Dark Rogue @ 7/9/2013 12:26 commented on Obsolete?

 Thanks a lot too! I might go ahead and do another one that's more sprite-y, just depends on time. 

Dark Rogue @ 7/9/2013 12:25 commented on Obsolete?

 Thanks a lot for the input, I went ahead and put up an update. Thanks again! 

Dark Rogue @ 7/2/2013 14:14 commented on Explosion Test

Thanks Jalonso! I'll be sure to tighten things up on future explosions that I do. 

Dark Rogue @ 7/2/2013 08:47 commented on The Sun , The Sea..

 I think giving definition to the borders of the sun breaks the depth a bit... I'd also look into how a sunset affects the color of the water as well, it seems a bit localized in your image. 

I like the texture you've included though and the color choice seems pretty spot on.

Dark Rogue @ 6/12/2007 18:59 commented on orca

I'd say the dorsal fin's just a bit long, and that it needs to be a little fatter. Is the orca floating or something, or is there a different reason that there's light on the underside?

Another thing i've noticed is that the light by the dorsal fin is existant. It just looks somewhat out of place.

It's sort of hard to explain. Where did you put your lightsource on here?

Dark Rogue @ 4/17/2007 15:26 commented on Master Chief Sprites (Pokemon FR/LG)
Not that I remember, Metaru. Did you edit the sprites?

Dark Rogue @ 4/14/2007 14:59 commented on Scene Practice
I was really looking just for quick help, mainly because this was just practice and nothing giant.

Dark Rogue @ 4/14/2007 13:20 commented on Sid the magican Mockup(W-Challenge)

The tiles are pretty good, the only thing is that the top is REALLY blank. No type of HUD or anything?

Heh, just noticed the challenge. Good job.

Dark Rogue @ 4/14/2007 13:15 commented on Lost island

The saturation's a bit high and I think a bit more contrast is need on the grass and hill and overall cleaning up needs to be done. Speaking of contrast, I really don't like how there's a black outline on the plane and people. Also, it appears that the spray tool was used.

It has a lot to fix, but I'd still say it's pretty good.

(Copy and paste? It doesn't look bad, but I'd make a few more varieties of trees.)

Dark Rogue @ 2/25/2007 00:11 commented on Crossed Swords
Thanks Toasted, I spent a fair amount of time trying to get it right.

Dark Rogue @ 2/25/2007 00:10 commented on Ceased Tree

Thanks Sausage, but there's a lot I could change...which I might, and update it. Depends when I can get my new computer though.

Anyway, thanks for the comment.

Dark Rogue @ 2/25/2007 00:09 commented on Tropical Rainforest Tileset

I personally use Microsoft Paint, but other people use Graphics Gale and ProMotion. Some even use Photoshop.

This, however, is a rather old piece.

Dark Rogue @ 2/1/2007 06:31 commented on Forum Avatar/Tribute to an Italian Physician
Thank you for the comments, both of you. Sorry for my late reply

Dark Rogue @ 2/1/2007 06:27 commented on Almost Max Contrast Head
Heh, it's supposed to be hair. This is a pretty old piece though.

Dark Rogue @ 11/24/2006 22:36 commented on Creature Fight

I'm not much of a fan of the leaves, but that's since you didn't finish it.

It's still really good, especially the grass. Except the back grass doesn't seem like it has as much detail as the front.

As for the attack, it's style looks a BIT out of place and a bit scratchy. But, it's still a great piece and worthy of being put in the gallery.

Dark Rogue @ 10/9/2006 06:10 commented on kamašutra love hytore
*sigh* The interests of some...

Dark Rogue @ 10/9/2006 04:27 commented on Wishbone - Copy
Awesome palette, and great job.

Dark Rogue @ 10/9/2006 04:19 commented on level 2
Erm, the moon looks...rather suspicious. 128 colors?

Dark Rogue @ 10/8/2006 18:32 commented on Fadatar Again
Yeah, much better. Good job, Zeid.

Dark Rogue @ 10/7/2006 07:25 commented on New avatar!
Just FYI, old one meaning last one uploaded. Not this one, but the one before it. With the moon. I like moons. That's probably the only reason I like it more. =P

Dark Rogue @ 10/6/2006 18:28 commented on New avatar!
I think I liked the old one more...but this one's still cool. Great job. The wolf's contrast on the snout and the rest of the head looks sort of out of balanced, IMO.

Dark Rogue @ 10/6/2006 18:24 commented on Bugseum
This is awesome, the bug's detail is amazing.

Dark Rogue @ 10/6/2006 18:20 commented on bps lava lamp
Wow, the animation is so smooth.. And you've pulled off the thick outlines off nicely. Great job, fav.

Dark Rogue @ 10/6/2006 18:16 commented on Holiday In The Sun - GBC version
Love the colors on this one. Great job.

Dark Rogue @ 10/5/2006 14:29 commented on Skulls in her Hair
I completely agree. I know you're much better than that, Dazz.