Sgrum @ 2/8/2012 01:59 commented on Spartan

Aha... The art probably runs well with only 20 colurs but the test characteristics wants that the art must have 32 colurs. I reduce it to 29.

You can see animated in my gallery... and wasn't a pain animate it.

Sgrum @ 2/7/2012 15:00 commented on Spartan Charge

Maybe the hair could be smoother if  was a mane but it isn't. The greek hoplites have short braid hairstyle as you can see here

This is the reason 'cause the hair don't flow


Sgrum @ 2/7/2012 14:52 commented on Spartan Charge

I've got a frame made with blink, but Gameloft wants the animation with only 6 frames, so that I not incuded blink, 'cause it looks odd blinking once per second

Sgrum @ 7/29/2009 15:57 commented on Street Soccer

If you desire, you can see the cover of the game (poster version) here:

As you see, I draw the ball like UEFA balls, with a modern design, not the classic. This explains (I think) why the ball looks like a baseball ;P

Sgrum @ 7/29/2009 08:52 commented on Street Soccer

Thaks a lot...In game the shadows were painted by programming code, but I want to update this art with the ball and player shadows.

Sgrum @ 7/29/2009 05:52 commented on Street Soccer

I see.

But it was made for a mobile game, so that there are some restrictions:

In this case, I must had a short sequence of frames that makes a file no more than 3,5 KB in a compressed animation file, and the mockup weight in the mobile memory is (lenght x wide)x2 in KB. This means that the mockup must be very little, and the animation must be little too. If not, the memory of the mobile can´t run . This is more important if the animaton is employed only in the menu screen, as it does, because you can see only in the menu selection options, nor in game. So that, this animation wasn´t so important to made a perfect ball gravity XD

PD. And entire animation was made in about 4 hours, cause was a last minute decision include that.

Sgrum @ 7/26/2009 02:41 commented on WoD Characters

Thanks a lot if you like it, but this is no WoW, it's WoD (world of dragons). You can see it in

Sgrum @ 7/26/2009 02:33 commented on WoD Characters

Thanks a lot. Your work is great too.

Now, LemonQuest, Salamanca, is closed, and all projects will made in Beijin.

Oh! And I never played in WoW.I´ve no time to do it XD, but I  played all the basic Warcraft PC games.


And susuwataris, there are no Night elves here, only dark elves, with antler and purple skin XD...eeer...Yes, they're similar to Night elves, but was a Design department decision ¬¬

Sgrum @ 7/25/2009 08:15 commented on WoD Characters

As Onek said me, the fonts and the logos weren´t pure pixelart, so that, I´ve submitted again with all made in pure pixel.

Sgrum @ 7/25/2009 08:10 commented on WoD Characters

mmm...It´s true. This may be a problem...Then, I delete it and subbmit whit all made in pixel

Sgrum @ 7/25/2009 06:59 commented on WoD Characters

The fonts and signs are only informative and NEVER be considered pixelart. The pixelart is ONLY the characters.

All of my works done for Lemonquest must be signed with corporative logo by law, like a regisered trademark. If I don't put it, I´ll be in troubles with the enterprise.

Sgrum @ 7/25/2009 04:09 commented on Demon Hunter

Thanks a lot XD

Sgrum @ 7/25/2009 04:07 commented on Sgrum

No really...This is Asturias!!!

Sgrum @ 11/8/2006 12:49 commented on blink Heri blink
( my PC had send  the previous comment while I was writing...damn machine)I was telling you  If you style is not aa borders, carry on.

Sgrum @ 11/8/2006 12:46 commented on blink Heri blink
OK. Don´t smooth the borders if you want. I invite you to put your explanation in the description of the art , ´cause if not you´ll have a lot of critics saying "Hey, you need aa".I

Sgrum @ 11/6/2006 08:59 commented on blink Heri blink
aa is smoothing borders. You´ve some tutorials about how to work aa in LINKS (at the top of the page)

Sgrum @ 11/4/2006 04:35 commented on blink Heri blink
Woha!!! You need urgently a lot of aa

Sgrum @ 11/3/2006 14:01 commented on Dune Pixel Project

There are some errors...Gurney have the scar from the ear to the mouth, Leto, paul and Feyd are black haired...and more, but good work.

Sgrum @ 11/3/2006 13:56 commented on Rohan soldier
Where is the White Horse in the shield?... good

Sgrum @ 11/3/2006 13:52 commented on Dinotanbul
6/6 +favourite.Good

Sgrum @ 11/3/2006 13:51 commented on Fil

Sgrum @ 11/3/2006 13:07 commented on Hunting for giants
It´s a great version of Don Quixote, but ´cause I´m spanish, I say you that Sancho Panza and his donkey Rucio must be in the scene.

Sgrum @ 11/3/2006 13:02 commented on Rincewind
I don´t see his beard...

Sgrum @ 11/3/2006 13:00 commented on The Mob [Updated]
wow! They´re easily to recognize. It´s an amazing work. 5/6

Sgrum @ 10/24/2006 08:45 commented on Alien VS The Mummy

Fantastic art 6/6 +fav