Hairyu @ 9/29/2008 16:17 commented on Atilus - Odeka
I actually like the snatch. Gives it some energy :)

Hairyu @ 9/28/2008 11:35 commented on This Autumn Evening
One of the best pieces of pixel art I've ever seen. After all, Pixel Art and Impressionism have a lot in common :)
6/6 fav.

Hairyu @ 3/28/2008 11:14 commented on Walking Animation
Reminds me a lot of the Classic Castlevania Belmont's "Pimp Walk".  Which isn't exactly bad, but also isn't exactly good :O

Hairyu @ 3/17/2008 17:30 commented on BattleDragon
I think this has been the best challenge post/comments so far :D

Hairyu @ 2/27/2008 15:20 commented on Mockup TMNT

@DeProgrammer: It seems he's more oriented to the comic versions of the turtles, where they all had red headbands :P

Nice atmosphere just seems to lack a HUD, but it could be a hud-less game :D

Hairyu @ 2/22/2008 17:53 commented on Shield Bash
Tasty colors and solid animation :D

Hairyu @ 2/15/2008 14:19 commented on Canine warriors outing
Amazing...the colors are really tasty!

Hairyu @ 2/15/2008 14:16 commented on Doom-ish
Thanks Hatch!

Doing the injuries was actually harder than I expected, but it was a entertaining experiment :D

Hairyu @ 1/31/2008 14:57 commented on Big Bird
Random dude made random piece and a whole load of accounts to rate it.

It went up all the way to the second place in the weekly showcase

Hairyu @ 1/31/2008 14:45 commented on Big Bird
Everyone, press the "HOLD IT" button, now!

edit: holy schwhat, it worked!

Hairyu @ 1/29/2008 15:08 commented on Big Bird
Life is overrated!

Now, really. Socializing is good and all, but there's no "right way of living" as I see...So each should do what the heck they think is working and making them happy. That can be boozing all the way through parties and run naked along the living room, closing yourself on a dark bedroom with a bucket on ya head, making combinations of both, whatever pleases you.

But...yeah, lonesome misery wins

Hairyu @ 1/28/2008 08:40 commented on My first comercial game 2006
Atooi had some screenshots with non PA accepted with ease, I think these are most welcome. (then again, I'm nobody :P) Such a pity it got cancelled, seemed like good mobile fun. Yeah, maybe the energy bar is a tad too rainbow-y, but that's not exactly a problem  =)

Hairyu @ 1/22/2008 19:03 commented on Lumberjack Redo
@metaru: OH SNAP XD

@Gratheo: Thank's with bra and hanging around in bars, or something like that

Hairyu @ 1/20/2008 22:17 commented on Big Bird
leel strikes once again

Hairyu @ 1/20/2008 22:09 commented on Big Bird
I guess (being not a native) that sabre is just the british spelling for saber. I can be completely wrong, tough.

Hairyu @ 1/20/2008 17:44 commented on reboot
*_* Ficou melhor ainda do que eu esperava... (mais atirada também, jaqueta e calça indo embora FTW)

Hairyu @ 1/18/2008 06:36 commented on Big Bird
haircut challenge!

Hairyu @ 1/18/2008 05:54 commented on Big Bird
I haven't had one of those so called haircuts for three years. Nor a hairbrush for that matter. The neighbors are actually used to it, but it's funny how people look at me if I was about to shoot them all the time :)

Hairyu @ 1/17/2008 19:52 commented on Big Bird
♪♪♪  You can be anything you want to be
Just turn yourself into anything you think that you could ever be
Be free with your tempo, be free be free  ♪♪♪

and I'll be off to bed +)

Hairyu @ 1/17/2008 19:41 commented on Big Bird

Hairyu @ 1/17/2008 19:13 commented on Big Bird
Or maybe she IS batman after all

Hairyu @ 1/17/2008 19:09 commented on Big Bird
The big question is: is Batman > Oprah or not? dun dun duuun

Hairyu @ 1/17/2008 19:04 commented on Big Bird
Fire > Greenie Greeniness :standard chatterbox smilie noob:

Hairyu @ 1/17/2008 18:54 commented on Big Bird
damn greenraven for stealin my line! X_X

(was going to say "-ism" actually, but yeah)

Hairyu @ 1/17/2008 18:33 commented on Big Bird
Oops I didn't notice how my last message sounded like "I don't care" =P

What I meant is while I find that to be awesome, I thought there was more in the tut, 'cos of the "Not just the rotation go to the 'making' part, fantastic tut, even in Japanese" bit below. Blame my (lack of) communication skills