pts @ 5/25/2006 16:53 commented on Red Riding Hood
red riding hood with breasts ftw

pts @ 5/8/2006 02:59 commented on Big Bird
Chill Sax, I've been waiting some days for my 7 pieces too :E

pts @ 5/7/2006 12:35 commented on Big Bird
@Brian; ok, I was just wondering where it went ;P

pts @ 5/7/2006 10:14 commented on Big Bird
If you mean like mine, it's exatcly 100x100 pix, which is max size for small image when you submit..

pts @ 5/7/2006 08:06 commented on Big Bird
How do I know if my pixels don't get approved? Will it say "waiting for approval" forever? ;/

pts @ 5/7/2006 05:12 commented on Big Bird
Pixelarts! ^__^

pts @ 5/7/2006 04:38 commented on Fire at will!!!!!!
Nice! Got me more thinking of StarCraft rather than WH40k tho ^__^
It would be really nice if you'd put some shading in it, ie a light source, not just this plain, then it would be almost perfect! :)

pts @ 5/6/2006 16:04 commented on Lost's Michael
Nice, keep up the work on your Lost-characters! I wanna see Ana Lucia ^_^

pts @ 5/6/2006 16:01 commented on Harry Potter
Harry Potter doesn't rule, but very nicely made tho, I like your style alot! ^__^

pts @ 5/6/2006 15:56 commented on Pixel Town
Nice style, you mix up dark and light colors good.
It feels like the houses are missing something tho, but I can't put my finger on what actually..
And I'm agreeing with mutantenemy, the swings are big!

pts @ 5/6/2006 15:53 commented on Darth Vader
Very well done, you got a nice detailed Vader while keeping it small, cool!