Schazer @ 4/26/2015 22:44 commented on Ilik

Its left legs are great and I love the shape of its head/face, although the body looks rather flattened, like a fish.

Schazer @ 4/4/2015 06:08 commented on Caverngineer Story

As said earlier, I've got no issue with taking it down if that's the decision, or "citing" my sources in the description (for greater visibility) to clarify which parts of this I made from scratch.

Either way, thanks for taking time out to give it due consideration.

Schazer @ 4/1/2015 17:37 commented on Campfire warmth

My brain initially parsed this as two egg-headed clay figures standing in front of the fire, and getting really confused about the lighting.

Schazer @ 3/31/2015 06:42 commented on Caverngineer Story

In this case, it'd mean an edit of someone else's work - Daisuke Amaya's, the artist for Cave Story and (I'm pretty sure) Cave Story+, the latter's graphics I used as a base to make this.

Assets I took directly from Cave Story Plus spritesheets:

- Base sprite and walk cycle [link]

- The white "explosion" animation

- The round green ammo (modified from the Bubbler, an in-game weapon)

Stuff I did from scratch:

-Shoulder armaments and their rotation+firing animation, made to resemble the Risk of Rain Engineer's Thermal Harpoon attack.

Schazer @ 3/30/2015 16:29 commented on Pastel Flax

Thank you! The palette was provided as one of the challenge restrictions - looking at it now I probably could've been more efficient with it though.

Schazer @ 3/25/2015 23:42 commented on Buff Baby Dragon
I love the fluid/red animation!  (Particularly their wiping off blood(?) in the preview)

One thing that bugged me was the way its crest -particular the lower edge- would change shape (unless that was deliberate), the bottom part of it being straight with banding then more pleasantly curved.

In two or so of the frames, I can see the (viewer's) left ear, which makes me feel I should see at least some of it through the rest of the animation.

Schazer @ 3/24/2015 20:44 commented on Isometric building 04 - Townhall

I feel like the east-facing portions of the roof tiles need some black at their bases too?

Schazer @ 3/24/2015 18:48 commented on Big Bird

Risk of Rain and Cave Story get my endorsement too. Also, Red Rogue.

Schazer @ 3/24/2015 17:31 commented on Small menace

Thanks for the feedback! I used three shades of red but I'm definitely not getting enough mileage out of them all things considered.

Schazer @ 3/23/2015 08:38 commented on Big Bird

Pros of tumblr for sharing your pixelart: you can tag posts you make and then filter by your tags just by adding /tagged/tagname to your url. You can customise your actual page with HTML, though everyone's dashboard mostly looks the same. The reblog format means anyone who finds, enjoys, and wants to share your stuff can post it to their own blog and share it with their followers with a single click or two. All reblogs (on the dashboard, at least, it'll vary by blog format) show the original post on your blog as the source.

Cons: Uploading pixelart means you have to shove your work into a 500pixel-wide image, otherwise it'll stretch+blur when people view it on their dashboard. Also there's jack and shit support for stolen art, other than having a big enough social network to name and shame blogs that do that. Reblogging pictures lets you delete artist comments, because apparently some tossers do that too. The messaging system is trash. Some quality of life functionalities are absent unless you use third-party browser extensions such as xkit.

The folks on it I feel are not objectively better or worse than people elsewhere on the internet;  your own dashboard is whatever blogs you feel like following. You go looking for pond scum, you'll find it just as easily as you would searching tags for awful people on twitter.