Azrael @ 4/16/2010 22:28 commented on [Valthirian Arc] walk sprite

 hi hiraga, yes it is inspired by patchcon sprites, but it isnt edited, just mimicing the style

Azrael @ 3/7/2010 23:07 commented on [Valthirian Arc] walk sprite

The game is now released

check it out

Azrael @ 3/7/2010 23:06 commented on Big Bird

hi guys, our game is now released, it;s called Valthirian Arc. It's an RPG/sim game that you take a role as academy principal, check it out


Azrael @ 2/17/2010 03:14 commented on Czeo Ascord - Idle

great sprite you got here, maybe slowing the animation will be better, right now he's more dancing than idling

it's a very nice sprite and animation overall, you can change the front hair to make it more bouncy to make it more lifely

 edit: ooh org jogja toh, selamat datang di PJ

Azrael @ 2/11/2010 10:24 commented on [Valthirian Arc] walk sprite

thanks for your comment, the game will finish in couple of days. Still need to wait for sponsor before it will be release

Azrael @ 2/10/2010 04:22 commented on Stick-ninja-man

great animation!!

Azrael @ 2/10/2010 03:26 commented on Rye Conveito

haha manteb mas, tambah sakti aja nih pixelingnya

Azrael @ 2/10/2010 03:25 commented on knight

holycow, this is insane!, so many readable detail for 2 color only

Azrael @ 2/10/2010 03:24 commented on Barth - the Knight of Silver

nice one, maybe you can add more frame or change the timing for better movement

Azrael @ 1/18/2010 12:04 commented on Marian Idle

cmon, make the 8 frame version, i really looking forward to it

Azrael @ 1/18/2010 12:02 commented on Arc_Idle

hooo, nice one arch.

you can add more hilite for the hair, and the weapon end seems to changing length

Azrael @ 12/14/2009 01:55 commented on Ninja Attack

hehe, no it's not, but many ppl think the same way as you did :D

Great work, I'm an admirer of your works, it's inspire me alot

Azrael @ 12/10/2009 12:41 commented on Ninja Attack

nice, are these for games?

Azrael @ 9/11/2009 11:46 commented on Grey Avatar

ok, I watched the video. Here's goes the crits:

- I prefered a dying animation instead of vanishing animation

- They shoot even there is no enemy to shoot

- When engaging, it's better that they stand and shoot each other to death rather than passing by



Azrael @ 8/17/2009 01:04 commented on Big Bird

Hi guys, my games called "Cube Colossus" is now released! the artwork use mostly pixelarts

you can play it here

please help vote if you have kongregate account :D


Azrael @ 7/30/2009 04:27 commented on Chocobo

very cute, nicely done :D

Azrael @ 7/23/2009 04:44 commented on Brave Fencer Musashi

wah kerenn gan, lanjut! :D

Azrael @ 7/23/2009 03:50 commented on Big Bird

thanks mate, the game itself is on bidding process, it will available for play(free)  as soon as the deal goes thru

Azrael @ 7/21/2009 22:55 commented on Big Bird

guys, trailer for my upcoming games is release, please check it out @

thanks :D

Azrael @ 7/21/2009 22:54 commented on Rua Elzee - Portrait

@nov: hehe thanx om, ntar deh kalo sempet bikin full bodynya :D

the trailer for the games is now release, you guys can check it out at

Azrael @ 7/12/2009 03:16 commented on Rua Elzee - Portrait

@all: thanks for the comments

@tiple: hehe, it merely a coincidence, yes the shading is too much i think, it's part of experimental

Azrael @ 7/9/2009 23:42 commented on A-BOT

i saw this game on mochi yesterday, great job!

Azrael @ 6/22/2009 23:03 commented on For the Tooth Fairy

rofl, it's awesome

Azrael @ 6/22/2009 23:01 commented on Sheriff Green Pepper

lol, very unique walk cycle :D

Azrael @ 6/22/2009 22:53 commented on Isometric Cyrus

animation eh? why i see only still sprite instead of animation?


edit: nevermind, maybe my browser error back then