 14:52 commented on Pixel Dump
Those are a lot of high-level pixel art images.

My respect for you, man!

Shackhal @ 11/4/2015 23:07 commented on Shovel Knight

Wow. This one is really cool. But it feels a bit weird the right leg.

Shackhal @ 11/2/2015 20:21 commented on Playmobil


Shackhal @ 11/2/2015 20:20 commented on Lil' Devil Draculord

Wow. Highly detailed!

Shackhal @ 10/31/2015 14:37 commented on Incarnation of Evil

The dark himself. Very cool pixel piece.

And you must become another level already. I'm sure is for the rating count, right?