bunlee @ 9/9/2008 16:52 commented on chocolate house.
what are those water tanks for on the top? looks yummy.

bunlee @ 9/5/2008 23:16 commented on For The Motherland_ PA Video
You are amazing! jal

bunlee @ 12/5/2007 14:18 commented on City Player
Yes... depth with 2 color. amazing!!! instant Fav'd
always love 2 colors pixelart

bunlee @ 11/27/2006 14:23 commented on Rockie Mountain
Thanks everyone for your comments.
Jal: I didn't get in touch or reply from the guy that ripped my image on his site. Too bad... but as long as it wasn't using for profit use. It doesn't really hurt me.

bunlee @ 11/27/2006 13:27 commented on P.R.o.P.
7/7 + instant fav!
No question asked!

bunlee @ 10/11/2006 08:52 commented on Bugseum
7/7 +fav

bunlee @ 10/6/2006 15:09 commented on Jung
Thanks for the fav on my Rockie image. The light source on this image is a bit odd. Suppose to be from above to the left of our view.

bunlee @ 10/1/2006 02:25 commented on dj
2 pixels for the eye seem too big to me. And this angle should still see his left eye in my opinion.
Great to see another DJ avatar! Looks like you are beat matching. Let's jam!

bunlee @ 9/24/2006 15:34 commented on Portrait
needed more frame for a walk cycle.

bunlee @ 9/24/2006 15:29 commented on smile youre on tv
Great 2 bits image. 

bunlee @ 8/15/2006 21:22 commented on End of the World
Woooow. So much depth you put to this with only 15 colors!
The cracked ground, puffy clouds, dragons & monster in different depth, the texture on them, all looks soooo awesome. I especially like the red eyes on the two characters. I don't know why, but I think it give life to the piece. Top notch!
7/7 & +fav

bunlee @ 8/1/2006 22:56 commented on 2006 Design Kronimides
Stunning! 6+

bunlee @ 8/1/2006 22:44 commented on SailorPicard
OMG! hilarious....

bunlee @ 8/1/2006 22:30 commented on Fantasy Stamp
Cool! you use the split stamps idea as well. Ican't remember if I saw a male 'mermaid' somewhere in a movies before.... But I like that idea. Awesome stamp!

bunlee @ 8/1/2006 22:26 commented on Sitting on an old trailer
Very Relaxing and Peaceful. And the texture of the grass looks awesome. I wish I know how to make that...

bunlee @ 7/25/2006 20:46 commented on Formula 1
Thanks guys!
I was just talking about the sky that I tried on dithering. For the ground, I was trying to create a pattern for it. I should try create some kind of texture instead of pattern...

bunlee @ 7/24/2006 09:58 commented on Robotic Skull nonsense (Widepixels)
Nice one with C64 palette!

bunlee @ 7/19/2006 12:12 commented on Factory Level
Another awesome BG! Animated smoke work great in the scene. subtle but effective! 6+

bunlee @ 7/19/2006 12:05 commented on Barrio Chapellin
Awesome texture on the building.
Is that located at Pixeldam somewhere?

bunlee @ 7/16/2006 17:07 commented on Sports Stamp
Very sharp piece in colors and brightness! And I love landscape... 6+

bunlee @ 7/11/2006 17:46 commented on New Site Header
Wow! This is awesome!
Especially with 2 colors...

bunlee @ 7/10/2006 16:21 commented on Megalomania #1 - comix
Great stuff! 6+
Is that going to be a on going comix?

bunlee @ 7/10/2006 16:15 commented on Gimme money
Woooh, Cool!

bunlee @ 4/17/2006 19:36 commented on Gir Robot
Congratuation to all!
Suggestion: Be great if there's a seperate page that showcase monthly Top Pixel Art.

bunlee @ 4/15/2006 17:04 commented on sals + flaber
Woo! Cool & Freaky...