TAG-Nadia @ 4/16/2016 06:13 commented on Spooky Lights

Thanks for the feedback! And yeah, I struggled with that little carpet bit. Trying to figure out how that spot should be lit with the open door + the perspective was awkward to say the least. Once I figure out a better option I may adjust the image. 

TAG-Nadia @ 4/8/2016 08:49 commented on Napstablook

It's the tinyest little Napstablook <3 You managed to fit a nice amount of detail into such a tiny sprite, and I like your color choices

TAG-Nadia @ 4/8/2016 06:25 commented on Getting Dressed

Thanks for the in depth critique! As I mentioned in a previous reply, the anatomy in this was done without reference (with exception to the feet, where I took photos of my own at that angle to get a better idea of the perspective) So I was certain there would be some anatomical "glitches". My biggest struggle was the shading, since I was only working with an imaginary light source. 

And a huge thank you for taking the time to make a sketch! It means a lot that you would take the time to help me get better :) And yes, I do  plan on working on some more figure drawing work 


TAG-Nadia @ 4/7/2016 21:05 commented on Getting Dressed

Thanks! That's probably the best comment I could get, honestly. This was done without a reference, so the anatomy was all by memory, which can either work well or be really messed up. So it's what I worried about the most

TAG-Nadia @ 4/4/2016 14:02 commented on Cameron

Thanks for the comment(s), it means a lot! The reason why I went with different skin textures and color ramps was mostly to play with what pixel skin looks like on a male/female portrait. His skin is darker, a bit rougher, and had more sun exposure. 

TAG-Nadia @ 4/18/2015 04:18 commented on The Angel of Death

I think this is one of my favorite challenges on this site since I joined. The amount of variety and skill with all of these entries so far is mind-blowing, especially considering we're all using the same 4 colors.

TAG-Nadia @ 4/13/2015 07:54 commented on The Angel of Death

This may have to be my first challenge I attempt on this site. One thing I haven't done yet is work with an extemely limited palette, and this one is gorgeous :D 

TAG-Nadia @ 4/6/2015 11:49 commented on Bored

Yeah, I did have to redraw the cat at one point, and I think she ended up getting bigger the second time around. 

TAG-Nadia @ 4/5/2015 18:16 commented on Bored

I'm really glad you like it :D 

TAG-Nadia @ 4/5/2015 18:12 commented on Bored

Thank you so much :) 

TAG-Nadia @ 4/5/2015 13:59 commented on Castle interior

I really love the detailing in the brick and tapestry, though the window looks a bit unfinished. I feel like this would benefit greatly from addind the same amount of detail to the window, which is a pretty strong focal point. Perhaps adding a night sky, or maybe a stain glass or gothic style window lattice could help break up the solid block of blue. 

Nice work :) 

TAG-Nadia @ 3/27/2015 06:33 commented on mushroom land

I remember something simillar to this durring my trip to Seattle. An office building had post-it note pixel art of Mario and other game sprites in the windows of the building and it all lined up together. I remember how awesome that tiny bit of play was in comparison to my home in VA, where office buildings always look so serious and glum.

TAG-Nadia @ 3/26/2015 05:01 commented on Serinox (Avatar)

I had bought this on Amazon to begin with, since I have a kindle. But I also donated to your page as well, so I don't need another copy of the book. The donation is just to be sure you're properly compensated for the hard work :) . I haven't been able to read it entirely yet, but so far you've touched on subjects I can never really find decent, if any, tutorials on. Congrats!

TAG-Nadia @ 3/24/2015 11:22 commented on Arcade

I almost went the same route myself, and I am glad I avoided it

I really like the strong colors on her and I hope you do incorperate them into the finished piece, I just love colored lighting effects like that :) 

And as for the background, I can see where you're going with it. I always see arcades as dark with spots of neon lighting everywhere (which reminds me, I need to spice up the lighting in my background as well.) I think if the background was a bit darker it would work really well. 

TAG-Nadia @ 3/23/2015 06:09 commented on Arcade

That's really cool! I would love to see it :) 

TAG-Nadia @ 3/21/2015 17:11 commented on Hydrophobia

Thanks :) and no one in particular, really

TAG-Nadia @ 3/18/2015 06:04 commented on Arcade

Thanks for the advice :) I'm still getting the hang of developing out my backgrounds more, and i was putting extra limitations on myself that I probably shouldn't have. I may go back and put some more time/effort into the background to make it feel more finished.

TAG-Nadia @ 3/17/2015 13:52 commented on Milk Bar

Thanks so much :) I've always loved environments with little details to them 

TAG-Nadia @ 3/17/2015 05:38 commented on Hydrophobia

wow, that really helps a lot. thank you :) There is a lot I still need to learn, but I'll take your advice to heart as I'm progressing, thank you again!

TAG-Nadia @ 3/16/2015 18:19 commented on Hydrophobia

Thanks so much :) It was my first one, really so it's probably a bit shaky. But I think it did well