Fluttershaft @ 5/3/2016 05:56 commented on me

I really like it, fav'd! Still, if you want some criticism read on:

I wouldn't use that dark color between fingets/neck, but the background color/shirt color (whichever is behind for each pixel)

Left "hoop" of the glasses feels a bit too big.

Blink animation feels too long and smooth for blink, I'd use 1-2 frames personally, but I don't know what you were aiming for.

Fluttershaft @ 3/6/2016 07:21 commented on Mr.Cat

I love stuff with black-white-red palette, great work!

Fluttershaft @ 1/1/2016 14:29 commented on A Tale from Under

Undyne is not Undyne without that wide bright smile, have you tried putting more teeth in that black space? I think she would look better that way