brena @ 10/25/2008 19:10 commented on Icon

Can you please direct me to where I stole my own artwork from?

brena @ 9/29/2008 17:50 commented on Bone Pup

that is awesome. I love the idea...

brena @ 9/29/2008 17:43 commented on Glop
omg that smile is funny as hell!.. is it based off those little animations of that weird running green... monster? they run on four legs..

brena @ 9/22/2008 07:53 commented on My Avatar
I love Cammy,
P.S. Cannon drill!

brena @ 9/22/2008 07:48 commented on Trioculi
Oh god that is scary. I love it.

brena @ 9/22/2008 07:43 commented on Alien Worm ~lines by arachne~

That does not look like something I would want to run into...

The folds in the flesh are shaded very nice.

brena @ 9/22/2008 07:36 commented on -Frozen-
Oh wow that's just awesome. I especially like the (Metal?) things along the top. ALOT of detail on them.. very nice. The girl in the dark dress is beautiful. I love that style of sleeves <3

The only thing I can crit on is trying some antialiasing around the outside of the of the cloth. I have no other crits beside that. Looks like alot of effort.

brena @ 9/20/2008 20:43 commented on Hey diddle diddle humpty dumpty!
OMG that cat is awesome. <3

brena @ 9/13/2008 20:00 commented on These Magnificent Crystals
I think the colors are beautiful.. I love how the light works on the hands.. especially the closest one.

brena @ 9/13/2008 19:44 commented on Black Thing
omg that is cute *touches finger to kitty paw* ^w^ I really like the eyes alot.

brena @ 8/31/2008 21:39 commented on Blood Bender
Oh that wasn't actually meant to look like an S.. it's more like making a flat ribbon out of the blood.. and then just moving is around.

And thanks guys. ^_^

brena @ 8/31/2008 13:21 commented on Tiny Headcrab Animation
That's really cute

brena @ 8/31/2008 13:03 commented on A Differt Sort of Mario
omg this looks like the bum that was sleeping in my car.

brena @ 8/31/2008 13:00 commented on Fungus Lord
Why does this style of pixeling hurt my head to try and figure out?
I love it.

brena @ 8/31/2008 12:58 commented on Cheru Sprite :AA
I usually hate when people moan about dithering... but you should learn to dither some.. it makes the colors flow smoothly. Or maybe not for such a small piece. Maybe try cutting down some of the colors.. sometimes less is more.

I don't mind base so much... but it would have been nice to try and draw the face yourself. Cute costume from what I can tell though. ^_^

brena @ 1/26/2008 01:54 commented on Brena Chobits. (NUDE)

eh? It has a warning in the thumbnail.

brena @ 10/4/2007 21:02 commented on Up, Up, and Away
I LOVE this.. it reminds me of a poster. I love the clouds too.. and I have an obsession with hearts, :3

brena @ 9/28/2007 23:06 commented on CherryPie
that looks sooo good. :3 <3 great job on the crust... and the filling... and the cream! ^_^

brena @ 9/19/2007 16:07 commented on Burning_Sunrise(panorama)
this is amazing. I need to learn how to pixel scenery like this. *Favorite

brena @ 9/19/2007 16:03 commented on The Black Fella
haha.. I like the style in the fadeouts.

brena @ 9/18/2007 20:33 commented on Clouded skies

I like the colors alot..

brena @ 9/11/2007 16:26 commented on Skeleton

I see some people AA to match the background colors on pixeljoint. I never saw the point.. unless they only DREW it to put in their PJ gallery.

I like this alot. I especially like they way you shaded the hood.

Very nice/Favorite.

brena @ 9/10/2007 13:45 commented on Column snap

Wasn't particularly going for realistic... Now that I look at the reference image I feel kinda sheepish. That guy had every right to swear at me. o_o

I'll set a transparent background.. Thanks for the suggestions :3

brena @ 9/10/2007 01:35 commented on Glass'o'vine
SO GLOSSY! I love the reflections and how they have a tint of blue.. The shade on the wine is very lovely... beautiful how it gets darker toward the center.


brena @ 3/30/2007 01:27 commented on Bombay The Cat: The Umbrella
oh well that's just cute as hell. <3