Orkimides @ 9/22/2013 07:05 commented on Uncle Grandpa

 Exactly "good Morning" you tell us evrything...

Orkimides @ 9/10/2013 13:15 commented on Baby Gorilla

 I like it so much, it is very simple and expressive at the same time, congrats.

Orkimides @ 8/9/2013 17:15 commented on Kronimides Profile

 Thanks to all i'm proud you like it :)

Orkimides @ 7/14/2013 12:38 commented on Royal Guards

 You can see it on the opening near the end 

Orkimides @ 6/24/2013 14:30 commented on Spider Idle

 In his Back, naturally

Orkimides @ 5/4/2013 05:07 commented on Animation: Charizard Flying

 I can laugh about so many things too but i will not tell to you...

Orkimides @ 5/3/2013 11:52 commented on Animation: Charizard Flying

 Just remember that this is a really old piece (2007) that i decided to recover.

Orkimides @ 4/30/2013 10:45 commented on This is ChibiSparta.

 I could not put more frames because of the test restrictions :(

Orkimides @ 2/22/2012 19:22 commented on Alien stand

 Actually 11Kb or something like that :(

Orkimides @ 9/30/2007 06:05 commented on Big Bird
who has talked about MrMister comment?

Orkimides @ 9/30/2007 04:07 commented on Big Bird
i think that you are a bit confused about what details means... or have a WRONG concept.

Orkimides @ 7/12/2007 09:26 commented on MetroidZM Starring: Sam Aaron
May be this is the main reason, yes :P

Orkimides @ 7/12/2007 04:33 commented on MetroidZM Starring: Sam Aaron
Curiously, your selfportrait without beard could be a portrait of a girl.

Orkimides @ 7/11/2007 12:02 commented on MetroidZM Starring: Sam Aaron

I supose that you don't like the manga style so don't like the piece.

 by the other hand i wanted the same style of the draws that appear in the game, nothing realistic or something like that, but i think that you can't really see a girl looking the sprite.

Orkimides @ 7/11/2007 11:03 commented on MetroidZM Starring: Sam Aaron

Devan: like your life... ()

Ptoing: you can't say something that you can't proove, i'm sure that solid snake kind would be horrible for this. and it's based on the first adventure of metroid games so naturally the character must be younger than his latest jorneys.

Adarias: I recommend you see more official art of Samus Aran design to understand better the piece.

Thx for comments!

Orkimides @ 7/6/2007 16:24 commented on MetroidZM Starring: Sam Aaron

Thanks for coments

Fernox: it is 15 colors.

Orkimides @ 6/13/2007 12:26 commented on Big Bird
Thanks to all

Orkimides @ 7/10/2006 17:57 commented on Etherlords II. Chaots Vitals

I love the shell texture of that kind of armadillo, the rat is good enought too.